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Cheshire / Ravenscrofts of Nantwich, Wharton & Winsford
« on: Saturday 18 August 07 08:25 BST (UK)  »
Following an enquiry within a separate topic I've set up this one to see if there's any interest/follow-up re. the Ravenscrofts of Nantwich, Wharton & Winsford.

"Hi NN - My hubbies rellies came from Nantwich area and I was wondering if there was any connection?  His ggrandad was Edward Ravenscroft who married Elizabeth Merrill.  They had Henry and Frank and another possible son has just appeared but am still checking him out. Edward was born c 1848.

Look forward to hearing from you, Crystal."

Hi Crystal,

I have a Jane Ravenscroft (dob. 1816) and her sister Elizabeth (dob. 1821) both born in Wharton which is just less than 12 miles from Nantwich so it's likely there is some link - you might have to go back a bit, then forward again. Have you tried the IGI at ? I found it great for going beyond the range of the Victorian census data.

I know that the girls mother was called Mary (dob. 1787) and that she came from Over, Winsford.

Jane married William Hall and of their 6 children (that I know of) Annie married Alfred Cooke. They had 11 children - Jessie married (1911) John William Oakes. They had 7 children - Lilian May (dob. 1917) was my grandmother.

Can give you more details if you want them, especially if you make the link before I do as this would certainly be of interest.

Best regards - NN

Family History Beginners Board / Topic placement query
« on: Thursday 16 August 07 13:27 BST (UK)  »
Hi, I've just placed a request for a bit of help with my John Pascall of 1664 (,250461.0.html)
and having done it am a bit confused as to the difference between posting in the 'county forum' (in this case Shropshire) and in its child 'Board' for 'look-ups' (in this case - Shropshire Lookup Requests, Shropshire Census and Resource Lookup Requests).

As my request was for general help rather than a specific 'look-up' (I think!) and is pre-Census have I put it in the wrong place? Should it have gone in general Shropshire?

Even if it doesn't really matter, I'd be interested to know the difference in purpose between the two different posting areas.

Incidentally I did click on 'Help' and got a 'lost page' message.

I see the topic that got me interested in RootsChat (,111938.0.html) was a similar request to mine & placed straight into the 'county forum'.

Just a little confused - NN

Shropshire Lookup Requests / John Paschal, Uppington - 1664
« on: Thursday 16 August 07 12:53 BST (UK)  »
I'm fairly confident that (largely using the IGI) I've traced my Pascall line back to John Paschal who was born in Uppington in 1664. Also that:

21.02.1689 John married Bridget Thomas (dob 1668, also Uppington) in Uppington
Sept 1693 Melchisedech Pascall born (Preston upon the Weald Moors)
April 1699 John Pascall born (Preston upon the Weald Moors)

Now I'm stuck with the line -
I suspect that John's parents moved into the area from the South sometime pre-1664. There seem to be plenty of Paschals in Essex, Dover and Bristol in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Can anyone help me with the missing link?

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