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Technical Help / Office without sign in?
« on: Monday 24 August 20 11:54 BST (UK)  »

I apologise if this has been asked before

Iím just getting back to my research and also trying to tame a new Windows lap top

Having bought my Microsoft Office I expected to do what Iíve always done and start documents in a word and just store them and edit them on my device. I have no intention of using Cloud and as far as Iím concerned my letters are nothing to do with Microsoft

However my computer keeps telling me to sign in.

Is it really the case that Big Brother has decided I canít use Office without signing in with Microsoft?

Any ideas please?

Best wishes

Emms :)

Canada / obituary site just closed
« on: Thursday 16 August 18 15:56 BST (UK)  »
Hi Everyone from over in UK

This is a big ask on the off chance.

We're having a bit of a reunion this weekend and I've tried to do a bit more of the researh I did for my friend  I was so pleased to find an obituary and put it in my discoveries on Ancestry only to find out that two days later the site has closed down!

Sister Mary Reansbury from Brantford became the head of her order or mother house and dies about 2003 Daily Times Obituary Scarborough Ontario.  It was a full copy not just an index  I just didnt have a printer at the moment I found it.

There was a lovely long piece on an obituary site but it's gone  I'd love to findit for her.  Does anyone know another way of getting it even if I have to pay to download?

Thanks for reading

Best wishes

Emms :)

Louth / Catherine Barnaby Drogheda
« on: Wednesday 18 October 17 14:37 BST (UK)  »

I just had a little breakthrough in England

My gggrandmother Catherine Barnaby married Nathan Diggle in Lancashire England

Someone's just found her on the spoilt sections of 1851 cebsus before her marriage aged 17

No relatives but in Silk street Salford. Father at marriage is given as William. She is buried in Salford

I looked at both main RC parishes for Drogheda last night. I may have mused her as it's not clear but don't think she's there

I'll try parishes nearby but has anyone any other ideas please?
Thanks and best wishes

Lancashire / Liverpool Uni and Archives
« on: Tuesday 17 October 17 07:54 BST (UK)  »
Hi all

I'm back in Lancashire a bit and I'm hoping to pick a few local brains. I can get to Liverpool easily on local trains and hope to explore but just getting my bearings

Can anyone tell me please which uni buildings would have been the old Little verpool Unversity during the forties please and if they're still in use or if there's  anywhere I can get close by for photos?

Also, I want to do some local and shippping research. I'm guessing the maritime museum but where is best  in Liverpool for family history research?

Also want to get down to see the ferry we used to  go over to Birkenhead on when we were kids

Best wishes


Lancashire / Anyone seen Catherine?(Barnaby)
« on: Tuesday 17 October 17 07:15 BST (UK)  »

I have an almost invisible gggrandmother, Catherine Barnaby married Nathan Diggle in Manchester 1850s. We have the marriage and census with Nathan and children, also burial, I think at Moston but none of Catherine's family or life before marriage in Salford or Ireland

Sorry not been online much recently so I probably owe some replies. Feel free to jog my memory if I owe you a message

Thanks for reading

Best wishes


Cumberland / Carlisle Stickleys
« on: Monday 05 June 17 15:24 BST (UK)  »

While I was in Cumbria my gggrandfather Charles Stickley from Dorset turned up discharged from the army at Carlisle Castle.

Since I've left I've found a marriage with Rootschats help in Carlisle and have church and civil certificaes

Since then I have Mary Stickley aged 18 wife of Charles died Carlisle 1856, also Ellen Stickley aged 12 died Carlisle 1856

Can't find a first marriage to Mary for him.  I'm wondering if this or Ellen were his sister.

I'm wondering if any kind soul would look for either church burial. probably RC or cemetery records? Just in year.

Maryd 16th Jan and Ellen9tyh April. 

A big ask but I'm a vit far away now and cant find it on the net.

Best wishes

Emms :)

Technical Help / Signhing out of gmail on Android
« on: Sunday 03 May 15 20:51 BST (UK)  »
Hi :)

Has anyone else had this problem, and especially does anyone know how to solve it?

I managed to get into my gmail but I don't want to leave it signed in on my Android phone and I can't find a way of signing out.

Can anyone help?

Best wishes

Emms :)

Derbyshire / Derby Cantrills
« on: Saturday 02 May 15 23:21 BST (UK)  »
Hi :)

My gg grandfather Gurney Patmore married Sarah Cantrill from Derby, daughter of hotel / pub owner Henry Cantrill in a double wedding with Sarah's sister Caroline who married Thomas? Cox.

The Cantrill family had the Saracen's Head in St James Lane and the Royal Hotel.

After the marriage in 1859, Gurney and Sarah emigrated to Melbourne Australia where he was editor on the Argus having been editor of the Derby Mercury.

They had five children then returned and had one more.  Gurney was in ill health and they spent time in Salford and Essex, aided by Gurney's brother Coventry a poet.

We know loads about the Patmores but my real question is does anyone know or are they related to the Cantrill side of the family? 

I know it was a large family and I have a few entries from the Mercury online.

Also, are there any old photo's of the hotels or pubs and do they still exist?

I'd love to swap stories with anyone.

Best wishes

Emms :)

Yorkshire (East Riding & York) / RC Records Hull
« on: Saturday 02 May 15 21:26 BST (UK)  »
Hi Everybody :)

My great grandmother was born in Hull in 1861. 

Would anyone know please whether the Roman Catholic registers for Hull are available anywhere?  She was in Blanket Row.

I know many are at the churches but would anyone know whether any registers have been filmed or made available in record offices at all please?

Best wishes

Emms :)

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