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South Africa / Lord Ashburton in Capetown 1850
« on: Wednesday 12 January 22 12:27 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all.

I'm researching the story of my families migration to Australia. They were sailing on the Lord Ashburton when it was demasted during a violent storm in the Atlantic, and pulled into Capetown for three weeks of repairs in late April 1850. I'm wondering if there are any resources such as online newspapers where I could find news of the ship in South Africa.

Thanks in advance


Shropshire / Edwards conundrum in Oswestry & Llanymynech
« on: Sunday 17 March 19 03:52 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all. It's been a while. Just going to post something up for clarity. Back on the hunt for my Edwards line, who emigrated to South Oz in 1850. In the 1841 census they are in Llanforda, two miles west of Oswestry, Shropshire. I know from Australian BDM details that he was born in late 1801, and his father is John Edwards. The most likely matching record is this birth in Oswestry:
1802, Jan. 3. Thomas, s. of John Edwards, pumpmr., & Margaret, b. Dec. 24 ... bap.
Other records that appear to be for the same family include:
1799, June 9. Margt., d. of John Edwards, pumpmaker, & Margt., b. May 29 ... bap.
1803, July 21. William, s. of John Edwards, Whitehorse, & Margt., b. 15 ... bap.
1805, May 20. Richard, s. of John Edwards, pumpman, & Margaret, b. 12 ... bap.

Now I found this marriage that might be a fit:
1769, Sep. 19. John Edwards, widr., & Margaret Rogers, sp., of O., lic.
One of the witnesses to this marriage is Daniel Edwards. While the names John Edwards and Thomas Edwards are a dime a dozen in the area, Daniel Edwards is rare. The only one at the time seems to have born in nearby Llanymynech in 1773, about six miles to the south. His father is John Edwards (1731-1805), who happens to be a pumpmaker! Daniel has an older stepbrother named John, born at Llanymynech in 1763.

As John Edwards is a widower, we need a previous marriage. I did find this in Oswestry:
1786, May 15. John Edwards of Llanymynech, bac., & Margaret Aeron of O., wid., lic.
Margaret Aaron was a widow from Llanforda, with three children, the eldest was 21. However, if her new husband is John Edwards Jr, he married an considerably older woman, in fact he would be only 4 years older than his eldest stepson. If that is John Edwards Sr the pumpmaker, then he did a Mick Jagger and fathered a child at 73! But the record does not state John as a widower for this marriage, John Sr had already been married and widowed twice by then. Did John Edwards Jr take up his father's trade of pumpmaking and operate from the White Horse hotel in Oswestry? Margaret Edwards died at the White Horse 22nd July 1796, John remarries two months later?

Just to add to the confusion there's this:
1797, July 16. John, s. of John Edwards, W. Horse, & Elizth., b. June 29 ... bap.
Elizabeth? Shouldn't that be Margaret?

Anyone got any ideas on this mess?

Australia / multiple birth registrations for one person in SA 1874?
« on: Friday 01 April 16 15:53 BST (UK)  »
Hi all

Bit of a story to tell here. my gt-gt-gt-grandfather John WAYE (1810-1888) arrived from Devon with his family in Adelaide aboard South Sea in 1855. Aboard the same ship is the family of John WELCHFORD (1811-1894) from Dorset. Both families settle in Willunga.

Anyway, in 1857 the eldest children in the two families marry, being James WAYE (1834-1897) & Jane WELCHFORD (1834-1894) the have three known children, all boys:

1857 Edwin Gordon WAYE
1860 Alfred Welchford WAYE
1866 Hurtle WAYE

It is common for 19th century BDM registrations to have the family listed as WAY. There is an unrelated WAY family in the Yankalilla area at the time. I was searching the Genealogy SA indexes wit the alternate spelling of WAY when I found these:

Year: 1874
Given Name: William
Father Name: Jas WAY
Mother Name: Eliza WELCHFORD
District: Adelaide

Year: 1874
Surname: WAY
Given Name: William Welchford
Father Name: Jas WAY
Mother Name: Eliza WELCHFORD
District: Adelaide

What do you make of this double registration? Eliza (1848-1899) was the younger sister of Jane. William dies the same year (1874)

The story of this family gets sordid when you delve deeper. Another WELCHFORD sister, Anna, was married to a Joseph ALLEN of Willunga in 1857. and they had two children in 1859 and 1860. Anyway, on Trove in the South Australian Register of 21 Jan 1861 there are two court cases:

WELCHFORD v. ALLEN. Claim for 11/. 11s.,money paid on account of defendant as the father
of the illegitimate child of one Eliza Welchford, a girl of 13 years of age, and daughter of the plaintiff.
Plea, not indebted. Mr. Bonnin appeared for the defendant After the plaintiff's case had been
heard at great length, in which facts of a character almost too gross for publication, were given in evidence, defendant's attorney asked for an adjournment of the case, inasmuch as his client had been taken by surprise by the course of evidence taken that day, and had not several of his witnesses present. The Court granted the adjournment prayed for, and the evidence of the plaintiff will appear next month with a full report of the case.

ALLEN v. WELCHFORD. Assault. Defendant pleaded not guilty. The evidence in this case disclosed angry words and overt acts of aggression on both sides. The Court bound over the parties each in their own bond for 10/. to keep the peace towards each other for twelve months.

The child of Eliza was registered in 1860 as William, with no father listed. This William also died in the year of his birth.

So my question is, why the two different birth registrations for the same child in 1874, bearing different surnames? Is this acknowledgement of a de-facto status?


United States of America / Robert Willoughby in Texas
« on: Sunday 13 March 16 06:01 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all.

Have a couple of questions regarding Robert Willoughby. The Willoughby family, from whom I descend, migrated from Britain to South Australia in 1838. The exception was second son Robert (born 1813 in Illogan, Cornwall) who had left in 1834, turning up in Mexican Texas. He had quite a colourful history, taking parts in the Texas Revolution. afterwards he settled in Victoria, Texas, marrying and having children before being caught up in the Civil War as a Confederate soldier. He was captured and executed in New Orleans in 1864.

Two questions, being totally unfamiliar with researching Americans.

1. Is there somewhere I can go to find an immigration record for him? What ship he sailed to America on?

2. Who was his wife? He married his wife Sarah Ann in Texas in 1853. Some online resources give her surname as ILAMS or ILIAMS, the IGI has her as being Sarah Ann FOSGATE. Which is correct?

Thanks in advance

The Common Room / What occupation is Rooper?
« on: Saturday 05 March 16 10:17 GMT (UK)  »
Found on the Cornwall OPC site while looking for a baptism for Eliza Grace SMITH in 1815 that the occupation of her father is listed as a Rooper. Does anyone have any idea about this?

When she marries in 1838, his occupation is teacher.

Cornwall / The WILLOUGHBY family of Illogan
« on: Friday 04 March 16 21:18 GMT (UK)  »
If you are connected to the WILLOUGHBY family, this article is worth a read! Particularly the exploits of Robert in the Texas War of Independence!

London and Middlesex / Isleworth family of aliases: VIVEN / VIVIAN / WIFFEN / WIFFIN
« on: Sunday 14 February 16 07:17 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all

It has been a battle trying to trace my G-G-G-Grandfather, James Peter VIVIAN. However, thanks to the worthy assistance of other RootsChatters, I am convinced he is the convict Peter WIFFIN alias VIVIAN from Middlesex, transported to Australia in 1836. I am led to believe that he was christened as Peter VIVEN on Christmas Day, 1805, at Isleworth in Middlesex, the son of Peter & Martha VIVEN. These links have all been made (not by me, I'm not that smart or well resourced) on the basis of the family's obscure trade of Calico Printing.

It would appear from convict records that at the time of his conviction, he was married with a child. However I have no further details about that.

I would greatly appreciate any further info on this family. WIFFIN is sometimes WIFFEN in the old Australian records.


Wiltshire / CASSIDY family in Ramsbury
« on: Saturday 13 February 16 12:28 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all.

My 3xgreat-grandfather was John Lewis CASSIDY, born 1824 in Ramsbury, Wiltshire. His father was an Irishman, Richard Edward CASSIDY, and his mother was Catherine FOWLER, of Ramsbury. They married in 1819. Richard died in 1827, Catherine lived til 1881. John married Jane Elizabeth DEACON, and they emigrated to South Australia.

I am hoping for some help with these enquiies:

Is there any info on any siblings for John? One chart on Rootsweb shows two brothers, William and Joseph, without any further info.

Were they Catholic or Protestant? And is there any clue as to where in Ireland Richard came from?

Ireland / Richard Edward CASSIDY
« on: Saturday 13 February 16 12:09 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all,

It appears I may have Irish ancestry ;D

My 3xgreat grandfather John Lewis CASSIDY was born 11/7/1824 in Ramsbury, Wiltshire, and later emigrated to South Australia. I always thought Cassidy was an Irish surname, and thought it unusual for an Englishman. Turns out his father is one Richard Edward CASSIDY (on some trees just Edward CASSIDY) who was born about 1795 in Ireland. He had emigrated to England by 1819, and died 1827, so is not on any census.

Can any one help with any information on him? I am particularly interested in his birthdate and location.


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