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Technical Help / Please help! My camera has 'the blues'!
« on: Saturday 28 November 20 21:30 GMT (UK)  »
I’ve accidentally touched something on my camera (Lumix TZ100) that I shouldn’t have!  The result is . . . on screen: overall blue cast, which, of course, causes any photos to have “the blues”!  I did something like this some years ago (repeat offender!) years ago, and had to go to the place of purchase in Norwich.  I believe then,  it had something to do with a setting for ‘artificial light’ e.g. tungsten, fluorescent, etc. Have looked through my book’s index for this camera but didn’t spot anything.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The Stay Safe Board / Social distancing seems to affect almost everything!
« on: Friday 20 November 20 12:07 GMT (UK)  »
Birthday card received recently . . . .

"Birthday Wishes
     from a safe
  Social distance"    ;D

Technical Help / Transfer photos from phone to Windows 10
« on: Sunday 23 August 20 09:59 BST (UK)  »
OK, I know I have asked about this before (quite some time ago) and have abandoned the idea!  However, methinks I’ve had a ‘light bulb’ moment - I have Windows 10 Photos app; have connected phone to PC.  The phone is unlocked; in Photos app I click on ‘Import from a USB device” but get a message: “We are having trouble connecting. Make sure your device is unlocked, and that you accept the notification to connect”.  Phone is unlocked, but haven’t seen the notification – otherwise I stumped!  :'(

Any suggestions indicating the errors of my ways (!) would be most gratefully received – then perhaps I’ll finally be able to post this photo on here – which was taken on 16 March!  And I'll be forever in your debt! ;)

Technical Help / Retrieving photos stored in camera's In-built memory.
« on: Wednesday 29 July 20 06:35 BST (UK)  »
Grabbed one of my cameras for a ‘photo opportunity’ and turned it on without looking at the screen so didn’t seen the on-screen messages – ‘no card’ and ‘photos will be stored on Internal Memory’ – oops!  Got the Lumix instructions online to retrieve the photos and followed them carefully.  I transfer my pics using Picasa 3, but on this occasion it was unable to find the pics on the camera.  Please can anyone help/advise?


Technical Help / Help! Very technical question – for me anyway!
« on: Friday 03 July 20 16:16 BST (UK)  »
I’ve noticed in the last few days that, online, I can click on something I’m interested in – e.g. need to replace my Sim card with a PAYG deal.  Looked on line and click on a site (Vodaphone).  The area within Google’s frame goes black and nothing else happens.  I look in the area above the ‘window’ and I see: ‘ v1' ( 1 x 1 ).  I click on that (I think) and get the address:

But I cannot get to the site!  Any advice/comments gratefully received.


I’m out of my depth on this actually – ladies’ fashion c. early 1900s!  I came across this family photo recently.  The young lady’s name was Olive Sabine (born around 1888) – and I guess the photo was probably taken 1908-ish!  The work in the upper garment is quite amazing – at least, to my untrained eye  (bearing in mind I can’t even sew on a button).

She was my father’s mother; he was the first born, followed by three more sons.  The fifth child (a girl) was born in early January, 1922;  sadly, the mother died two weeks later. If I remember correctly, that ‘baby girl’ died in 2018! 

The father decided to give the baby to the mother’s closest friend to bring up as her own.  The baby wasn’t to be told of her real identity until the age of 21.  As she married at 20,  she was told the truth the night night before the wedding.  She told me, when I last saw her, that she had no memories of her wedding – as her “mind was in a complete whirl”.  She added recalling that the four boys who she knew as her cousins were, she realised, her brothers.

Technical Help / Finding a 'reliable' ISP.
« on: Friday 26 June 20 12:32 BST (UK)  »

Trying to find a ‘recommended’ ISP – which seems to be quite difficult.   Currently with Sky but keen to leave at (or before!) end of contract.  Did look at returning to Plusnet, but see lots of complaints.  Was considering Zen – but lots of ‘One star out of five’ comments on  Obviously, there are some to avoid – but, how do your sort out ‘the wheat from the chaff’?

Technical Help / Disposing of old PC
« on: Saturday 20 June 20 10:32 BST (UK)  »
I'm sure this is a problem most of us encounter!  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Technical Help / Canon printer ‘My Image Garden’ problem - Solved!
« on: Sunday 24 May 20 09:01 BST (UK)  »
Have scanned a photo which I want save it to post in another forum.  I admit that I haven’t used it in quite a long time, and having searched on all the tabs on the ‘apps’ image cannot see anywhere marked “Save”. The “File” heading on the top shows “Delete”/”Print”/”Exit”!  Likewise, at the bottom that screen it shows “Correct/Enhance”/”Special Filters”/”Create/Edit PDF file”. Please can anyone help? 
PS Just so you know, I am an Honorary member of “”!  ;D

*** As mentioned above ** * Now solved! 

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