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Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / 23cM 1 Segment but two possible ancestral lines
« on: Thursday 02 January 20 17:22 GMT (UK)  »
If the DNA match is across one segment is it only going to match one particular ancestral line or could if they coincidentally inherit sufficient on both sides of the chromosome it would show? 

I ask because Dad has a match with someone with 23cM across 1 segment yet they share two separate unrelated (apart from when later generations marry separately) ancestral lines.  In both Dad's and the matches' case, one is on their father's side and one on their mother's side.  I appreciate that without a chromosome browser on Ancestry and the other party hasn't uploaded elsewhere, its difficult to know for certain.

For Dad, the father's side is a 2xGGF but the matches is 4xGGF and on Dad's mother's side it is his 4xGGF and the matches' 5xGGF.  I'm assuming, perhaps wrongly, that it's likely to be on the paternal side as that is much closer generational level to Dad. 

Of the mutual 4-6th cousin shared matches with this person, 3 are confirmed on Dad's paternal side and 1 on the maternal side.  The mutual maternal side match matches a number of Dad's other maternal matches on that line but only this other person with an apparent overlap on both sides of Dad's family at 4-6th cousin level anyway.

I know there are two sides to each chromosome, would anyone have any views on whether it could just be that they both inherit sufficient DNA on that chromosome from both sides for it to show as that amount across 1 segment please on Ancestry?

I hope this makes sense, I have revised it a few times. :D

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Triangulation Confusion
« on: Monday 06 May 19 19:58 BST (UK)  »
This isn't the first sets of matches causing me confusion on MyHeritage with those that are and aren't triangulated on the same segment and with a few overlapping both sets, but this is the one I'm currently looking at and would appreciate some thoughts.

I match CP, PL, DL and TD on

Chromosome 11 - 21915389-32266408 (rs10766893-rs2144522) 9cM 5,120  SNPs

I match CP, PL, TD and SE on

Chromosome 11 - 21915389-32266408 (rs10766893-rs2144522) 9cM 5,120 SNPs

I match CP, DL and EW on

Chromosome 11 - 21666088-26795139 (rs112480683-rs56306395) 6.1cM 3,072 SNPs

I can't see why DL doesn't triangulate with SE according to MyHeritage as it looks exactly the same segment and each match the three others on that segment.  They don't match each other at all according to the results.  Surely it isn't on the opposite side of the chromosome in light of the other matches?

EW is my father's second cousin.  CP and SE have quite large trees and there is one including PL on Ancestry that is large (appears to be a close relative). 

Initially I thought the link with CP and ME was via some families in the Cheddar area although still haven't found the connection possibly as missing some records.  However, the tree for PL shows no link with Cheddar but a lot in Wales including Pembrokeshire where SE has family but CP doesn't.  Unfortunately DL and TD have a few odd people in their tree and DL appears to have not been born in England so cannot trace their father's family as no details on tree but could look at mother's line but would appear likely to be Scottish judging by the surnames (although perhaps not).  TD and DL are fairly closely related, 1-2nd cousins a couple of times removed.  TD is Welsh so DL may have some Welsh ancestry on father's side.

My Cheddar line has the surnames Watkins and Coombs, the former may have links to Pembrokeshire if the claims by some probably distant American relatives are true but they have no evidence other than family folklore much of which I've been able to disprove with paper evidence.  There are a lot of Coombs in Somerset but unsure where mine came from before the turned up in Cheddar in the mid 1700s.

Am I wrong in thinking that all should triangulate and perhaps the fact that DL and EW don't with all the others may just be down to the shared cM across all being smaller than 6cM so not showing?

Haven't yet messages any of the others yet, although had contact with SE as she contacted me through Ancestry.  I am also not having much luck getting response out of people with no trees on Ancestry or MyHeritage unfortunately which is a little frustrating and means reluctant to bother messaging them.

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Gedmatch "low overlap" query
« on: Monday 04 February 19 19:27 GMT (UK)  »
I hope I've not missed a post about this previously, but if I have apologies.

Just wondering about the significance of the low overlap segments mentioned in Gedmatch - "'Overlap' is the number of positions that exist in common between both kits, without regard to
 whether they match or not. The amount of overlap, along with the largest cM amount,
is usually a good indication of the relative quality of the match.
 Matches with low overlap have that field highlighted with a pink or red background, depending on the overlap value."

I have a match on Gedmatch at 18.9cM, largest being 10.8cM, Gen 4.9, Overlap 55122.  However, when I view the match, we match on chromosomes 19 (8.1cM) and 22 (9.3cM) and it says estimated generations to MRCA is 5.5.  Not a lot different I accept but just wondered the significance of the low overlap. 

This match has caught my attention because the person is from Germany and his gedcom shows only German ancestors back quite a few generations.  I have a "Germanic" ancestor who died in 1837 but we have no idea where he came from, hence using the term Germanic rather than German.  He could have course been from what is now Austria or Switzerland.  He never became naturalised but, like many Germanic immigrants, worked for a time as a sugar baker and signed his marriage certificate Johan, which was the big giveaway along with the job and surname.  I'm just wondering if this match could be a clue.



According to Ancestry's matches, I only have one 3rd cousin who has tested (101cM across 5 segments) but I do have another who appears as a 4-6th cousin sharing only 23.8cM across 1 segment. The paper trail does confirm she is my 3rd cousin, but the amount shared is much lower than the other known 3rd cousin. Interestingly we also have a shared match with someone else with whom I share 65cM over 4 segments.  He doesn't have a tree on Ancestry sadly but his user name suggests he's a relative of the 3rd cousin (the username includes the surname of my 2xGGUncle's wife, brother of my GGrandmother and Great Grandfather of the other match).  65cM on DNA Painter's Shared CM Project has more likelihood of half cousins than full which makes me wonder.  Our 2xGGrandfather ended up in a mental asylum not long after 2xGGUncle's birth, and his wife did go on to have an illegitimate child some years after while he was in the asylum.  Makes you wonder whether he wasn't 2xGGfther's son!  But I'm just speculating there although it would explain the low match level. ;D   I've found similar anomalies with 4th cousins, many of which are 15-25cM only yet confirmed by the paper trail. I don't seem to have inherited a lot of DNA across those lines.

However, one very low match I'm rather interested in but wonder if it could just be an anomaly in spite of the likely paper trail.  I've one 5-8th cousin match who shares 6.1cM across 1 segment. Very low but her tree suggests 7-8th cousin on a line that I'm pretty sure is correct but there has always been a bit of a doubt because my last direct female ancestor on that line never used her middle name after she married (which would have confirmed her identity beyond any doubt and she died before 1851). However, balance of probabilities suggests that the research is correct but should I read too much into a link with someone at that level who has the family on their tree?

Out of 247 4th cousin or nearer matches, the vast majority are less than 25cM. Those with a bit more don't have trees and I can't quite work out where they link in. Bit frustrating but early days. I have managed to confirm a few pieces of research which has been helpful.

Suffolk / Ipswich St Clement Marriage Register 1789
« on: Friday 24 August 18 14:37 BST (UK)  »
Just wondering if anyone was visiting one of the Suffolk Archives whether they could have look for me at the parish register lists to see if there is more than one marriage register for Ipswich St Clement for 1789 and/or the register itself which is probably on microfilm rather than fiche.

I have a microfilm printout I made at Bury RO some years back of the marriage of Samuel Philips Fennings and Sarah Orford/Offord from 11 Aug 1789 but its not in the Hardwick Act format that you would expect for the period, but simply a list of the names, date and parish of residence.  At the time for some reason I didn't look for a second register rather than the one I'd viewed so don't know if the Hardwick Act format register is missing or not but as its 35 years after the Act came into force you would have expected a register of that time to exist.

While I obviously have the marriage details, I am hoping witness names would help confirm Sarah's identity.  There are a lot of Orford/Offords in the area and while I have an good probable candidate for her I'm not entirely convinced its the same person.  I don't need any other information on the family after the marriage nor on the groom's family as have extensive research on them from the last 20 years and also a lot on the Orfords/Offords in Ipswich.  Just interested in any witness names to compare against research on a possible family relationship.

If anyone can help, I'd be grateful as am unable to get to any of the Archives for the foreseeable future and their research/copy rates have gone up a lot in recent years unfortunately. :-\


Census and Resource Discussion / PCC Will
« on: Tuesday 17 July 18 16:16 BST (UK)  »
I'm trying to find within the Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills set on Ancestry the Will of William Eyles of Braunston, Northamptonshire, proven 8 June 1654 according to the index on the National Archives website.  The reference on the index is PROB11/237/101 but that doesn't seem to correspond to the references on the digitised microfilms on Ancestry, nor does folio 241 which is contained in the index from the British Record Society on Findmypast for his Will.  I accept it may have got missed but the following and subsequent Wills from the index are viewable on Ancestry but there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to how the referencing works compared to the digitised microfilms.  The Will does appear in the search results on TheGenealogist within their digitised microfilms so I suspect it is probably contained in the set on Ancestry and perhaps not indexed but without the folio number from the microfilm image I'm struggling to find it.

Does anyone fancy having a look and see if they can find the microfilm folio reference for me please? 

I've tried just using the date or probate and variations on the name and place but nothing appears in the search results.  I know I could purchase a copy from the National Archives but am loathed to since it should be on Ancestry and in any case at some point I can probably access it on The Genealogist at a LDS Family History Centre (they have access to the Gold Subscription on the site which covers the Wills).  I can't make use of the free month offer with the Genealogist as I've done made use of that previously.



Kent / Kent History Centre Parish Registers to be released on FindMyPast
« on: Tuesday 22 May 18 19:18 BST (UK)  »
Can't see this anywhere else on RC. 

Came across this on Dick Eastman's blog. ;D

As Kent History Centre covers a large part of the county, a welcome addition for anyone searching there.

Gloucestershire Lookup Requests / Bristol Burial William Mardon/Mardin 1814-1818
« on: Wednesday 16 May 18 10:54 BST (UK)  »
Does anyone have access to burials for Bristol who could possibly check to see if there is a burial for a William Mardon or Mardin between 1814-1818 please?  I think his wife possibly remarried in August 1818, although the surname appears somewhat incorrect.  I can only find one baptism to them, a Maria in Dec 1814 at St Philip and St Jacob according to my copy of the BAFHS Baptism Index for the period.

Any help appreciated just for the burial please.



Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / 1625 Administration in Latin
« on: Friday 13 April 18 16:08 BST (UK)  »
Would anyone be able to transcribe this short Administration for me please as while I can pick out a few words, I'm struggling to read much of it because it is in Latin (if it was in English wouldn't have any issues).

It relates to Hellena Ffosdicke of Sudbury from 1625.  I believe it starts with "ultimate (day) of the month ..." and I can pick out a reference to a Henry and Margaret but am struggling with the surname.

If anyone can help I'd be grateful.  I've a number of Fosdi(c)k(e) Wills from Sudbury for this period but am struggling with this Administration.



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