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The Common Room / Banns v Licence
« on: Saturday 16 December 17 19:55 GMT (UK)  »
My great great grandmother Maria Elizabeth Hoare married her first husband James Moore Penfold on the 20th August 1828 at St Martins in the Fields, London. James was a solicitor and almost 22 at the time of the marriage and Maria was 21. Her mother and stepfather were witnesses. According  to the parish records, Maria was of that parish.

However, the marriage was by licence rather than banns and the licence was granted 2nd June 1828 ie. about 12 weeks before they married. Why would they have applied for a licence rather than just have the banns called? I thought licences were granted so that you could marry quickly?

James died 3 years later and Maria then married my great great grandfather, who was a gardener - so quite a change in her circumstances I would think!

The Common Room / England in the time of Richard III - free course
« on: Wednesday 23 August 17 14:56 BST (UK)  »
This free FutureLearn course "England in the Time of Richard III" starts next week. I first did it just before he was reinterred so thought I'd refresh my memory and see what they've added. I found it fascinating the first time round. Probably one of the best courses I've done.

The Common Room / A plea when requesting a look up.
« on: Monday 31 July 17 13:19 BST (UK)  »
Please can I ask that when you request a look up, that you check you have posted the correct details  before you post?  Several times lately I have spent time searching for information in vain, then for the OP to come back and say they are sorry but have put the wrong year or name.

I know everyone makes mistakes, especially when they are eager to post, but it only takes a few seconds to check and saves a lot of frustration with those trying to help.

London and Middlesex / Domingo Henry Lacey Fluester missing for 20 years!
« on: Wednesday 19 July 17 13:05 BST (UK)  »
I need help finding this man in 1871 and 1881 please.

Domingo Henry Lacey Fluester born 19 May 1854 at 16, Porteus Road, Paddington, London. Parents were Benjamin Fluester and Elizabeth Pictor.

Benjamin died a few months after Domingo's birth and in 1861 Elizabeth Fluester born 1823 Cosham Wilts, her daughter Augusta and son Domingo were living in Paddington.

Elizabeth Fluester died in 1879 in Croydon.

I can't find Elizabeth, Augusta or Domingo in 1871 or Domingo in 1881.

He appears again on 27th Sept 1882 when he married Barbara Sarah Adeline Edmonds in Croydon. They have several children and on some of their marriage certificates he appears as Henry Lacey Fluester. Domingo dies in Croydon in 1909.

He isn't a close relative as he is the grandfather of my aunt's husband, but I just want to tie up a few loose ends.


Australia / John Blackie Howell
« on: Saturday 15 April 17 12:00 BST (UK)  »
I have a John Blackie Howell in my tree, born 1900 Liverpool, England and baptised 10th December 1900, parents Henry Pemberton Howell and Margaret Jane Blackie.

Find a Grave have a burial for a John Blackie Howell on the 6th October 1988 at Mantraville, Randwick City, NSW, Australia. Is there any way that I can find out if this is the same person?

There is also a WW2 record which is possibly him:    
John Blackie Howell
Birth    3 Nov 1900
Birth    Liverpool England
Enlistment Place   Paddington New South Wales
Service Number   N27526
Next of Kin   Louis Howell

Is Louis his father, in which case it is a huge coincidence, or is it a mistake and should it be a wife called Louise?

Thanks for any help

World War Two / Help with a WW2 record please.
« on: Sunday 19 February 17 15:24 GMT (UK)  »
I've recently found reference to my father's war record on Ancestry.

It looks as if his service number was CLEA 54/5 (in pen) and then in print under that 6106522 and a date 29.1.42 which I presume is when he was called up to the Queen's Royal West Surrey.

Then on the 20.6.42 he was transferred to the R.A.O.C (4009)

I know that R.A.O.C is the Royal Army Ordnance Corp, but what is CLEA - does that have any significance?


The Common Room / Robert Howell link with Bobby Howell a musician?
« on: Saturday 04 February 17 22:37 GMT (UK)  »
Seeing another thread about stories that were told in your family, I've decided to visit this story that my grandmother used to tell us.

She claimed that she was related to a Bobby Howell a famous band leader. Searching the internet, I can't find much about anyone of this name.

I have found that my great grandfather, Thomas William Howell had a brother called Robert Alfred Howell born 6 Jan 1870 in Limehouse, Middlesex. On the 1891 census he is described as a professor or music and on the 1901 and 1911 as a piano tuner. He had a son called Robert Lewis Howell born 9th July 1899 Plaistow, Essex, who would have been my grandmother's cousin. I believe that I've found his second marriage to a Hilda E Shattock in 1943. If this is correct, I then found them returning from Durban on the 10 Jul 1953, travelling first class and with his occupation given as Musician. The address is the same as that given on his probate record.

What I really need is for someone to be able to link this Robert Howell with a Bobby Howell who was reasonably famous! Or did my grandmother just hear the name Bobby Howell and presume it was her cousin?

How to Use RootsChat (Please don't post requests here) / Server under stress
« on: Tuesday 20 December 16 10:58 GMT (UK)  »
Is it my end or is it a Rootschat thing?

If I try to read New Replies I get "The server is currently under high stress. Please try again shortly." However, if I then try Unread Posts I can read and reply to them as normal.

Added: I see that Wiggy has said she has the same problem, so not just me!  ;)

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