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Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Baptism 1679 Rothwell, Yorkshire
« on: Saturday 24 June 17 15:40 BST (UK)  »
Hello all :)

Hoping someone could help me decipher the words on two baptisms. Both are in Rothwell, Yorkshire. In looking for children born to John Moore/More/Moor  between 1666- 1680 there are several baptisms but these two both have this added note.

From what I can decipher:

Sarah daughter of Jo. Moor ....................? Oulton baptised ( 16 January 1679, Rothwell, Yorkshire)&

Eliz. daughter  of John Moor ..................? baptised (20 August 1682, Rothwell, Yorkshire)

England / Look up; Bridport News, Dorset 10 Nov 1899. Please!
« on: Wednesday 31 May 17 14:39 BST (UK)  »
 Hi, I wasn't sure where to post this but I was hoping that someone may have access to the old newspapers  Historical newspapers.

I have found two articles in the Bridport News, Dorset relevant to an ancestor. I can't subscribe to either site at the moment and I used up my credits in one in searching for the right page :-\

The articles appear on the 10 November 1899 and the 17 November 1899 and refers to Stephen Camm, a foreman in the bleaching department in Pymore Mills who died at the mills when a boiler exploded.

By searching for key words and copying the small discription next to the page I have tried to piece together the jist of how it happened but I believe I'm missing pieces in the jigsaw.

On the 10th of november it appears to describe the incident etc , then on the 17th of november it describes his funeral and the enquiry pertaining to his death.

I would love to see these articles in full and hope someone can help me out. Best wishes to all

Hello  :), I am hoping that somebody could do me a huge favor and have the time and patience to look up the folowing in the 1861 census:

Thomas Crossley/Crosley born between 1800 -1806, Leeds,  a cloth presser and his wife Ann Crossley/Crosley b 1813, Leeds.

I had believed that Thomas had died in january 1861, and therefore would not appear in the 1861 census, but I have just  found the burial record (Leeds General Cemetery) for his wife Ann, who died on the 6th march 1865 and is down as wife, not widow, presuming therefore that her husband Thomas was still alive at this time.

Looking up the burial record for the Thomas Crosley who died in january 1861 (also in Leeds Gen. Cemetery) I realised that it is a different Thomas (born 1786, different profesion, area and different parents).

My Thomas' wife Ann was born Ann Harrison, baptised on the 19th sept 1813, parents Edward and Sarah. In 1829 she married Joseph Giles (1811-1841) and on the 11 aug 1845, at St Peter's, Leeds she married Thomas Crossley, also a widow.

In 1851 Thomas and Ann are living in Holbeck, with Ann's mother Sarah Harrison.

In 1856 Ann Crossley is a witness at the trial for bigamy of her brother Henry Harrison b 1815 (the Wizard of Leeds) and she states 'My husband and I live in Canon Street. He is a cloth presser. And on her burial record in 1865 her abode is down as Canon Street. So presumably they were living in Canon street in 1861.
Also, on 29 June 1857 Thomas' daughter Ann  from his first marriage marries a Luther Smith and she gives Canon street as her abode, father Thomas, cloth presser.

There is a possible death for Thomas Crosley in jul/aug/sept 1870 but I have looked in Leeds General Cemetery and he doesn't appear, although his son, grandson and various family members are buried there.

I believe that Canon Street is in North leeds, in Leylands. If anyone could have a look I'd really apreciate it since I'm not subscribed to ancestry at this time.

Europe / Read and translate German word, Please
« on: Tuesday 03 June 14 16:32 BST (UK)  »
Hi all, can anyone help me decipher and translate to english this word, the one above the name Joh. Conrad Winter. I believe it to be his trade but just can't find out what it says exactly.

Thank you :)

Lancashire / Help understanding bapt record for Agness Newbie
« on: Wednesday 17 April 13 18:03 BST (UK)  »
Hi all  :)
Can someone help me decipher the following record;

Lancashire, England, Extracted Parish Records

Text:   Agnes Newbie dau: of Richard of Seatle and Jenett Massiter base dau: of Rowland 22 Jul 1622

Book:Chrissings 1617. (Baptism) Collection:   Lancashire: Cartmel - Parish Register, 1559-1661

Does it mean that Agnes Newbie is the daughter of Richard Newbie (of Settle) and his wife Jenett Massiter, who is the ilig. dau of Rowland Massiter?

I also found the following; "Edward Newbie sone of Rich: of Seatle 23 Oct 1618"..which could be Agness's brother & "Jenet Newbie of Seatle widow 16 May 1627", presumably Jenet's death.

On fam search they have  transcribed it as the bapt of Jennet Massiter, dau of Rowland Massiter but that doesn't seem right.

Hope someone can help :)

Lancashire / Help needed finding James Massiter in 1841, Prestwich or Heysham
« on: Friday 08 March 13 16:29 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all, I was wondering and hoping that someone had the time to look up a James Massiter in the 1841 census...I know that this is a long shot coz' 1841 is a pain to look up for...but here goes

James was born in 1799 at Bentham, Yorkshire. On 5th sept 1832 he married Ann Nelson at Prestwich, Lancs. On his marriage he is said to be a schoolmaster, abode Rooden Lane. I believe that this 'may' be Lady Wilton's School for young ladies.

I have him in 1851, 1861 & 1871 as a schoolmaster of mathematics in Heysham Village, until his death in 1873.

I'm not sure when they moved to in 1841 they could be either in Heysham or Prestwich.

James and Ann had no children. They adopted a daughter Clara Martha Smith b 1835, Manchester but I don't know when they adopted her. She appears with them in 1851 and 1861 as a pupil and in 1871 as adopted.
His wife Ann nee Nelson was born in 1807, Prestwich, her parents were William and Ellen and she had a brother David and a sister Alice, who didn't marry. (incase the Massiters are living with them).

To make matters worse I've found this family under Massiter, mashiter, Mayster, Moyster, Missiter and even Mister.

Hoping someone could take a look to see if they can see him.  :)

Thankyou :)

Hi all :) I am still trying to fathom out this Smith family. Could someone possibly look up to see if the following deaths appear on the West Yorkshire, England, Deaths and Burials, 1813-1985?

Jane Smith
burial date: 09 Dec 1855
burial place: Bentham, York, England
gs film number1849238
reference idItem 8, p
Jane Smith
England Deaths and Burials, 1538-1991
burial: 04 Dec 1836, Benthan, York, England

I have two other deaths also which appear in the FreeBMD's, but I'm not sure if they are detailed on the West Yorkshire Burials;

Jane Smith
Apr 1846  - Settle, Yorkshire West Riding    and

Jane Smith
Jul 1847  - Settle, Yorkshire West Riding

Jane nee Atherton was married to James Smith b. abt 1781. In 1841 they were living at Low Bend Lane, Bentham. I haven't found her in 1851, and don't have access to anc. at the mo, and would like to try and confirm her death...if poss. I believe her husband James died in apr/may/june 1850...but again, this is only fro the BMDs.  I know that Smiths can be a pain to search would really appreciate this look up.

Cheers :)

Hi all,  :)

Could someone please look up in the 'marriage between:

Josias Smith & Margaret Cass... 11 may 1835, Darton, Yorkshire

to see if it gives out any other information, please.

Thank you

Hi all,  :)

Could someone please look up the following marriage for me:

John Pybus married Mary Thompson 28 february 1758, Birkby, Northallerton....

wondering if it gives out any other information.

Cheers, Gillian

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