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Yorkshire (East Riding & York) / ADA J RUSSELL
« on: Tuesday 12 May 20 10:16 BST (UK)  »
 Have a puzzle . ADA J RUSSELL .parents George Russell 1887-1959 and  Sarah  Elizabeth Bedford -1890 . looked on the 1939 census of Selby Yorkshire .saw ADA J  RUSSELL  . but  the  Russell  was crossed  out .and   Butterworth  added . checked for a marriage  found she married in  July 1945 to a Harold K  Butterworth  9c volume 2862 page .could she had married earlier .as how did she become
ADA J Butterworth in 1939 .mike

Yorkshire (East Riding & York) / benjamin russell tasker
« on: Monday 04 May 20 17:28 BST (UK)  »
 what with this lock down.having more time to go over certain family  members. just read a repport of my Benjamin in the hull daily mail Thursday 14th November 1912.
 A remarkable case of   erroneous  identifaction is reported from Selby on Wednesday. a mans body was recovered from the river ouse .the  body was identified as that of Benjamin  Russell tasker . a Selby joiner who had gone missing for some time. on Monday the 6th November a very much decomposed  body was found at hoden .no clothing or other articles was on the body. but were certain resemblances in the features which warrented the  brother and brother-in-law  in arriving at the conclusion .that the body was Benjamin Russell tasker. was buried as such. it now appears  that with-out a doubt a mistake was made .a  coroner has been acquainted with all the facts and a inquest will in due course be held.
 the Sheffield daily news
 a body was recovered from the river ouse at Selby yesterday was belived to be Benjamin Russell tasker  who disappeared a month ago. this body had clothing .a knifeb.a watch and tobacco pouch  which  brother and sister identification  prove be on doubt was the real Benjamin Russell tasker .and the body at   HOWDEN .was some unknown person . 
 not found any inquest results yet.
 am wondering if have two people in one grave now.  michael

Yorkshire (East Riding & York) / death in yorkshire
« on: Thursday 30 April 20 00:38 BST (UK)  »
 Have a querry, a person  in my family tree murdered is wife .was a trial  .been trying to find what sentence was given. or did he die in prison. was over a hundred years ago.but afraid  to put where murder took place .and is name .in case the children who were very young at the time.have family in the area .might not want is name said. is it possible to ask for a death cert. if tell them who father was and mother. even if cannot say when died. mike

Yorkshire (East Riding & York) / Ann DAWSON
« on: Thursday 11 April 19 04:51 BST (UK)  »
 Not posted for quite a while. been trying to trace Ann Smith. born in Selby 1862 .in 1911 when Thomas Gray /smith  died .Ann Dawson is living with John w Dawson at 16 brook street. Thomas Grays house.this is my Ann Smith .married in Bradford .will need to get a copy of it. not sure of prices these days. have no information of this family.  apart from Ann Dawson died in Slaitwaite  17th may
1940.wondering when left Selby .did she sell Thomas Grays house .e-mailed Selby family history as cannot find a telephone number been eight days since contacted them.not heard a thing yet.wondering if they can help me.
Michael  smith

Yorkshire (East Riding & York) / big family.
« on: Monday 21 July 14 00:13 BST (UK)  »
 .      Can any-one point me in the right direction please.had a visit from a family tree member who lives in blackpool.she is 77. told me used to visit me aunt in selby always as a child. she remembers was a big piece on my aunt in the news of the to having the largest family living in selby.
 now with a name like will be hard to find what search.apart from the two address,
first douglas street.then moved to abbotts selby.but am to not on line .and cannot get to London.
 alice smith died in 1949.born tadcaster.married 1897 leeds.lived in selby all her married

Yorkshire (East Riding & York) / Horsfield family.
« on: Sunday 20 July 14 23:22 BST (UK)  »
     Was trying to find information on  my family in british for 1.00 a month.
 thought worth a look.sadly no joy.but found these.belive.some-one was intrested in this family.
 At selby abbey.Cannon Solloway married  Miss E,M.Horsfield.and Mr R.O;Brian..the bride was given
away by her father.the bride wore ivory satin with veil and orange blossom.and carried LILLIES.
She had attendants,  Miss J Horsfield in Mauve.Miss P .Broadhead in pink georgette,the best man was MR J Horsefield.the reception was held at the millgate intitute.
                      next item
                SELBY MOTHERS SHOCK.
    Yesterday an alarming incident occured at a dwelling-house in Harper Street.occupied by a family named HORSFIELD. The mans wife waswashing her 13 month old baby.when noticed a small brooch
 the baby had been given to play with.had been swallowed by it.the mother rushed out of the house with the child i her the selby cottage hospital near by.a messenger was sent out.for the
 DR of the surgons who had gone into the country.after a few hours he returned.and with DR WADDINTON .they succeeded in removing the obstruciton.much to the
 relief of the mother.there is now hope of said recovery

       Am hoping not posted.tried to find to send.with all the other wonderfull restores done by you.cannot posting .it looks a bit dark.looks as it may have rained.but they look okay.can you maybe give it a touch up in places.where needed.pity was not in colour.our brian would be surprised.
 whatever you do.will be pleased.

World War Two / my the second world war
« on: Sunday 20 April 14 18:13 BST (UK)  »
      Hope you do not mind a bit of light relief.from the second world father served in the
2nd fife and the tank regiment.he never spoke of is war time.but would not mind telling a tale now and then.he would have risen quite brother who is 71 now told my .but my dad was rather fond of fighting.not unusual to see my dad courting my mum.with another black eye.not again.tom she would say.any-way back to the tale.
 my dads unit was feeling a bit tired .and weary.after a long out went the order.see if can find any-where to put our heads down.were in went a couple of soldiers.after a while.back they came.found a possible place.officer was told.lead on.soon came into a clearing.imposing building greeted them. told two men to check building .and see no traps.about.front doors found to be open.shrug of they building went out the order.and see if any food about.even drink.well search resumed.when a noise was heard faintly.below.every-one went quite.
find out what that noise is.order went moved.turned out my dad.and is mate were picked to look.after a while.found a door leading down to what seemed like the dad said you go dads mate said.think am daft.your the corperal.down they went.seemed like ages.
 reached the bottom.not much light about.but noise clearer. moved along.quitely.noise much louder.and came to a corner.peered round my dad did.and tried hard not to laugh.said  to is mate.seems drinks off the menu tonight.some troops have found the wine cellar.and are snoring it off.wonder what lot these dad went and told the officer.and .was told to go and find food.
 he would have words.with the lot down stair.

       This rather forbidding looking photo.our brian our aunt nellie.he says ruled the house with a rod of iron.did not do to upset things.just might be bad for your heath.he said remembers as a young the 1940s.always be on your best behaviour.saying that.was a smashing person to know .our brian says
 can it be made a bit lighter.and touched up where needed please

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