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Berkshire / Anyone have the Berks Baptism Index CD?
« on: Saturday 11 July 20 13:23 BST (UK)  »
I'm considering whether to invest in the Berkshire Baptism Index CD.  Hoping that somebody here who has got it can give a bit of a review.

I realise that it's still at an early stage, but I don't mind paying a fiver to upgrade periodically, which I have done with the Burial and Marriage index CDs.

I'm just wondering how easy it is to use.  They say it has three finding aids: Name Index, Name by Date, and Officiating Minister.  Are these indexed by surname only, or with child's forename or parent's forename? 
(I'm not expecting the minister's name index to be of much use.)

The Common Room / Can't find birth reg on GRO index
« on: Monday 18 May 20 21:17 BST (UK)  »
FreeBMD has John WIGGINS registered Q3 1853 in Wantage RD, Vol 2c p 248
I can't find him on the GRO birth index though. 

I've tried a few variations but someone else may have better ideas.

Unusually for this period the scans are typewritten, so no help there.

Warwickshire / Stratford upon Avon Parish Registers?
« on: Tuesday 26 February 19 13:59 GMT (UK)  »
Are images of Stratford upon Avon PRs available online anywhere?  I had expected to find them on Ancestry with the other Warwickshire PRs, but they don't appear to be included.

I am interested in a baptism in 1795.  I've seen a basic transcription but would like to see if there is any additional info.

Armed Forces / 38th Regiment Overseas Army births 1840s/1850s
« on: Wednesday 13 February 19 00:13 GMT (UK)  »
Looking at the collections of Army birth registrations on FindMyPast, I can't see any years given.

My GG Grandmother Eliza Roberts was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia c1850.  She married in 1871 and named her father as John Roberts, Soldier, 38th Regiment. I haven't found a birth record for her, but the Worldwide Army Index shows John Roberts serving as a private in the 38th Foot in 1841 and 1851, service no 1886.  So looking at the postings of the 38th, I was hoping to find any possible siblings, but although a few Roberts results come up in the right places there are no dates.  Am I missing something?

It's Eliza's parents I'm trying to track down as they are a long-standing brick wall.  John Roberts isn't listed in the medal or casualty lists for Crimea, and he doesn't show up in the pension records, so is it likely that he died in service before the Crimean War?   If he had left the army and was still alive when Eliza married, I would have expected her to give his civilian occupation.  She didn't say he was deceased, but perhaps the question wasn't asked.

The Common Room / Is this my John Roberts?
« on: Sunday 10 February 19 16:55 GMT (UK)  »
Eliminate if you can!

Eliza Roberts is my 2x great grandmother, but I haven't found her parents.  All I know is that she named her father on her 1871 marriage as John Roberts, Soldier, 38th Infantry.  Eliza gives her birthplace as Halifax, Canada, on the 1871 & 1881 census.  She was born c1850 and died in 1885.  She lived in Birmingham, but also had some connections to Warwick.

The 38th Regiment of Foot were in Halifax, Nova Scotia at the time of her birth, and I've recently come across the British Army Worldwide Index which confirms that John Roberts was a private in the 38th in 1841 and 1851.  His service number was 1886.  I've been through the medal lists for the Crimean War and he doesn't appear there, so I am guessing for now that he left the army after the regiment returned to England from Canada in August 1851.  (Some of the 38th are at Chester Barracks in the 1851 census, but he isn't among them.)

I've found a possible family in the census from 1861 onwards.  I note that John's birthplace is Wolverhampton, and the 38th was aka the Staffordshire Regiment, so that caught my eye.  I can't find this family in 1851 - can anyone help to rule them in or out?


Woodbine Cottage, Darwin St, Bordesley, Birmingham

John Roberts, head, m, 41, brass tube maker, Wolverhampton Staffs.
Emma, wife, m, 41, Winchcombe Glos.
Thomas, son, 12, Birmingham
Eliza, daughter, 10, Birmingham
John, son, 8, Birmingham


Woodbine Cottage, Darwin St, Bordesley

John Roberts, head, m, 50,  tube maker, Wolverhampton Staffs.
Emma, wife, m, 51, housekeeper, Gloucester
Thomas, son, unm, 22, tube maker, Birmingham
William, son, 7, scholar, Birmingham


57 Dymoke St, Deritend, Birmingham

John Roberts, head, m, 60, brass tube drawer, Wolverhampton Staffs.
Emma, wife, m, 61, Birmingham
William, son, unm, 17, brass tube drawer, Birmingham


7 Lovers Walk, Aston Manor, Birmingham

John Roberts, head, m, 70, case tube maker,  ditto (Aston probably a copying error)
Emma, wife, m, 72, Gloucester

5 Lovers Walk

William Roberts, head, m, 28, case tube maker, Birmingham
Louisa, wife, m, 32, Birmingham
Violet, daughter, 6, scholar, Aston
Lilian, daughter, 1, Aston

Postings of the 38th Regiment were

1822 1836  India
1836 1837  England
1837 1840  Ireland
1840 1843  Zante, Ionian Isles
1843 1845  Gibraltar
1845 1848  Jamaica
1848 1851  Halifax, Nova Scotia
1851 1854  England
1854 1857  Crimea

The Common Room / Disappearing act - Grace or Gertrude Sanderson
« on: Monday 05 November 18 02:14 GMT (UK)  »
Looking for Grace or Gertrude Sanderson, born Q4 1907 in Sheerness, Kent.
I can find only two records of her her birth registration as Gertrude Grace, and her 1911 census entry, at home with her family in Sheerness, where she appears as Grace Gertrude.

She had one sibling, Winifred, who is on the 1939 register in Birmingham, in service with some unrelated people.  Winifred married in Kent in 1954 and died there in 1982.

Their mother Alice died in 1932 in Gillingham, and their father William married again the following year and moved to Hampshire, where he is in the 1939 register in Clanfield, but no sign of Grace/Gertrude.  He died in 1955.

I've been unable to confirm a marriage or find a death for Grace/Gertrude, and she isn't on the 1939 register as Sanderson.  I've looked at immediate family (uncles, aunts, cousins) in 1939 but again, no sign of her.

Nothing comes up in a wider search, so the likeliest answer is that she married, but it's complicated by the confusion over her forenames.  Anyone got any ideas?

How to Use RootsChat (Please don't post requests here) / Editing a topic title
« on: Wednesday 10 October 18 15:55 BST (UK)  »
Is there a way to edit the title of a thread I started? 
It contains a name that turned out to be a red herring, so I'd like to remove the name as it's now a misleading distraction.

Kent / Looking for a first marriage for John WOOD
« on: Tuesday 11 September 18 14:01 BST (UK)  »
John WOOD was born in 1767 in Milstead.  He married Mary WATSON in 1804 in Minster in Sheppey.
They are my 3x great grandparents.

John Wood of HMS Unicorn at Sheerness wid & Mary Watson of Minster Sheppey, (20, moth Eliz W wid), at M. 09 Oct 1804.
Book: Volume 34  Collection: Kent, Surrey, London: - Canterbury Marriage Licences, 1781-1809 (Marriage)

John was a widower when he married Mary, and what I am after is his first marriage.
As he was a seaman, that marriage could have been anywhere, but most likely the Sheppey area or somewhere like Greenwich or Deptford.

What I'm hoping to find is a marriage by licence like his second marriage as it might give some extra detail that might narrow it down for such a common name.  I think I found the Watson marriage on Ancestry, but it was some time ago and I don't currently have a sub.  So I'd appreciate it if someone could take a look and see if there are any more marriages by licence for a John Wood between c1785 and 1804.  Or suggest where else I might look.

Shropshire / Baptised or buried?
« on: Tuesday 28 August 18 21:13 BST (UK)  »
I'm looking for Sarah James who was married in Wistanstow in 1754. 

I've found this transcribed entry in
1730/1  Mar. 24. Sarah, d. of Thomas James, of Whittingslow & Mary ... bur.

But there's no corresponding baptism, so I'm wondering if it could be a mistranscription and this is actually a baptism.  This Sarah would tick all the boxes, and her siblings fit the family name patterns.

I see that F.M.P. has an image for this entry - does anyone know if this comes from the PR or the BTs?  I don't have a subscription at the moment so can't take a look.  Wouldn't mind paying for a month's access but that option doesn't seem to be on offer now.  :(

Am I right in thinking that the PRs are at Shrewsbury and the BTs at Hereford RO?  Not that I'm likely to get to either very soon.

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