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Canada Lookup Request / John Bond and Jane Grey in York Township Cause of death
« on: Tuesday 05 January 21 20:13 GMT (UK)  »
John Bond, son of Robert Bond and Mary Palmer, was born about 1814 in Suffolk, England. John's parents emigrated to Canada in 1826 and purchased 100 acres on the western half of Lot 8, Concession 3 east of Yonge Street in York. In about 1842 John married Jane Gray born about 1818 in London, England to unknown parents. It would appear that both John and Jane died on the same day on August 14, 1846 and are buried in the York Mills Baptist Cemetery. There death on the same day leads me to an accident of some sort. Any information you could possibly share with me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Canada Lookup Request / Samuel Martin & Elizabeth Reid in Wexford, Ontario 1800s
« on: Saturday 14 November 20 20:49 GMT (UK)  »
I am looking for any background information for Samuel Martin living on Lot 2, Concession 4E (1861) and Lot 3, Concession 4E (1878) in North York (Wexford/Scarborough). He was born March 24, 1830 in Ontario. I do not know the name of his parents at this time. ??? He married Elizabeth Reid (born in 1832 in Ireland) sometime prior to 1857. I do not know the name of her parents or when she emigrated. ???. I would be interested if there are any land records for him. Samuel died in 1906. I do not know when his wife, Elizabeth died ??? Thank you in advance for any information you can provide.

Canada Lookup Request / Ontario, Canada Voter Lists Question
« on: Wednesday 28 October 20 17:10 GMT (UK)  »
I have been researching my ancestors in the Ontario, Canada Voter Lists 1867-1900. Under the column "Lot" there are some letters such as "c", "p", "f" etc followed by the lot #. My question is what do these letters mean? Thank you in advance.

Canada Lookup Request / Henry Swift Quebec City
« on: Wednesday 23 September 20 14:33 BST (UK)  »
I am wondering if there is a city/street directory for Quebec City. My ancestor, Henry Swift, was born in 1827 in Quebec City and died in 1899 in Quebec City. I have the 1861-1891 census for him. The early ones have him listed in Banilieau South which I understand is a "suburb". Henry is said to have lived on St. Louis Road and am hoping that a street directory might help me verify this fact. Would St. Louis Road be situated in Banilieau South?

Canada / 56 Crescent Street, Montreal, Quebec
« on: Saturday 12 September 20 15:52 BST (UK)  »
I am not sure if this is the forum for my question, but I thought I would ask. I am wondering if number 56 Crescent Street (French: Rue Crescent) in Montreal, Quebec had been re-numbered since 1890. My great-grandparents occupied a 12 room house in which the upper half of the basement was above ground. I understand that Crescent Street today is full of pubs, restaurants and night clubs. Thank you in advance.

Rutland / Morris Family in Caldecott, Rutland, England 1600s to Present
« on: Monday 27 July 20 19:14 BST (UK)  »
I am looking for any information, parish records, photos, etc. on the early Morris Family in Caldecott, Rutland. The first known ancestor was Richard Morris who died in Caldecott in 1599. He was married to Agnes ?. Richard and Agnes had 4 children that I know of - Agnes, Jane, Brigett and Richard. Richard, the younger, died in 1658 and he was married to Eleanor ? Richard and Eleanor had 6 children that I am aware of - Nicholas, Anna, William, Robert, Richard and Elizabeth. I would be very interested to know if you have any dates pertaining the births, marriages or deaths of any of these Morris family members. Thank you in advance.

Canada Lookup Request / James Leach in Lanark, Ontario, Canada
« on: Saturday 30 May 20 21:00 BST (UK)  »

I am looking for any information for James Leach in the Lanark, Ontario, Canada area. This is what I know. He was born July 13, 1783 in Ireland and emigrated to Canada circa 1820. I think he was married to Anne Unknown and had at least 2 children, Samuel and Margaret. He died January 3, 1857 in Lanark. Any information on this family would be greatly much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Canada Lookup Request / Catin or Caton Willis in Ramsay, Ontario
« on: Sunday 05 April 20 18:59 BST (UK)  »
I am looking for any information on a Catin or Caton Willis. He was born in Ireland in 1795. As a young man he settled in Ramsay on the outskirts of Carleton Place, Lanark County, Ontario. He died in Ramsay in 1869. The only other thing I know of this ancestor was that in 1836 his name appeared as a contributor to the Carleton Place fund for providing and operating a curfew bell and in 1845 he was a Church Warden of St. James Church. Unfortunately I do not know if he was married or had children. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Family History Beginners Board / Incarceration of Louisa Jane Wiggett
« on: Friday 06 March 20 14:56 GMT (UK)  »
I am hoping that you might be able to find any information on a Louisa Jane Wiggett who was incarcerated in 1929 in Victoria, Australia. Thank you.

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