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Suffolk / PRESSNEY/PRESTNEY - Nayland, Suffolk
« on: Sunday 04 October 09 00:52 BST (UK)  »
Hi all  ;)

I am trying to discover a little more about my ancestors with the above names.   There seems to be little information on the origin of the name and for how long the name has been in England.    On the surface the name can vary from Pressney to Prestney depending on how they said it I suppose.    I know that my Pressney/Prestney was born in Nayland and lived in Sudbury,  but because the name varied between years I have no way of knowing for sure if they are the right ones.

Would there be anyone out there who has any knowledge of the name or alternatively know where it comes from.   

Cheers in advance for any help  :D


The Lighter Side / The History of Britain - TV Series
« on: Thursday 17 September 09 22:43 BST (UK)  »

Hi all  ;)

I am watching the series ' THE HISTORY OF BRITAIN'  narrated by Simon Schama.   I am a little confused with my CROMWELL'S and hoping someone can clarify it..... (deleted the program in error)  ::)

There was a CROMWELL that replaced the Monarch for abt 11 years and there was a CROMWELL that was beheaded by orders of King Henry VIII,  they aren't the same person are they?  I thought the one that was beheaded was Thomas....who was the other one?  Perhaps I've got it all wrong....take me out of my misery please someone.


Would there be anybody who could take a photo of the headstone or marker for the following:

Ernest Frank Nielson - Columbarium Niche Wall - New Row B2 Plot 8 - Burial 17 December 2001

Also:   Ernest's wife Nancy may or may not be located with him,  no burial details are listed.

Thank you very much in advance if anyone can assist,  no urgency...just when next you are there.   :)




Hi all  :)

Henrietta died in Bury St Edmunds 1889,  she was residing in Church Row, opposite St Johns Church.   

I have a suspicion she attended St Johns church and am wondering could she be buried there?  Do they have a graveyard at the church?

When visiting Bury two years ago I don't remember seeing a graveyard,  but possibly missed it.   Also spent days at the cemetery and was unable to locate her there either,  there are a lot of overturned headstones,  one of which may well belong to Henrietta.   

Again,  would the SRO have records of her death and where she rests now?

Thanks for any assistance.


Hi all  :)

Seem to be unable to locate the deaths for Harry E Simkin and his wife Florence.   I have them still residing in Bury in 1929 at the ages of 53 and 50.   

I am keen to find their deaths and whether they were buried or cremated.   I would imagine they would both be buried/cremated in or around Bury. 

Is there a searchable website for Bury or should I contact the SRO for information? 

Many thanks for any help.  :D



Hi  :)

Looking for a marriage for William Farrow b abt 1792 to a Matilda b abt 1796 both from Long Melford.   Their first child was born abt 1820 so I'm guessing within a year or two from there.   

Thanks in advance.

Kimberly :)

Suffolk Lookup Requests / John FARROW missing from 1861-1871
« on: Wednesday 29 July 09 08:59 BST (UK)  »
Hello all  :)

Have tried for a couple of weeks now to find the elusive ancestor John Farrow b 1828, Long Melford, Suffolk. 

I have him located in 1851   Class: HO107; Piece: 1789; Folio: 363; Page: 3;   Wheelwright

and in 1881 Class: RG11; Piece: 1830; Folio: 5; Page: 3; Line: ;                         Wheelwright

John married Caroline (surname unknown,  cannot find marriage) sometime around 1849 when their daughter Sarah M Farrow was born.    In the 1881 census he is living with Hannah Farrow, presumably his second wife,  as I found a death for Caroline Farrow in 1859, Sudbury.

I have tried many name variants like Farron, Farren (frequently transcribed as these) even just with Christian names but no luck.    I have also searched the census pages for Melford for 1871 and no luck there either,  although a senior moment may have happened.   :'(

Perhaps if someone had the time to have a quick look they may come up with clues.

Many thanks in advance for any ideas.

Kimberly  :D

Essex Completed Lookup Requests / Lost Farrow Family - COMPLETED WITH THANKS
« on: Monday 20 July 09 17:34 BST (UK)  »

Hi all  :)

I have traced the following family in 1861 to Chelmsford, Essex after that it seems they vanished with exception to Ellen Matilda Farrow who is found in Long Melford, Suffolk 1871.

Henry Farrow born 1824 Long Melford, Suffolk,   Wheelwright
Sarah Farrow born 1822 Long Sutton, Lincolnshire


Sarah E Farrow born abt 1847 Clare, Suffolk
Joseph F Farrow born abt 1853 Clare, Suffolk
Susanna Farrow born abt 1854 Norton Mandeville, Essex
William G Farrow born abt 1856 Norton Mandeville, Essex
Mary A Farrow born abt 1857 Moulsham, Essex
Eliza K Farrow born abt 1859 Moulsham, Essex

I have tried searching with first names and dob's but nothing appears,  I am hoping a fresh pair of eyes might find something.

Many thanks in advance for any assistance.  :D


Hi all  ;)

Require assistance to find the following family in 1861, 

Sarah Farrow b abt 1810 Sudbury, Suffolk
Martha Harriot Farrow or Harriot Martha b abt 1837  Bermondsey
Mary Ann Farrow b abt 1845 Bermondsey

There may well be more family members.    I located them in 1851 living:-

Surrey / Bermondsey / St James / District 4 / Page 8

6 Parkers Buildings, Spa Road, St James, Bermondsey.

When Mary Ann Farrow married in 1862,  she gave her address as the same.

Sarah Farrow (mother) may also be a widow,  her husbands name in case she isn't is Henry

Many thanks in advance  :D


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