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Census Lookup and Resource Requests / Census 1861
« on: Wednesday 09 July 14 13:38 BST (UK)  »

I would be grateful if someone could have a look for a family on the 1861 census.

Male John Otter (full name was Charles John Otter, but seemed to go by John) born ?
Female Mary Otter (nee Edwards) born 1834
Married 1853.

I am looking for them on the 1861 census.  By this point they would have had at least two children Charles 1856, and Mary 1858.

I am registered on a site but can't find it, and think it might have been transcribed incorrectly.  But I can find them on another site (which I am not a subscriber too!), but I obviously can't see the full record. :(

Any help would be appreciated, birth year, occupations, other children etc..

Many Thanks

Armed Forces / Did he serve in the Boer War?
« on: Sunday 08 July 12 21:47 BST (UK)  »

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if one of you lovely people could help me out? 

I am trying to found out some information on a man called James Griffin, born 22nd May 1851, died 8th August 1912.  I believe he was born in the Bath, Somerset area and served in the 2nd Devonshire regiment.  He was promoted to Lt Col on 1st April 1908. 

I would like to trace his military background, could anybody tell me if he was too old to have served in the Boer War? or what is the likely conflict he may have served in?

Unfortunately, as I have been poorly recently I have let my subscriptions slip, as I wasn't using them, so any information would be gratefully received, or some pointers to free websites. ;)

Many Thanks in advance

Trippy  :)

Berkshire / Berkshire Parishes pre 1861
« on: Monday 31 October 11 13:31 GMT (UK)  »
I am sure someone will be able to answer this one quickly!, and for me it would be a great help.

One of my ancestors was born in 1859 in the Berkshire area.  When he enrolled in the army in 1881, he said he was from the Parish of St Lukes.

A cousin has been making some enquiries, as we are trying to trace his birth, but was told that the St Lukes Parish, did not exist until around 1861, after he was born.  Before this was the parish was divided into two seperate parishes.

Unfortunately we can't get to the bottom of what these parishes were called pre 1861, can anybody help? ;D

Any help, gratefully received!

Immigrants & Emigrants - General / Immigration Records
« on: Sunday 25 September 11 20:11 BST (UK)  »

Hi everyone,

I am trying to trace an ancestor who I believe emmigrated from Germany in the 1850's.  Using Ancestry I have been able to find a person of the same name on the Alien Arrivals in 1852. 

Subsquently, my man is listed on the UK 1861 census, but disappears on the UK 1871 census, but is definately in the UK in 1876 when he marries.

On Ancestry they have UK Incoming Passenger List starting in 1878.  As the Alien Arrivals dataset covers up to 1869, where can I look for the period of time between 1869-1878?

I would like to know if he left the country for a brief spell?  I am also hoping to use his arrival records, to find out exactly where in Germany he was born, so that I can start thinking about tracing him pre his arrival in the UK.

Trippy :)

Armed Forces / Staffordshire Regiment circa 1860's - Russell Tresslor
« on: Wednesday 29 December 10 15:13 GMT (UK)  »


Wondering if I could ask for some help :).  Unfortunately I have been going around in circles, and now can't see the wood for the trees!!

I am trying to trace my great great grandfather Russell Tresslor (although could be spelt many ways including Treslor, Trussler, Trusler, Tressler, Tresler, and Trislor!!)  He was born 1852, but I don't know where, although it is likely to be the UK.  He passed away in India in 1916 in Jhansi, and fathered my great grandfather Charles in 1884, (mother unknown currently)

On Charles second baptism record, in 1928, when Charles was baptised as a RC, he listed his father as a retired soldier from the staffordshire regiment.

I have been in contact with the staffordshire regiment museum, and they said the regiment was split into north and south regiments, who both served in India in the 1880's.  Timeline wise he could have joined anytime from 1868 onwards, he fathered a child in 1884, and was definately out by 1900.  With this timeline in mind, the museum suggested he could have been in the 38th foot, which served in India, Egypt and Ireland, and if this was the case he could appear on the medal records at Kew.

I have looked on the military records on find my past, ancestry and the national archives website, and he is not listed, does anybody know whether I would find anything different by actually visiting Kew??  I don't want to go on a wild goose chase, as its 4 hours away from me.

Also I've been thinking that Jhansi had quite a lot to do with the Indian Mutiny, but I think his service would have been after the mutiny, but I thought there might be a link between his service, and him ending up in Jhansi?

PS, Also to add insult to injury!! I cannot find him on any census in the UK.

Any bright ideas would be appreciated :D  I am sure this man doesn't want to be found!!

Thanks Trippy.  Sorry for any typos! ;)

Armed Forces / Royal Engineers in India
« on: Tuesday 08 June 10 21:56 BST (UK)  »

I have a chap in my tree, who was born in 1870 in India.  His father is listed as a Royal Engineer

I'm I correct in thinking that if he was a Royal Engineer, he would be listed in the British Army, and any service records would be held at the National Archives in Kew?.  Or would I find him listed in the Indian Army, and the records at the British Library?

A confirmation would be great, as I am visiting the BL soon, but I am thinking of extending my visit to include Kew.

Thanks :)

United States of America / Tressler/Tresslor family - stuck, please help
« on: Sunday 28 March 10 19:58 BST (UK)  »

I have spent so long going around in circles, that I thought I would ask for some help ;D

I have been researching my husband's side of the family.  His G grandfather was a man called Charles Martin Tressler (could be spelt other ways such as Tresslor/Treslar, but normally spelt as TRESSLER).

We know he was born in 1883, but don't know where.  As my husband's grandmother was born in India we have looked as much as we can in the India records in the british library.  He seems to appear in India in 1900 with his father Russell.  Unfortunately the library do not have incoming passenger records up to this date.  He died in India in 1929. 

I have explored the idea he came from the UK, and have searched the 1901 and 1891 census.  Neither Charles or Russel are there.  Also Tressler doesn't seem a popular name in the UK.

Then I started looking in American records.  I found lots of Tressler records and started to get excited!!! but
I found two records that might have been a match

Census 1900
Charles Tressler born May1883 Sugarloaf, Pennsylvania, mother Mary
Charles M Tressler born August 1883, Meyersdale, Pennsylvania, mother Annie

Both fit the bill, but both Mary and Annie are listed as widowed.  This is where its goes wrong, why would they be widowed if Russell was alive!! 

Also on the 1900 census, there are no Russell Tresslers who are anywhere around the right age.

The 1890 census doesn't exist.  For the 1880 census, Charles wasn't born, and no Russell's are listed.

I have a gut feeling the family came from America to India, anybody got any thoughts, ideas what to do next?  I haven't had much experience with American records etc, so any help would be appreciated.

Thank you Trippy

Other Countries / India Census or Occuptional Directories
« on: Friday 13 November 09 21:40 GMT (UK)  »

I can see from some websites that India completed census's in the same years as the UK, does anybody know where I could view them?  Are they available on-line or are they at the British Library?

Also I have discovered Thackers directory of India 1895, are there any other directories for other years, so I could track my ancestors?

I am pretty new to research in India, so any help would be appreciated.

Trippy :)

Other Countries / Help, new to Overseas research
« on: Tuesday 22 September 09 13:45 BST (UK)  »

I was wondering if anybody could help, I have spent quite a while researching my own family tree all based in the UK.  I have always wanted to research my husbands tree, his grandmother was born in India.

Unfortunately the spelling of her name has been seen in a couple of different versions, and nobody actual know for sure the year she was born (although around 1915)

I have played around over the last 12 months, but want to seriously start persuing the mystery lady!!.  In the past I have typed different variants into FIBIS, and family, but nothing has come out.

Anybody got any ideas, where the best place to start?


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