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This is a must read on Irish births recorded with no forename & other things...


I access my brothers DNA account but for ease I'm referring to it as my DNA.

I have a DNA link to a father 4th cousin & his son 3rd cousin

We all have the exact same Paternal Haplogroup

The strange thing is, I have a closer match in terms of g g/parents & more segments with the son.

Father - AM - 4th C - Shared DNA 0.71% - 53cM - 2 Segments (we share 3 x g g/parents)

Son - SM - 3rd C - Shared DNA 0.68% - 51cM - 3 Segments (we share 2 x g g/parents)

I'm hoping someone can explain the above please?


Scotland / Mother's Maiden Surname search added for deaths on Scotlandspeople
« on: Friday 27 November 20 21:39 GMT (UK)  »
"Before 1974 the deceased's mother's maiden name was not routinely included. Where this information was included on the death records before this date we are retrospectively adding this to the index beginning with the years closest to the introduction of statutory registration in 1855.

We have now updated most years up to 1880, adding motherís maiden names to more than 1 million records, and plan to have completed records up to 1883 by the end of this year.

You can populate the name search fields and also choose to 'include unrecorded mother's maiden surname'. You may find that if you enter a name in this search field and the information has not yet been added or it was unavailable at the time of registration then a result will not be found.

For more information relating to statutory death registers and how to search them, please visit our online guide."


Technical Help / Screenshot on Toshiba Laptop & Windows 10 - HOW?
« on: Tuesday 19 May 20 20:38 BST (UK)  »
Hi Folks,

Can someone please tell me the easiest way to do this in simple terms?

I've done it before a few times but don't know how I eventually managed!

They don't show on my screen with the usual instructions although they opened in 'Snip & Sketch' originally (I think) - & I don't know how to save/retrieve with a name.

I use Paint to open pics.

Any help would be much appreciated.


The Common Room / Surname 'Money' becomes a 'Fortune'
« on: Sunday 22 December 19 18:24 GMT (UK)  »
(Some info. omitted as it could identify living persons)

Helping a friend the only info. I had was a forename, surname, c birth year with probable District/County.

I found no results from the info. i.e. asked the forenames of the parents (mms was unknown)

It was then I was told the surname being used was possibly that of a step-father which made things a little trickier!

After much questioning/prompting the surname 'Money' was definitely mms although no result there either using variants & Money* (Moneypenny).

I did a search leaving out surname, with forename, middle initial +/- 5 yrs & County with the closest match (including the middle name) on surname being Fortune (aha)!!!...

I got back to my friend with my finding to be told this was indeed correct & couldn't believe I'd cracked it.

The moral is...every little thread can be very helpful when you search with an open mind  ;D

Do any others have a similar tale?


Can anyone tell me what the occ. of Kenneth Beaton is please?

Column 5

It looked like Sugar Baker at a quick glance but doesn't resemble any other 'B' on the cert?

My next choice was Porter of which I can find no reference to apart from chemical related rather than an occ. unless 'transporter' which I can find nothing on either apart from chemical related?


Technical Help / Problem with Refresh/Reload on all/any page I open?
« on: Wednesday 27 November 19 22:17 GMT (UK)  »
I would appreciate any help please but not in too Technical terms?

Whenever I sign in - as well as my Google UK Homepage, regardless of what site I go on, the top left shows i.e. Refresh/Reload  ??? (I live in UK)!

Not sure I have all the info. needed but...

Toshiba Laptop - Windows 10 - Google Chrome

I'm having trouble uploading jpegs at times if it helps?


Lincolnshire / George Thomas Evans & Eva Armstrong Lewis
« on: Saturday 21 September 19 12:41 BST (UK)  »
I have a DC (from my own research) for George Thomas Evans, is this your family?

George Thomas Evans ("Ship Greacer") b 27 Dec 1897 Grimsby - d 10 Sep 1966 West Quay, Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland.
Usual address on DC was 35 Beeley Road, Grimsby
Father - Walter Evans (Fisherman), Mother - Kate, Spouse - Eva Armstrong Lewis
Informant of death was ? ? (Son-in-Law)

George Thomas Evans married Eva Armstrong Lewis 1919 Stockton, Durham, England

Eva Evans;

After a little digging it seems father was Samuel Walter Evans & mother Kate Eastwood?

2 known children (unmarried (no change of surname) & deceased as per 1939)

Eva E Evans b 2 Nov 1920 -

& Ileane Lillia Evans b 21 Mar 1927 - d 2006 Lincoln

I believe there was at least one other daughter as the informant was a 'Son-in-Law'

If you would like a copy of the DC, please copy & paste "DC - George Thomas Evans - 10-09-1966" in PM.


The Common Room / Illegitimate Birth Registration in England/Ireland/Scotland/Wales
« on: Sunday 15 September 19 13:25 BST (UK)  »
A thought has crossed my mind while reading another post...

I have no illegitimate births (to date) in England/Ireland/Wales.

I have an illegitimate birth (Scotland) where the mother was married to someone else i.e. not divorced/widowed...

The child is registered with father's surname, mother's married name & maiden name i.e. 3 surnames.

I'm wondering if this would be the case in England/Ireland/Wales also a normal illegitimate birth (mother not married to someone else), would the child be registered under father's surname & mother's surname?


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