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Suffolk Lookup Requests / Marriage look-up please, Risby area Suffolk
« on: Monday 15 November 21 16:58 GMT (UK)  »
Hello All

I'm trying to find a marriage for William Edwards to Elizabeth Crouch early 1800's Risby area, Suffolk.

She was of the parish, baptism 1780, burial 1835

Family Search have microfilmed Phillimores Suffolk marriages, it's available to view not search. I've gone through the pages c1805 but there's nothing there.

Did they marry elsewhere?

The Common Room / Looking for possible scenarios
« on: Sunday 20 June 21 22:48 BST (UK)  »
Hi all

I can't post names because they fall into the 'recent' and living categories.

I have a birth cert for a child born in Hendon in 1940. It is a normal certificate but the birth was registered 3 months after the birth. It is not annotated to show an adoption.

She has an older brother evacuated in 1939 to Gloucestershire to stay with his maternal grandparents. The 3 of them are there for the 1939 register.

Mum & Dad are in Hendon in 1939 dodging the blitz.

The 3 in Gloucestershire are joined later by a slightly younger cousin for the duration of the war.

The younger cousin has no recollection of her female cousin. The child was never talked about. The brother (now deceased) when asked about his sister knew nothing of her.

There is no obvious death entry in the GRO index. There is no marriage. Apart from the birth cert there is no trace.

In 2013 the cousin wrote to the HSCIC with a freedom of information request about her cousin. The HSCIC said there was no trace of her. That may infer she didn't get an identity card and ration book. The HSCIC provided accurate information about other members of the family though.

I have checked the 'usual' resources, deceased online, historic phone books, electoral registers (the brother and parents are on the London registers upto 1965) she is not mentioned in her mother's will. She is not mentioned in her brother's will.

Her father is another mystery but not for today.

I have plugged her name into all the subscription sites, apart from the birth index, nothing.

I have written to Hendon registrars asking them to check the death registers in case she has fallen through a crack and a death has not made it's way in to the GRO.

I'm trying to offer scenarios to the now older cousin who is doing the family tree and has been for several years.

What other scenarios can you suggest?

Armed Forces / 2nd Boer War 1901 slighty wounded
« on: Thursday 08 April 21 12:45 BST (UK)  »

I have found reference to a casualty G Brooks number 5125 of the Sherwood Forresters who was (slightly) wounded May 1901 on the site.

I have downloaded the attestation papers from the National Archives (I think they are with FindMyPast or ancestry as well) for him but his number is 6125 and page 4 lists the wound and a date.

I have found a reference to the regimental diary for that day on FindMyPast, this lists the numbers wounded but not the names.

Is there any chance there are further references to the event or other casualty lists I can consult online without having to pay for another subscription for one person? I seem to be going round in circles doing google searches.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. 


Also found in the box of ephemera with the Victorian couple I posted about recently.

Again no real idea who this little chap is and what date this may have been taken.

I am currently wthout access to any photo manipulation software so am unable to enhance the text at the bottom.

I don't want to skew any opinions, but part of the family were in the workhouse for the 1901 census. The family lived in the Portsmouth area so could this chap have been sent to a training ship from the workhouse?

Any other suggestions appreciated.

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Photo dating help please
« on: Tuesday 30 March 21 15:01 BST (UK)  »
This CDV has been found in a box of ephemeria.

Apparently W V Amey of Landport was a prolific photographer between 1875 and 1898, the internet has more than a sprinkling of his works.

But can you give a more approximate date?

The photo belongs to the wife of my dad's first cousin. She has no idea which side of her family it comes from. I said I would ask for opinions.

Berkshire Lookup Requests / Baptism help please
« on: Sunday 21 February 21 15:58 GMT (UK)  »
Hello All

William Nutt on the 1851 in Oxfordshire aged 69 recorded birthplace Streatly Berkshire

William Nutt (Mett) on the 1861 still in Oxfordshire aged 78 recorded birthplace transcribed on FindMyPast as Marlston but I don't think that looks right.

Can anyone find suitable baptisms to rule in or out?

He married twice but both before 1837 so I dont have any parents names.


Scotland / Copy will and confirmation
« on: Monday 16 November 20 17:03 GMT (UK)  »
Please excuse my ignorance but I am going around in circles.

How do I obtain a copy of a will and confirmation with a date of presentment of 2013?

Northumberland Lookup Requests / MOVED: Hocuth, Northamptonshire?
« on: Thursday 05 November 20 09:10 GMT (UK)  »

Europe / Death certificate - Germany
« on: Monday 12 October 20 12:43 BST (UK)  »

I need to locate and apply for a death certificate for someone who died there within the last 20 years.

Is this something I can do for myself or, as I dont speak or write in German, should I appoint a research agent?


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