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Technical Help / not secure-help please
« on: Wednesday 22 July 20 14:09 BST (UK)  »
I know very little about pc workings and need help

For some time now has been showing as not secure - recently Microsoft edge has somehow installed on my PC and uninstalled internet explorer (which I didnt use) I use chrome and that is where I get the not secure information - I wondered if I would get the same information on Edge - Edge will not let me onto RootsChat just a message comes up saying (something like) not secure -secutity used on this site is out of date
Also a few sites where I save my password so I can always log in quickly -on chrome and edge now will not save any sites so I have to enter all of my details all the time
Can someone please help ??

a very confused Suz

WW1 In Memoriam / 08/06/1917 Harry Thornhill age 26 Yorkshire 9th Battalion
« on: Monday 18 August 14 21:54 BST (UK)  »
Great Uncle Harry
Lance Corporal died in Belgium
Commemorated in the Lijssenthoels Cemetery
He served in the Yorks Hussars (Alexandra Princess of Wales own)
Harry was the youngest son in the family and was unmarried
His mother died and his father moved back to Derbyshire and died there - Harry stayed in Yorkshire with his younger sister
We have never been able to find his name on any War memorial in England
He is not forgotten - he has a nephew named after him
Rememberance Sunday his great neices & nephew place a cross in a local memorial garden with his details on and tearfully let him know family remembers x

WW1 In Memoriam / 21/08/1918 William Thornhill age 18 Norfolk Regiment
« on: Monday 18 August 14 21:44 BST (UK)  »
My Uncle William

Private William Thornhill was in the Sherwood Foresters -he came home on leave and was transferred to the Norfolk Regiment 1st Battalion and went to the Somme
Killed in action age18
Grave Adanac Military Cemetery Miraumont
William's neices and nephew have visited his grave.
William had siblings born after he was killed - our Grandmother always kept William's name alive and we nieces and nephew still do today - treasuring the pencil written letters he sent home from the front .
R.I.P. Uncle William x

Lancashire Lookup Requests / Long - Blackpool
« on: Saturday 27 April 13 23:31 BST (UK)  »
I am researching for a friend who is executor of a will -and is trying to find beneficiaries

An elderly aunt (well into her 90's ) died recently she never married - her will leaves part of her estate to the neices and nephews of her friend William Thomas Long (William "Bill" died approx 6 years ago).
Very little is known of William Thomas Long - and no names are given of his neices & nephews

William Thomas Long was born 29 Aug 1925 at 7 E James St  Blackpool and died in Leicester
His parents were William Wordsworth Long & Mary Elizabeth Elliott
Parents died in the Blackpool area - Mary Elizabeth died 1939 age 40
William Wordsworth died in the 1950's

William Thomas Long had a sister Joan Long who was murdered age 22 in 1944 in Blackpool- an American serviceman was convicted of manslaughter- I have reports from nationwide newspapers - the only information on the family I can find from those reports is - Joan was the eldest of 3 children,  her father was a widower (and stated that Joan was born with a weak leg and was "not very bright" - unable to read & write -) Father William Wordsworth Long was a gardener and " ex lieutenant of the Loyal Regiment.
At the time of the murder the family lived at Bispham Blackpool

I think the missing child is Eileen b 1922 -who must have married and had children- and is apparantly now deceased.

Does anyone know who she married ??

Or any other information of this family?

Please PM me with any information in case anyone is living.

Thank you in anticipation


World War One / RNVR
« on: Tuesday 15 March 11 17:45 GMT (UK)  »
Could someone please point me in the right direction for any records on the following

Harry Savage born 1899 Pinxton Derbys
he was in the Royal Naval Voluntary reserves
In 1916 he was in Tyneside
later he was in Falmouth
His "disc" reads Z/11464 M.T.

He was a Telegraphist

I am not familiar at all with Military records - and am requesting this information for a gentleman who has recently suffered a stroke and is unable to carry on with his research unaided  at the moment

Harry Savage was his father

Thank you for any assistance with this query


Wiltshire Completed Lookup Requests / ELLOWAY 1851 Completed -thank you
« on: Thursday 24 February 11 19:07 GMT (UK)  »
Could someone with access to findmypast please look up this family in 1851 ???

they should be at  King St Warminster.
William Elloway 33 mason
Ann 34
Julia 14
Charles 12
Sidney 9 Albert 6 (poss has middle initial G)
Frank 3
William 62 poss occ Shoe Maker (can't find him in 1841 either) -wife may be Ann-if still living?
all b Warminster

I have all other census - but cannot find them on A*****y in 1851 .I can only find Pound St and Broadway areas of Warminster

Thank you in anticipation


I am looking for the death reg of Mary Ann Murrell - a mystery woman

She was born 2 Sept 1890 Castor Norfolk

according to a family member who remembers attending her funeral Mary Ann was interred April 1974 in the general Cemetary Kensal Green Harrow Road W10 4 RA
She supposedly died as Mary Ann Morrison

We have mary Ann Murell's history -and it is believed she never married

She had a child in 1912 with a gentleman "of connections" -he paid for the mother and childs upkeep until he married . The child was taken at some time when she was very young to the West Indies to stay with her father for a few months -and she remembered her father visiting.

When Mary Ann died her daughter and granddaughters attended the funeral -and when they went to mary Ann's home all paperwork etc had been removed from her desk. So there was no documentation of the daughter's father-or of any marriage for mary Ann

The daughter and Granddaughters were led to believe she died as mary Ann Morrison????

I can find no death reg or cemetary reg of mary Ann Morrison at that time

I can find no marriage reg to a Mr Morrison

The nearest death reg I can find is

Mary Ann V Baynes
b.3  Sept 1890
death reg mar qtr 1975
12 2271

but I can find no marriage to a Mr Baynes either - and Baynes is not a name which was known to the family

Can anyone help please?


Derbyshire Completed Look ups / Ellen Taylor -Occupation??? COMPLETED
« on: Monday 13 July 09 12:45 BST (UK)  »
on 1861 cenus
RG9 2435 6 6
 there is an Ellen Taylor age 54 widow b Ilkeston Derbys - living marlpool heanor Derbys with children martha, William, and Isaac

her occupation is given as Housekeeper -then there is "A" underneath it is no1, "R" underneath  is no 3, "P" underneath is no 37- then follows "of land 1 low"

I am not certain the last word is "low"

My guess is that it means 1 acre 3 roods 37 poles of land - but don't know what "1 low" means

was Ellen a housekeeper of land?

she did live in what is now a country park -and then would have been part of the Miller Mundy estate.

Ellen (Helen in 1851) has no occupation given 1851/1871

has anyone any further ideas???


Nottinghamshire Lookup Requests / where did ZILLA/ZILLAH/ZELLA go???
« on: Friday 20 March 09 21:55 GMT (UK)  »
1851 census ZELLA WHEELDON is age 5 mths b Kimberley Notts living with her family in Ilkeston Derbys

1861 ZILLA WHEELDON is age 10 b. Kimberley Notts living in Ilkeston Derbys with family : William 45, Mary 48, Emma 23, Henry 22, Ann 19, George 14, Orlinda 12, James 8 , Maria 3, maryj 1- Zilla and orlinda were b Kimberley Notts and the rest of the family were b Ilkeston Derbys

I can find no birth reg for Zilla - the only one abt correct time and in basford reg dist is mary???

1871 I cannot find Zilla - unless she is calling herself Selina age 22 housekeeper for Joseph hallam in Ilkeston?????

1875 Zilla marries Arthur Aldred - marriage reg Sept qtr 1875 Basford dist 7b 262

Then no sign of Zilla on census.

Death reg FreeBMD Zillah Aldred Mar qtr 1926 age 75 Nottingham 7b 526

Husband Arthur  Aldred appears on 1881 census age 26 married b Ilkeston Derbys - licensed vict with brother Aaron and wife Sabina
1891 Arthur appears at chapel St Ilkeston age 36 B Ilkeston retired publican with daughter Angelina 14 b Ilkeston, son Harry 12 b Ilkeston , son Aaron 8 b Ilkeston and daughter Juliana-and housekeeper Eliabeth Fogg/Frogg 21 U b Hindley Lancs
1901 Arthur appears in Arnold Notts Married age 45 Living own means with son Aaron 19, daughter Julia A age 18 all b Ilkeston -and housemaid Elizabeth Fogg U 33 b Hindley lancs -Annie Fogg 18 is visiting.
1911 Arthur is still in Arnold Notts age 57 married Gentleman b Ilkeston with (ever faithful)  Elizabeth Fogg U 45 Housekeeper b Hindley lancs and widow Alice Fogg 70 b Lancs

I have christening for daughter Angelina Aldred 8 Oct 1877 Cotmanhay derbys parents Arthur Aldred/Zellah

don't have Angelina on 1881

There is a christening of
Arthur William Wheeldon Aldred 19 mar 1876 Cotmanhay derbys Parents Arthur Aldred/Zillah

there is a death reg freeBMD Arthur William Aldred Sept qtr 1876 basford age 1 7b 78

son Henry(Harry)  Aldred in 1881 is a boarder with Orlinda (Zillah's sister) and husband and a boarder elsewhere in 1901

But can anyone find ZILLA ALDRED 1881-1901 or ZILLA WHEELDON in 1871???????

I can't find Zilla's name on 1911 either???/

Help would be appreciated


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