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Australia / Nina BOOTY
« on: Saturday 22 January 11 07:22 GMT (UK)  »

Can anyone find a Nina Booty she married a William Davies   son Allen or Alan Cedric  H Davies. All deceased  They lived in Western Australia.

This is for a friend of mine these are her father and grandparents of which she does not have information .  I cannot see Nina in UK.  My friend thought they married in UK but they could have married Australia.  My friend had a couple of paintings signed Nina Booty one was of the old Mandurah jetty 50 years ago. The paintings were lost in a fire.

Regards Pam

Hampshire & IOW Lookup Requests / Alice Hill also known as Alice Burton Hill
« on: Monday 06 April 09 16:33 BST (UK)  »
A friend here in Australia is  Looking for information on William and Thomas Burton(could be Hill) sister Alice,their mother Jane.

Alice Hill was born Southampton 1876 to Jane Hill age 18 no father.

1881 St Mary Southampton Hampshire.

Thomas Burton age 38 born Salisbury Wiltshire lab
Jane wife age 23 Southampton
Alice Burton age 5 Southampton
Thomas Burton son age 3 Southampton
William Burton son age  9 months Southampton

By 1882 Alice Hill (Burton) is in a home in Southampton her brothers join  her later.

1891 Alice Burton Hill is in the Orphanage of Mercy Paddington London by 1894 she is sent to Australia Alice is known as Alice Hill, Alice Burton and Alice Burton Hill. Also on certain papers known as Cecily Alice Hill or Burton,l. She may have been baptised by the Nuns. 

[i]We cannot find a marriage for Jane Hill and Thomas Burton.[/i]

We would love to know what happened To William and Thomas after the 1881 census. I have posted on the Canadian look ups for the boys in case they were sent to Canada. There was  a rumour about this happening.

Love to find a marriage and a death for Jane Hill.
But where are the boys.

1871 St Mary Southampton

Southampton Poor House.
Jane Hill age 13 born Southampton inmate Next page.
There is a William Hill age 9 and Henry Hill age 7 both born London
futher down page is Eliza Hill age 38 Somerset
Ann Hill dau age 6 Somerset
Ellen dau age 1 Southampton.
Do not know if they are related to Jane.

This Jane Hill fits in with the age of Jane 1871,1881.
1861 Rg9/ folio Folio 137 page 16 Southampton Hampshire.

William Hill age 28 Crowland Lincolnshire
Betsy Hill age 28 Southampton
Jane Hill dau age 3 Southampton
William Hill son age 8 months Southampton
Sarah Orchard dau age 9 Southampton
A Betsy Orchard married William Hill 1860 Southampton.

Regards Pam

Canada Lookup Request / Children sent to Canada from Hampshire
« on: Monday 06 April 09 15:58 BST (UK)  »

Can anyone help my friend with her Uncles who may have been sent to Canada.

1881 St Mary Southampton Hampshire

Thomas Burton age 35 born Wiltshire Laborer
Jane Burton wife age 23 Southampton
Alice Burton dau age 5 born Southampton
Thomas Burton son age 3 Southampton
William Burton son age  9 months Southampton.

Alice Hill was born to Jane Hill no father on certificate . Alice is known has Alice Burton , Alice Burton Hill she was in a poor house  by 1882 and her brothers came later. By 1891 Alice was in a poor house in London and by 1894 was sent to Australia.  We know what happened to her in Australia.

We cannot find a record of marriage for Jane Hill and Thomas Burton or when Jane died.
So where did Thomas and William go? It was believed they were sent to Cananda. The homes were not run by  Catholic nuns The london home was called the Orphanage of Mercy. 

William and Thomas could have been  Hill or Burton or Burton Hill.

Can anyone help?

Regards Pam


While I was looking up a grave at Wooroloo Western Australia for a member

I came across this graveOswald Noel Bonner dearly beloved youngest son of Mr and Mrs John  H Bonner of Leicestershire. died  20th dec 1929 age 26.

Maybe of interest to someone!

Wooroloo Cemetary was Gazetted 13 July 1906.
The earliest Burials date from 1915. When it was under the control of Wooroloo Sanatorium. The names found in the cemetary are of Yugoslavians, Irish, English,Scottish, german, Chinese, Japanese, Aboriginals.

The Sanatorium treated patients with a range of Pumonary deseases also a few leprosy patients, woman and younger persons were among the patients. Also many of the patients were miners whose lungs became infected while working on various goldfields also Returned soldiers WW1.

Quite a few Anzac graves ( Australian and New Zealand Army Corp) dated around 1915.

The majority of the graves associated with the Sanatorium are mounds identified simply by a cast iron marker bearing the plot number.
Wooroloo cemetary also has a strong association with past members of the local community.

Could be the family
1901 Rg13/2999 folio 34 page 12  Leicesters formally North Evington Leicestershire

7 Halstead Street

John H Bonner age 33 Newspaper Proprietor own account Leicester Leicestershire
Annie M wife age 32  Seagrave Leicestershire
Jack R son age 8 rest born Leicester
Doris M dau age 7
Harold son age 5
Gerald son age 3


Technical Help / infected computor
« on: Tuesday 02 May 06 17:11 BST (UK)  »
I seemed to have been sent an infected email and have spyware , and something else.
Getting lots of popups now. How can I get rid of it please'


Lanarkshire / McGuire who married a Miller and Mcpherson
« on: Friday 28 April 06 05:22 BST (UK)  »
Would anyone out there by some miracle  know of a Ellen  or Helen Mcguire   born 19th April 1917 at Lauchope place Chapelhall (hard to read my friends writing and they are teachers!!) birth registered Lanarkshire

 who married Joseph Miller or Millar I think lived in Drumshoreland?
Ellens father was Patrick Mcguire and mother Nellie nee Mcpherson, hoping to find siblings of Ellen

Thanking you Pam

Scotland / Uddingston
« on: Thursday 27 April 06 18:02 BST (UK)  »
 Would anyone know of a childens Home in Duddingston
1950's and 60's.

Thanks Pam

Scotland / Ward of State
« on: Thursday 27 April 06 17:58 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone tell me where my friend could obtain records of her husband time as a state ward 50,s and 60,s. I believe he was fostered out a few times.

Thank you Pam

The Common Room / Help with the Jones Mystery.
« on: Wednesday 26 April 06 11:23 BST (UK)  »

I have found a marriage  of James Jones married to Rose Ann Gertrude Pearsall 1902.

My mother Edith born 1918 To James Jones and Rose Rose nee Pearsall
Alice born 1913 to James and Rose nee Pearsall
Violet 1915 to James and Rose nee Pearsall
I remember a James Uncle Jim
Beatrice maybe a Lucy

We only had close contact with Alice Webb nee Jones

The certificate I ordered just in case it was mine says James age 21
Rose Anna Gertrude Pearsall age 19 so she could have had my mother at 37 and more children.

But my feeling is these are not my grandparents.

On the three birth certificates I have mother is Rose Jones formally Pearsall.

Not Rose Anna Gertrude or even Rose A.G.

On other birth certificates of family members the mother has either full names or name and Initial.

So far this is the only marriage I have seen with a James Jones and Rose Pearsall or similar.

If only I had asked Mom and Dad about their relatives while they were alive when Mom married in 1945 James was deceased. I have no idea of when Rose and James died I think Rose around 1968-71

What do members think I have pondered on this problem for a couple of years?

regards Pam

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