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I am trying to find what happened to our Richard Lewis b. 1825 Midgham, Berkshire England, he was transported to Hobart, Tasmania in 1852.   He was pardoned in 1858 aged 33 years and could find no more information of him in Tasmania or Australia.
We have found records of him working as a 2nd Cook on board the "Hero" travelling from Melbourne to Sydney.  We see the Hero then continued on to Auckland N.Z.
Am wondering if anyone can assist me to see whether Richard Lewis may have settled in New Zealand.

Australia / Convict Richard Lewis 1825 transportation to Van Diemens Land, Australia
« on: Monday 09 November 20 00:52 GMT (UK)  »
I am looking for more details on Richard Lewis who was born approx 1825 Newbury.   He was married to Harriett Pyke in 1844 at Newbury, Berkshire.  Seems he was convicted in 1848 for cattle stealing at Berkshire, and sentenced to transportation for 10 years.   Have found him on board the "Fairlie" departing England 9.3.1852 and arriving Tasmania 3.7.1852.

So far unable to find any further information on him in Tasmania, but have found a Richard Lewis b. 1825 Newbury who was working on board the ship "Hero" as a Cook around 1869 travelling between Melbourne, Sydney and New Zealand.   Not sure if he is the same person.

If anyone can assist me, would greatly appreciate that.


Berkshire / Help finding what happened to Arthur Lewis and family of Newbury
« on: Sunday 08 November 20 20:43 GMT (UK)  »
We are having great difficult in finding more information Arthur Lewis born 1850 Newbury, who is shown in 1851 census as living in Northbrook Street, Newbury with his mother Harriett Lewis (married) and siblings Edwin and Mary.  Living next door are the Lipscombe family, who are related in some way.   We cannot find a marriage for Harriett Lewis, nor can we find these family members in 1861 census, but have managed to find Arthur Lewis in 1871 census living with the Lipscombe family wherein it is stated that Arthur Lewis is a cousin.
Wondering if anyone can assist us please with Parish records, we need to find Harriett Lewis' maiden name, was she a Lipscombe or maybe a Pyke and also need her marriage records.
We do have marriage certificate for Arthur Lewis who later married Martha Chandler 14.4.1873 at Shaw, he was a Chair Maker at Newbury, and his father is shown as Arthur Lewis, a Millwright of Newbury.
If anyone can assist us to connect up with the Lipscombes maybe we might get a lead as to who Arthur Lewis' father was.   We have found a Harriett Lewis who married Richard Lewis, not sure if this is the correct person, there could be a transcription error in the marriage certificate naming his father as Arthur Lewis.

London and Middlesex / Looking for parents of Henry Pearce b. 5.4.1810
« on: Sunday 03 May 20 00:22 BST (UK)  »
Hi, am doing some research into the Pearce family who came to Australia.   Henry Pearce was born/bapt. 5.4.1810 Middlesex, he came to Tasmania, Australia as a convict in 1829.

Anyone out there who could give me correct details of Henry's parents.   


I am trying to find shipping records for John Callander b. 1816 Falkirk, Scotland who was married to Margaret (nee Nimmo) and came to Australia around 1860.   Have found that he died at Bendigo, Victoria, Australia in 1891.

At this stage have found one of their issue,  William Callander b. 1849 Liverpool, Lancashire who came to Australia, Melbourne aged 14 years, he married in 1878 at Bendigo to Rosa Everline Brett.

Wondering if anyone out there can help me with father John Callander's shipping records.   Death certificate in 1891 shows that he was in Australia for 31 years.

Regards Jan

Armed Forces Resources / Searching Military records around 1894 UK
« on: Saturday 31 August 19 00:03 BST (UK)  »
We are struggling to identify a certain person by the name of John Greenfield who married Ada New in 1894 at Newbury, Berkshire England.  At the time, the marriage certificate shows that he was based at Aldershot, was in the Army Corp, he was aged 22 years and his wife 19 years of age.  His Father was John Greenfield, a Bricklayer.   This would make John Greenfield Jnr. being born around 1872.
There were 3 children born from this marriage with the surname of Greenfield, but by 1901 census, his occupation was then a House Painter, still living in Newbury.

There is a gap of 5 years before more children were born, these children now having the surname of Greenfield/Broadbridge. 1911 census showed Ada living with William Broadbridge and living at Handsworth, Staffordshire, his occupation being Tram Driver.
One could assume that her marriage had failed with John Greenfield, and that Ada then became involved with this gentleman Broadbridge.

However there is a feeling that John Greenfield maybe then changed his name to William Broadbridge, due to some problems he may have had with the military, particularly in regard to being called up for service.   Another thought is that he was always William Broadbridge, changed his name to John Greenfield when he married Ada, and then in trouble with the military, reverted back to his original name of Broadbridge.     

So looking between the last child born in Newbury in 1898 and 1903, we have been searching for military records to confirm this John Greenfield, and have found one John being charged 18.12.1900 RFA Reg - Records WO86/51 which shows he was given 14 days detention apparently in regard to not wearing the correct uniform.  Have not found military record for William Broadbridge.

We now come to 1939 census, and we finally have a date of birth for this William Broadbridge, which is now 21.4.1869, a Retired Train Driver, 3 years older than John Greenfield. (we have photographs of him in train driver's uniform)

Wondering if anyone could assist me to ascertain any military records for enlistment in the Army at Aldershot from around 1891 through to 1894 with the names of William Broadbridge or John Greenfield.

It is all quite a strange scenario, but anything was possible in those days, to avoid the call up.


Hi again,
I wonder if someone could assist me please with restoring this photograph.  A very special one of my Grandparents, and note that you did a great one yesterday.

Hi this is a photo of my Grandparents, taken at Hardys Bay, wondering if anyone could assist me to restore the photo please.
Regards Jan

Staffordshire Lookup Requests / William Brindley b. 1774 - of Cheslyn Hay
« on: Tuesday 09 July 19 01:02 BST (UK)  »
We are trying to find members of the Brindley family for the above William Brindley b. 1774 of Cheslyn Hay, who married a lady named Jane.  We do not have any marriage details.   At this stage, from this issue, we have only found son William b. 1792 who married Charlotte Challis, Lucy b. 1794 who married Thomas Wootton (and then later to my GGG Grandfather Daniel New) in Newbury, and another son James Brindley b. 1797 all born at Cheslyn Hay.

We need to confirm other children born to the marriage.   We are also looking for  Amy Ann Brindley b. 1762 who married James Yardley, to see if she has any family connection to our William Brindley as well.

I look forward to any assistance that anyone can provide me.

Regards Jan

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