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Could anybody please check the parish registers of St Leonards Shoreditch.
I am looking for the birth / baptism  of William Chillingworth b. circa 1771
Many Thanks
Gill    :)

Staffordshire Lookup Requests / Birth/Baptism record William Chilingworth
« on: Wednesday 05 September 07 20:31 BST (UK)  »
would anybody be able to help me with a lookup for
William Chillingworth b. 1771 .

I think he may been baptized in Brierley Hill, Stafford.

Thanks to anyone for their help


Durham Lookup Requests / Elleanor Gibson - Tweedmouth P/R lookup please
« on: Wednesday 05 September 07 18:33 BST (UK)  »
Would anyone be able to help me out

 I am looking for  Elleanor Gibson b. Tweedmouth around 1828. Mother possibly named Mary.
 also lookiing for her marriage to Francis Batters b. 1816 Berwick on Tweed. Cant find them in the BMD (not for the want of trying.. I'm going crosseyed looking for them!!)
I think the marriage would be before 1851 as they have a 10 year old daughter Ann Batters in the 1861 census
Thanks for any help

Oxfordshire Lookup Requests / Deddington PR / Oxford Marriage lookup please
« on: Wednesday 05 September 07 18:03 BST (UK)  »
Could anybody check the Deddington registers for me please.
I am looking for :
    Ralph Chilingworth b. 1800 Deddington- father William Chillingworth - mother Mary ?
    listed in the IGI as father Edward.

    William Chillingworth b.1771 any information about his birth/marriage/children
    There is a William Chillingworth listed in IGI as married 1791 to Mary South but
    unsure  wether this is the correct one, as Mary is stated as b.1781 in the 1841

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Northumberland / Francis Batters marriage
« on: Monday 03 September 07 21:12 BST (UK)  »
Hi wonder if anyone can help I am looking for the marriage of Francis Batters b. 1816 Berwick Northumberland and Elleanor Gibson b. circa 1826 They were married somewhere between the 1841 and 1851 census.  I think it would be nearer 1851 as Elleanor was b. circa 1828.
In 1841 Francis is missing but Elleanor is listed in Tweedmouth Durham
 In 1851 the couple were in Liverpool
I have scoured the BMD but cant find them. Any help would be appreciated.

Australia / Carthaginian 1841
« on: Sunday 02 September 07 10:53 BST (UK)  »

 I am looking for the passenger list for the Carthaginian which sailed from Liverpool on 1 October 1841. The family I am interested in are Francis / Sarah Pickering and their children. Anyone know how I can get the list?
I'd be very grateful for any help
Gill  :D

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