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Suffolk Lookup Requests / Marriage Lookup 1865 Stoke by Nayland please
« on: Wednesday 19 April 17 13:46 BST (UK)  »
Would someone be able to help me with a marriage lookup for a James Thurston to a Hannah Harrington please?

IGI has a record for a marriage 1 January 1865 at Stoke by Nayland for this couple - what I need to know, if possible, is Hannah's father's name, occupation, and whether this is a second marriage for Hannah.

Many thanks


Back on the Middleditch trail, or maybe that should be trial  ::)   

Findmypast have a marriage for a William MIDDLEDITCH to a Mary CORK taking place in St Margarets, Ipswich on 16 May 1808.  This is from the Suffolk Marriage Index.

As it will be some time before I am likely to get to SRO, would SKS have access to the original entry to double-check the details for me please - am hoping that Cork is mistranscribed and is in fact COCK or COCKS.  In which case this might one of the marriages I've been trying to track down.

It doesn't help that Mary appears to have had two sons prior to this, one by someone else entirely.  Also, this is the only time I've found them, if it is them, in Ipswich.   Does anyone know whether St Margarets was particularly used by soldiers at this time?

Thank you

Technical Help / Can't get into Even Lighter Side...?
« on: Friday 17 November 06 13:09 GMT (UK)  »
Not sure quite what is happening here.

I seem to be having a problem with the Even Lighter Side board.  When I click any link to it I get this message:

An error has occurred !

The topic or board appears to have moved or be off limits to you.

and when I look at where it should have my username I have now mysteriously changed to Guest  ???

However, if I click the link to the last posted topic on that board I can view it, but can't get to the board itself.

 :'( :'( :'(

Any ideas


Hampshire & Isle of Wight / Death in Portsea 1837 ? Local Knowledge Needed.
« on: Thursday 09 November 06 12:32 GMT (UK)  »
Having received my great-great-great-grandmother's death certificate I now have more questions... ;)

Sarah Brad died on 29th August 1837 at 8.p.m. Portsea Town (aged 46).
Informant was her husband John Brad, currier, 41 Britain Road, Portsea.
Cause of death was 'Decline - chronic dysentery' (poor Sarah).

Question one) 
Would anyone know whether time of death would mean she died in a hospital of some sort rather than at home?

Question two)
Does anyone know where the nearest/most likely burial place would be for someone living in the Britain Street area? I have looked around and it would appear that St Marys has burial records from then - but I don't know Portsea/Portsmouth at all and there appear to be a lot of churches so I might be wrong.

Any other comments welcome as to what other avenues I can search.

Many thanks


Someone help - pleeeeeeze !

I have spent hours on Ancestry looking for my Louisa Brown in 1841 and am now doubting I'll ever find her. :'( :'(

Louisa was born February 1841 - at Bow Common, Bow & Bromley, Poplar.  Her father was John Brown - Bricklayer, mother Sarah.  There was definitely a older sister Sarah Ann (married name Gale) - she witnessed Lousia's marriage. 

I have found a possibility for Louisa in 1851 although the head of the household is a widowed Mary Brown and much older than Sarah (the mother) should be so it's possible Louisa's mother died, and her father remarried before dying also.  This Brown family is living in Leggs Buildings, HO107, Piece 1555, Folio 428, Page 8  (top of this page is 'Bow Common')  There is an older sister Sarah, and one of the brothers is a bricklayer.......

Does anyone know whether 'Bow Common' is on the 1841 census - and if it is, what enumerations district it comes under (Have already read the district descriptions  - and haven't found it!).  It doesn't appear to be listed as a 'missing piece' that I know of - but am now wondering  ???

Does anyone have any other ideas....?


Northamptonshire / Where's CRICK in 1871 (on Ancestry) ?
« on: Tuesday 26 September 06 16:27 BST (UK)  »
Some time ago a very helpful person found my ADKINS family in 1871 and transcribed the details for me.

I now have a subscription for Ancestry and thought I'd print off the census image for my files.

I can't find them - anywhere  ???

The reference I was given (which I am assuming isn't ancestry's) was RG10/3186 39a.

The family should be easy enough to spot - father's name was Perrin Bishop ADKINS, and amongst the children is an Archibald.  I have searched every conceivable variation of Perrin, Adkins, Archibald, Florence, Frances, etc. and they are just not there - they should either be Crick or Rugby - Crick I can't find at all, and half of Rugby appears to be missing - but it might just be me...... ::)

Does anyone know which parishes are missing from Ancestry's 1871 census before I go goggle-eyed?  I've tried looking on their site but can't find anything useful. 



The Common Room / Ebay - amazing lot !
« on: Monday 18 September 06 10:05 BST (UK)  »
Look what I found!

Isn't this wonderful - have emailed seller to see what surnames are.

(modified to shorten link - thanks Pauline)


The Common Room / Who's up for a New Challenge?
« on: Sunday 17 September 06 13:53 BST (UK)  »
This message was posted on one of the rootsweb lists - and as yet Marion has not received any replies.  She is happy for me to post the following in case anyone fancies a little challenge:

" Hello Listers
I'm not related and this is not a request.  I have an old gardening book - "Gardener's Assistant" that my father purchased for 2/6 in Pimlico, London in 1930, on the fly leaf are details of FREDERICK GEORGE HALIS FREEMAN, born 27th October 1878, at Horliston Norfolk, schooled at Fressingfield, Suffolk 1882 for 3 1/2 years, then follow details of the gardens he was employed at, in Suffolk and Essex through to 9th July 1914 at Clacton-on-Sea.
If anyone is interested or know of a branch of the Freeman family that would like a photo copy of the fly leaf I would be happy to pass these details on.
My father has entered up our family details on the opposite page so the book will eventually be passed on to our daughter, we are all very keen gardeners.
Marion  N.Z."


p.s.  to start off here he is in 1881:

Chase's Cottages, Weybread Road, Fressingfield, Suffolk

Thomas Freeman  Head (wid) 48  Blacksmith.   b Suffolk, Metfield
Eleanor Freeman  Dau   unm   20  housekeeper b. Cratfield
William J Freeman Son   unm  18   bricklayers lab.        b. Fressingfield
John H Freeman    Son   unm   ?    scholar                    b. Nfk, Marsham
Rebecca J Freeman Dau           12  scholar                    b.        "
Fredk G Freeman  Grandson    3                                  b.  Harlesdon

Ref:  RG11, Piece 1856, Fol 18, Page 10

Essex Resources & Offers / Link: Lexden Village History Group (Colchester)
« on: Friday 21 July 06 09:24 BST (UK)  »
Found this today:

New website for those with Lexden interests.

Hope this is of interest to some.


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