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Orkney / 1821 Census?
« on: Friday 07 April 17 09:59 BST (UK)  »
Hello - recently I have been seeing some of my Orkney ancestors cited as being found in the 1821 Orkney census, but without details.  My ancestral Fletts were in Stromness at the time and if this source really exists it might be quite helpful. It appears that someone in the mid-90s was making microfiche copies of it available, but I can't locate a source close enough to view it.

Family of interest is said to be in Quholm, Stromness

Father James Flett wife May or variants
son John b abt 1807

I am hopeful it will show details of several more children.


I've done quite a bit of work on this family, so am just looking for info on first of 9 kids George, as well as when father William arrived Australia.

William was born in Aberdeen (prob Old Deer) in 1851, 2d to last of 11 kids of John Mitchell and Ann Smith Manson, and the only one who roamed far from home.
His and Mary's first child was George Mitchell, b. 1877, a  chemist in 1919 with possible spouse named Dorothy May (from electoral Registers); had dau b 1895, as found in online newspaper.

They seem to have lived in Footscray, and although I can find info on marriages and deaths of each of his siblings, I cannot find the same info for him.   He is mentioned as deceased (not surprising) in the obits of two sibs who died in the early 1970s.

In the 1895 census George is referred to as 'a chemist' (he would have been 17 or 18, so married quite young apparently).  Because of this info, there is some possibility the 1895 birth and early 1900s electoral listings are to a completely different Geo. Mitchell.

This isn't hugely important, and I have spent a fair amount of time on it, but I thought I would offer it up for consideration of knowledgeable Australian researchers.


Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Date if you have time, please
« on: Monday 18 August 14 12:54 BST (UK)  »
I find this photo interesting in that the hat is being held rather than worn, and it appears the bun is made to be just about a perfect fit for the crown of the hat.  Was this normally done?

The person who owns this photo was told by a nearly hundred year old relative of ours that it is a woman who died at age 22 in 1914 (i.e. before informant was born).  To me a looks older than that year/age would indicate, but I know little about dating from hat and clothing fashions - although I tried.


There were 7 girls in this McLellan family of 11.  My gpa didn't label most of them so i has been a running battle.  I'm not sure how much to divulge to keep from skewing the input.  Let us just say that
The girls were all born between 1861 and 1883, and I know neither is the eldest.  I have some details that I will add later after some feedback has been posted, but as I said, I would hate to influence the results.

If you can;t read the line below "Katz" (Isaac Katz in Boston 1894 to 1933) it says "7 Tremont Row, Boston".  I hope the dresses and hairstyles will result in a very close dating for this photo, and will come back in a few hours with the info I am holding back.


Banffshire / 2 records in Anc. 'Scotland, Select Marriages'
« on: Saturday 22 February 14 07:48 GMT (UK)  »
Hi - I think I know what this implies, but I've been away from this for a time and want to verify.

Record 1:
NAME:    Robert Shand
SPOUSE:    Jane England
MARRIAGE:    14 Dec 1799 - Episcopal,Portsoy,Banff,Scotland

Record 2:
NAME:    Robert Shand
SPOUSE:    Jean England
MARRIAGE:    14 Dec 1799 - Rothiemay,Banff,Scotland

I am thinking that one of the couple was Episcopal from Portsoy (red) and other was Church of Scotland from Rothiemay (blue).  Anyway of finding out which was which without seeing original?
EDIT:  might the fact that nearly all records I can find for their children are "submitted", rather than extracted, imply they were raised as Episcopalians?



Inverness / Excellent place names guide for some INV parishes
« on: Monday 24 September 12 00:10 BST (UK)  »
Brilliant resource by Simon Taylor, 2002, entitled Place name survey of Kilmorack, Kiltarlity & Convinth and Kirkhll, Inverness-shire (PDF)


Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Another Inverness-shire town name
« on: Saturday 22 September 12 08:06 BST (UK)  »
I get a distinct feeling that a lot of small Scottish town/villages have simply disappeared in the past 100-200 years.  Is that correct?  I look at Scotland's Place website and usually can't find them.  Nor are they found through a Google search.

The first one is in Kilmorack parish  (1808) and is the name of the place that Hugh Munro's wife, Margaret Calder is from.  Looks to me like "Teanaalan".  Other names on this page that have the same initial letter seem to be "Teanafsie", "Torrogormack" and "Teachnuick".

The next image is just me complaining... I am quite sure it is a multi x greats gma's birth, but don't you love how the recorder just refers to the mother as "his spouse"?  "This day... bapt. Catherine, daughter of Hugh Munro, Tenant Kilcoy, and his spouse..."



Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Pls decipher Inverness (?) places
« on: Friday 21 September 12 06:37 BST (UK)  »
This from Death Reg.  It is all readable for me except second column 4th line, and second column 6th line.  I believe they are place names.

The last bit (lines 6 &7), looks to me like "Cricklewood Lodgings".  Anyone else old enough to remember the Ten Years After album, "Cricklewood Green"?


Inverness / Care for a stomp around Boleskine Graveyard?
« on: Friday 21 September 12 05:45 BST (UK)  »
I understand Boleskine Graveyard still exists although the old parish church has fallen to ruin.  My 3x grt grandfather's older brother was the minister there from before 1840 until ?.  His name was Donald Chisholm, and he died 2 Aug 1857. and death cert says he was to be buried (or already had been) "Churchyard of Boleskine".

In 1841 his 70+ year old widowed mother, a sister, and a niece, were living with him at the Glebe:

(Piece: SCT1841/92 Place: Boleskine & Abertarf-Inverness-shire Enumeration District: 1
Civil Parish: Boleskine&abertarff Ecclesiastical Parish, Village or Island: -
Folio: 1 Page: 2
Address: Glebe)

So, it is quite likely that his mother, Mary Chisholm nee Robertson is also buried there.

I'll probably be looking for more on this family with a Common Room thread, or even a Scavenger Hunt.

Thanks very much.



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