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Lanarkshire / Unreadable Glasgow Street (Kelvin District)
« on: Friday 08 June 18 20:23 BST (UK)  »

I cannot make out the street where this 1888 marriage took place in Kelvin District, Glasgow.  Can anyone with a bit of local knowledge help?  It looks like 28 Se----r Street and is also the bride's residence.

I've been poring over old maps of Glasgow for ages, and cannot for the life of me match it with anything!

Best wishes


Somerset / James Worth and Jane ? - Marriage?
« on: Monday 22 January 18 15:13 GMT (UK)  »

I'm looking for a bit of a sense / plausibility check on this one  ;D

My 4xG Grandfather is James Worth (father of my 3xG Granny, Sarah Worth wife of Thomas Letherby)

James' age fluctuates on each census:

1841  Age 26  Birth Year  1815
1851  Age 34  Birth Year  1817
1861  Age 40  Birth Year  1821
1871  Age 45  Birth Year  1826

I can't find him in 1881 and believe he died in 1885 aged 62.  All censuses have him in Bridgwater with wife Jane.  Until now I have had no idea of Jane's surname, but I have been revisiting them this afternoon.

James consistently gives his birthplace as Bristol in '51, '61 and '71 and in '61 and '71 he is in the same place - Friarn St - in Bridgwater

Jane doesn't appear to know what age she is either:

1841  Age 25  Birth Year  1816
1851  Age 35  Birth Year  1816
1861  Age 37  Birth Year  1824
1871  Age 50  Birth Year  1821

She consistently gives her birthplace as Dunster in '51, '61 and '71.  Can't find her after that and I suspect that she is the Jane Worth who died in Q4 1881 in Bridgwater, age given as 59 (from FreeBMD).

Looking on FreeBMD there is only 1 James Worth marriage between 1837 and 1841 with potential spouse forename Jane (in Liverpool in 1839), I don't think that's a goer, but a search on FreeREG for any James Worth marriages in Somerset (all places) between 1830 and 1837 throws up a single marriage,  in 1835 in (and this is where it gets interesting!) Dunster between James Worth and Jane Summers.

So far, so exciting - strike up the band, as finding Jane's surname has the possibility of taking me back further, but wait.....

From FreeREG, the only Jane Summers born in Dunster between 1800 and 1825 was baptised in Dunster on 6 June 1812 in St George's, Dunster (from FreeREG) with parents Charles and Eliza.

There is a bit of an issue with this:

No matter how much Jane's age fluctuates on the census, it never takes her birth year back to 1812, which is four years earlier than her earliest 'census' birth year.  If indeed Grandpa James Worth's wife is Jane Summers, a birth year of 1812 is 12 years' earlier than the birth date calculated in the 1861 census (although she only aged 2 years between '51 and '61 and then 13 years between '61 and '71  ;D)

With some of my Scottish and Irish relations, I have seen ages fluctuate which I suppose takes into account that some of the ages given might be 'best guesses' in a time when no-one was filling in their birthdate on forms etc to the extent that we do today.

Following naming conventions, there is no child called Charles that I can find born to James and Jane - only son on the census is Henry (who may be named for James' father), however, there is a Charlotte.  I might be clutching at straws here though!!!

I suppose I'm just wondering whether the 1812 Jane Summers' birth seems reasonable given that everything else seems to 'fit'.

What do you all think?


Census Lookup and Resource Requests / Donald Gregory 1911 Census - Where?
« on: Monday 10 September 12 12:53 BST (UK)  »

My 2 x Great Grandfather, Donald Gregory, was born in Islington, Middlesex in 1860.  I have him in the 1861, 1871, 1881 (possibly?), 1891 and 1901 censuses, but I have not been able to find him in 1911 on Ancestry, no matter what search terms I use.

The family moved from Middlesex to Potterspury via Birmingham.  However, Donald struck out on his own sometime in the late 1890s and in 1901 he is in South Wales, a widower, living with my great grandfather on Merthyr Road, Pontypridd.  He died at Ty Bryn workhouse, Tredegar in 1919.

I have tried various combinations of names, initials and birthplaces (including Scotland - as his father was born there and the possible sighting of him in the Royal Marines on the 1881 census has Scotland as the birthplace), but have had no luck.

As I now feel I am going round in circles, any help from fresh eyes would be appreciated!



Somerset / LITHABY/LETHABY & PAIN - Durleigh
« on: Monday 23 January 12 17:04 GMT (UK)  »

Just wondering if anyone here has a connection to a couple called:

Nicholas Lithaby or Lethaby and Amey Pain
Who according to a transcription of marriage registers at, were married on eith the 4th or 24th June 1797 at Durleigh.  I suspect that they may be the parents of (or at least connected to!) my 4 x great grandfather, Thomas Letherby who was born in Durleigh in 1817.  The family later moved to Chilton Trinity, then Bridgwater.

If anyone does have a connection or has any information about Nicholas and Amey they are willing to share, please get in touch!

Best wishes


Monmouthshire / Death in Ty Bryn, Tredegar 1919 - Will there be a record?
« on: Wednesday 19 January 11 23:09 GMT (UK)  »

My great-great grandfather, Donald Gregory, died at Ty Bryn, Tredegar in 1919.  He had been working as a Coal Miner and his death was registered by his son, Roland Gregory, my great-grandfather who may have recently returned from the WW1 and who was living in Pontypridd at the time.

I understand that Ty Bryn was the Bedwellty Union Workhouse, although it was not given as Donald's usual address, so I assume that he was admitted when he became ill.  Does anyone know whether there will be a Poor Relief Application for Donald's entry to Ty Bryn and where these records are likely to be kept.  I'm more familiar with the corresponding Scottish records and this is the first foray into Workhouses anywhere else in the UK.

I've had a look at the, which seems to state that the Workhouse became Ty Bryn Institution after 1930 (although it definitely says Ty Bryn on the 1919 certificate).

Any information appreciated!


Tyrone / Tyrone Marriage Certificate - McNickle/McLaughlin - No Fathers' Names?!
« on: Monday 09 August 10 18:56 BST (UK)  »

I have just received a copy of an 1880 marriage entry from GRONI, for a marriage that took place in the Parish of Lower Bodoney.

The picture below shows part of the certificate where, in the column for Father's Name and Surname, there is something written that definitely isn't the father's name and is the same for the groom and the bride.

Now I can just about cope with the couple being described of 'Full' age ::), but not knowing the father's names - grrr!!!!

Has anyone seen this before and knows what it means?  My first thought was 'dead' or 'dec'd', but why no name?

Any assistance or comments appreciated!

Best wishes


Armed Forces / Army Photo - Help with Identification
« on: Saturday 06 February 10 14:23 GMT (UK)  »

I've been given a copy of this photo, which we believe shows my father-in-law's great uncle, about whom I know nothing at present other than his name was John Bennet.

I think the cap badge may be Royal Scots, but confirmation would be great! Any other information in relation to date, the other insignia on their arms and anything else would really be appreciated.



Glamorganshire / Pontypridd Photo - Coedpenmaen Road
« on: Sunday 09 August 09 13:26 BST (UK)  »
Good afternoon,

I wonder if anyone local to Pontypridd may be able to help me obtain a photo of Coedpenmaen Road, which I understand is in the Trallwng area of the town? 

I have several generations of relatives who lived in this street and, last week on a visit to Wales, we diverted through Pontypridd to try and get a photo.  Unfortunately, we got hopelessly lost [having forgotten to take a map  ::)] and ran out of time before we had to leave to get to our final destination.

If anyone was able to supply a photo I would be so grateful.  I live in Central Scotland and am now back at home and it will be some considerable time before I am able to visit Wales again.

The specific addresses of interest are Nos 48 and 133, but a general view of the street would be perfect.

Any help anyone could give would be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes


World War Two / WW2 - but where?
« on: Saturday 07 February 09 14:27 GMT (UK)  »

This photo shows my grandmother's brother and some of his colleagues.  He served in the RAF, as we have another photo of him in full uniform with a Leading Aircraftman badge.

Can anyone suggest where it was taken?  My grandmother's brother is second from the right.  Unfortunately, I do not know any of the other names.



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