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The Stay Safe Board / Wednesday < 13 May 2020
« on: Wednesday 13 May 20 20:47 BST (UK)  »
Hi all  - hope everything continues to remain well for you all

Today's diary:

Slightly earlier start today as I had to get to the bank before noon but didn't want to miss my routine park walk.

A slightly different mob in the park today mainly Mums' and children and a couple of dog walkers.  I am now on nodding terms with two older couples and a older lady who has a very strenuous looking exercise routine.  Noticed  two Mum's obviously taking the government up with their new directive that you can meet with one other person outside your own house hold if you social distance in the open.  This seemed  great then I noticed each had a tot with them (say about 3 years old ish) they were off playing together.  I had to smile. Someone else was trying to access the tennis courts but they were still firmly locked.  Noticed that one of the many neighbouring gates that access the park directly had been painted blue!  I had to do a double take!  There are a number of houses that back onto the park and most have installed  their own gates. All are either just  natural colour or painted brown.  I can't believe I missed the blue gate and am sure that was done in the last 24 hours!  If not I must be going 'do-maley'.  :-[

I had a companion on my walk today! One of my lot.  It was good that I was able to get her up and out of bed, but she's not really a great walking companion.  Conversation nil and my attempts to try and have an interesting conversation fell on deaf ears. 

Once back in I had to get changed, makeup on (!) and quickly into town to get to the bank before 12. It's a real problem as the local car parks aren't open so I do have to walk.  Long queue but managed to get my banking done.  Then over to M&S to get some top up shopping in.  Quite exhausted by the time I got back.  A marked increase in traffic for sure, but didn't think M&S or the town was particularly busy at all.  Did bring my 'mask' but reluctant to wear it, however no-one else seemed to have one on either, only the odd one or two.

Had lunch and sorted the shopping out.  I didn't bother with any clean down and got it all sorted and put away.

Have been trying to get some family history research written up, did some scanning and doubled checked some notes.

Moved the hoover around.

Mr CD has been busy ordering goodness only knows what as two very large boxes were delivered late this afternoon.  I left them in the porch as they are far, far to heavy to move.

A salmon stir fry tonight and later some telly.

Stay safe!

The Stay Safe Board / Diary< Saturday 9 May 2020
« on: Saturday 09 May 20 22:06 BST (UK)  »
Roo - hope you are feeling much better today.  Pleased to note that you have a plan of action to save the clematis!

RTL - sounds like a great programme!  They did have some good one's yesterday.

Caroline - gosh you sound very busy and organised!

pharamaT - sorry to hear of your bad night.  I had a series of them some weeks ago. With regard to your daughter's homework.  I'm not sure what year she is in (is it PHSE or RS homework something like that?)  I think that youngster's today are pretty resilient. You might be pleasantly  surprised by her answers and thought process. However they do get some weird, wonderful and inappropriate topics to 'think' about.

Not a lot to report today:  Later than normal start. Usual routine.  The park busy'ish' today, however, I guess because it is a Saturday  there were more 'leisure' walkers than 'exercisers' if you know what I mean.

Other than that I just don't know where the day went.  I had some emails to send. Lunch passed in rather a haze. Though it was a most magnificent day and so very hot!

I made another batch of scones.  The family had an online quiz with some friends, I excused myself....  Did some washing and basic cleanning.

A very late dinner of some pizza and then some telly.

I await with anticipation Mr Johnson's address to the nation tomorrow!

Stay safe!

The Stay Safe Board / Diary - Thursday 7 May 2020
« on: Thursday 07 May 20 20:58 BST (UK)  »
The Thursday diary!  Awoken by a very loud sneeze in my ear.  I thought it was Mr CD, but it was the cat sounding very human indeed!  Another bright , sunny morning.  I really felt quite good.

The usual routine again this morning....park full of 'exercisers' today and very loud birdsong.  Some days I'm just not so aware of it, but this morning  very loud or maybe just happy birds or even more birds than normal?  Other days I see a profusion of squirrels but not so many today.

Back at the house, a bit of a general tidy round, answered some emails, then went outside to have some lunch in the sunshine.  I was greeted by a friendly 'hello' from the window cleaner,  :-\, so  sadly had to decamp inside whilst he went about his cleaning.

A magnificent delivery today! Some weeks ago Mr CD broke his racing bicycle.  It was pretty old but according to His Nibs 'great quality'.  However he came off it some weeks ago and bent the wheel  so badly it could not be repaired.  Being so old he could not replace the wheel and he even eyed up my bicycle to cannibalise it for parts!  Unfortunately  ::).... this was not possible. Anyway he ordered a smart new bike online and we have all been awaiting the delivery.  It caused us much amusement the other day when a very small light weight box was delivered from the bike company and inside was just a water bottle!  We all wondered where the rest of it was.  Anyway, sounds like it is a great success and he is pleased as punch. At least someone is happy.

Not much else to report.  I reorganised my shoes and nicks drawer. Huzzah.  Baked spuds for tea, because quite frankly I'm devoid of dinner ideas at this stage.  Quite depressed after the 5:00 propaganda team were on, and of course on hearing Nicola Sturgeon's message.

This evening also heard of the death of a friend's sister of CV19.  She wasn't particularly old but did have underlying health problems.

Participated in 'the clap'.

What news from everyone else?

Stay safe!

The Stay Safe Board / Diary - Tuesday 5 May 2020
« on: Tuesday 05 May 20 20:27 BST (UK)  »
Will start this off today as for some very odd reason I just feel exhausted!

Such a sunny start to the day.  I can't help but feel we have been really blessed whilst 'locked' down...  Usual morning routine and a bit earlier to the park. Spiderman was playing football with his father today! A bit quieter than usual but maybe because I was slightly earlier.  I don't know if I have mentioned the lovely horse chestnut trees in the park before, but they are looking splendid. The large 'florets' are stunning and always remind me of a children's poem I used to read to my children which compared them to 'candles'.  A nice walk today - I always feel I have accomplished something for the day once home.

Today was the dreaded shop. Ugh.... a constant tannoy reminder in the shop not to dawdle as people are waiting to get in.  I don't know, the wait to get in wasn't really that bad but it's just depressing.  No baking supplies at all flour, yeast, cooking choc, vanilla flavouring, baking powder....  so that was a great disappointment.  Someone was shopping with a child, which I have no problem with, except she was dancing here there and everywhere in the aisles so it was hard to social distance and crack on with the shop.  My shop has fancy new screens in place that really limit the tills from each other.  I've no idea how they expect you to shop if you were in say a wheelchair or on the heavy side.  I'm pleased they want to keep their workers safe, but it is restrictive.

The shop seemed to take ages.  Got back home and had a cuppa before I started to put away.  I've probably put half of the shop away anti-bacing as I went.  I'm never convinced how necessary this is.

Managed to make another call  which I missed yesterday and catch up on facebook just before I had to get tea sorted.  Burgers and salad tonight.

Hoping to find something cheerful on telly tonight.  Quite alot about the upcoming VE75 celebrations and programmes about WW2 on telly.  However, it just makes me sad and I think of my Dad and family members from my childhood that are no longer with us.  When Dad's family used to visit the chat was always about the war and happenings from that time.  They were always so cheerful about it and the stories always so funny.  I really miss them.

Ah well, that's all for today.  How was your day?

Stay safe!

The Stay Safe Board / Diary < Saturday 25 April
« on: Saturday 25 April 20 20:57 BST (UK)  »
A really restless night last night, I don't really know why.  Continuing with usual morning routine- and another belter of a day here.  Park emptier than usual which surprised me. The trees really are coming out beautifully but the pollen! Oh my!  I can see that hayfever is going to be a real issue for the coming days.

Some washing and chores to do and then to town to get some 'essentials'  It's such a palaver these days.  On my walk to the shops people are leaping out of my way.  On the way back with heavy shopping in my trolley people are expecting me to move into the road. None of these scenarios is ideal.

Made a few phone calls I've been putting off, one to my Aunt.  There is only one topic of conversation these days and one which we differ greatly over. This is one of the reasons I really hate to ring her. Anyway I've made the call and can now rest easy. 

Had a late lunch and the 'eagle' returned!  It didn't stay long as it was harassed by a pair of crows.  Enjoyed a rest in the sunshine for quite some time...... and finally came inside to answer some emails.

Got tea sorted - a kind of pasta bolognese today and shortly heading for telly to see what wonders are on offer this evening!

Hope all well with everyone - I continue to be very weary of the situation.  Much more traffic on the roads today.  Boris will be hard pushed to put us all back in our boxes soon!

Stay safe!

The Stay Safe Board / Diary < Thursday 23 April
« on: Thursday 23 April 20 23:26 BST (UK)  »
A grumpy sort of a  day today.  Will check in with a better frame of mind tomorrow.

Stay safe!

The Stay Safe Board / Diary< Wednesday 22 April
« on: Wednesday 22 April 20 19:01 BST (UK)  »
I'll start off today:  Well an uneventful start but slept not so badly. No cups of tea in bed  today sadly.  Another really bright sunny day which is always welcome.  Up promptly with usual routine now in place.  A companion for my park walk today (!), which was a nice change.  We are trying to encourage one of our family to have a better routine which we hope will help with her sleeplessness and anxiety.  It was a great morning to be in the park with barely anyone there.  A few pram pushers and fewer joggers.  Of note today a lovely young pine tree with the 'cones's just starting to form.  A really lovely colour as well.  I look forward to seeing how they develop!

Back home, threw in some laundry in order to get it hung out to dry in the good weather.

Put together a list of online learning for daughter to try and keep her busier than she has been.  Amazingly she found a number of free courses on offer that appealed to her. I'm hoping this will give her something to focus on.

I watched a couple of brief online talks myself offered by  various places - the National Gallery short curator talks are always interesting. Back to the Irish.  Need to type up some notes etc. but may need to put them back in their box for awhile.  A clearer idea of family connections is coming together, but of course no main burning questions answered.

A brief break in the sunshine.  No 'eagle' today.  A late after noon visit from the very large bothersome neighbourhood cat who scares my poor elderly pc (pussycat) to death.

Listened to the government briefing - so wished I hadn't

Chicken salad wraps for tea.  Hoping something nice on the box tonight....

For me a gentle day really. Hope yours was as well...

Stay safe!

The Stay Safe Board / Diary > Sunday 19th April
« on: Sunday 19 April 20 19:13 BST (UK)  »
I hope everyone has had an enjoyable day.  The weather here has improved amazingly.

And so.... another ropey night.  This time I was awakened by the piercing howls of goodness only know what kind of creature.  I would have guessed a wolf if I didn't know better!  I'm putting to down to Mr or Mrs Fox who could not use their usual route through our garden.  Our neighbours, who now have a dog, decided to put up one of the those plastic fences to stop said hound coming into our garden.  We nor the foxes seem to appreciate this gesture!

A bit late this morning.  I think tomorrow I'll need to set my alarm. I really need to get up earlier!  No park today, but some chores this morning.  As the house is now an office/school/craft workshop so I'm limited in the housework that can be done during working hours so I tried to have a bit of an unclutter, wipe and vac session. 

After lunch in the sunshine :) then a local walk.  There are some lovely old mansion houses nearby and it is always great fun to see how the other half lives.

Of note:  I saw four aeroplanes today !  Level of cars and people about has certainly increased.

Family quiz this evening + two good programmes on the telly.

Trying not to think of tomorrow - have pretended today that there is no such word as 'lockdown'

Stay safe!

The Stay Safe Board / Diary > Thursday 16th April
« on: Thursday 16 April 20 20:35 BST (UK)  »
I'll start today:  I was so warm on waking I wondered if I were ill! However I quickly discovered it was because PC (pussycat) was snuggled up with me! Gentle rumbling from PC  ensued rather than the loud banging from my broken boiler! All very relaxing.  However, I thought I'd better not lag about!

Usual earlier than normal start and after breakfast I headed for the park. Hard to believe it is April as it was just like a summer's day. A delight.  The cherry blossom seems to have reached its peak and is already starting to drop. I was thinking that perhaps later today the government's graphs might show something similar.....

The warm weather was just too good to waste so I put a load of laundry in when I got back from the park.

After that it was back to the Irish.  I spent most of the afternoon chasing two Jane's and seeing if I could find any leads which might help me out. 

I spent sometime in the garden.  We have loads of birdy visitors including four robins!

Later, I listened in via the computer to the latest news from the government and was left really depressed. Rousing stories/clapping/platitudes are just adding to the anguish for me. 

The one lovely piece of news is that my daughter (who works for the NHS in London) interviewed for a higher grade position yesterday and was told today she got the job. We are immensely proud of her and the way she is coping during this crisis.

The day started well but by the time the extra three weeks lockdown was introduced well....hopefully I will feel brighter tomorrow. 

How was your day?

Stay safe!

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