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Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / What is Catherine's surname?
« on: Sunday 07 July 19 09:34 BST (UK)  »

Can anyone decipher Catherine's surname. She was the mother of my ancestor John Connors who was baptised in New Ross, Wexford in 1823.

Also I can't make out the name of the sponsors if anyone can help there also.

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Shared Matches - Maternal or Paternal?
« on: Friday 01 June 18 11:08 BST (UK)  »
This is probably a silly question but if I match with someone on a certain chromosome from say 130,000,000 to 140,000,000 that is from my maternal side is it possibly to match with someone else in a similar position from my paternal side with no relationship whatsoever, or would it be that somehow they both share a common ancestor.

I am relatively new to this and a bit confused about a few matches that I have.


Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / German Translation Help - Pendleton/Schauer
« on: Monday 12 February 18 12:52 GMT (UK)  »

I was wondering if anyone could help translate the following from German to English. Thanks in advance.


Lancashire / 17 Wives - Arthur Conalty
« on: Monday 22 January 18 05:25 GMT (UK)  »
This also involves the Cheshire board but I am posting it to the Lancashire Board.

The following newspaper article ran in numerous newspapers around the country in late November / early December 1837. These articles appeared first in the Liverpool Mercury. I have taken it from the London Courier and Evening Gazette dated 30 November 1837.

A PERSEVERING BENEDICT – Startling and perfectly unparalleled in any state of society in which man is confined to one mate at a time, the following statement may be, we are assured by one of the inspectors of registration, &c. that it is strictly and perfectly true. A man named Arthur Conalty, residing in Grayson Street, Liverpool, 79 years of age, has had seventeen wives, having been married nine times in St Peter’s Church, and eight times in Wallasey Church. He has been the father of 36 children, and is now “open for another match,” as sporting people term it. – Liverpool Mercury.

I know Arthur is most likely connected to my tree but proving it is proving difficult since the surname is spelt a multitude of different ways – Conalty, Conulty, Conolty, Canolty, Knolty, Kenalty, Kenaulty, Kenotty to name but a few as well as McNulty.

I thought Arthur was the brother of my possible 4x great grandfather Daniel Conalty, however, after finding the above newspaper article earlier today he may be Daniel’s father.

What I do know is my 3x great grandmother (have not found baptism) was born about 1809 in Liverpool. She was the widowed Elizabeth Williams when she married Henry McDonald on 1 October 1830 at St Nicholas, Liverpool – the witnesses were Edward Green and Anne Conalty. My 2x great grandfather Henry McDonald’s birth certificate (1846) states his mother’s maiden name was Conalty. Other children of Henry McD and Elizabeth were two Daniels and a Martha, Ann and Sarah.

Elizabeth “Knolty” married William Williams on 9 March 1826 at St Peter’s, Liverpool – church wardens were witnesses.

Daniel “Kenotty” married Martha Rowlands on 1 February 1802 at St Peter’s, Liverpool and they had a daughter Ann “Kenalty” baptised on 6 October 1811 at St Anthony, Vauxhall (RC) – godparents Arthur “Kenalty” and Ann “Kenalty”. This is why I think Daniel and Martha are my Elizabeth’s parents.

I think they missed one of Arthur’s marriages when checking the registrations - I have only found two – one at St Peters on 29 December 1802 to Elizabeth Hill, but the other was at St Anne’s, Liverpool on 16 December 1804 to Esther Hill (Elizabeth’s sister perhaps?). So, I am only missing 15 or 16 marriages.

Also, I only have two definite baptisms, one for William Conalty (1805) and Joseph Conalty (1806), both being sons of Arthur and Esther.

Arthur’s age is also a problem. The newspaper article of 1837 states he was 79. He died in 1843 and his age on GRO index is 75. I think I have him on the 1841 Census as Arthur “Kenaulty” and on that he is 65.

Anyone up for a challenge?


The Common Room / 18th century family relationships
« on: Tuesday 03 January 17 05:21 GMT (UK)  »
In his will dated 20 January 1730 (proved 1732), Robert Scar(i)sbrick of Lower Bebington, Cheshire refers several times to his sister, Alice Judgson. Among others he refers to are his sons William and Christopher Scar(i)sbrick, his daughter Alice Hancock and his grand daughter Ann Scar(i)sbrick (my 7x great grandmother).

Although I have not found a marriage for Robert there is a burial on 24 November 1701 for Rebecca wife of Robert Scarsbrick.

I can’t find a suitable baptism or marriage for Alice Scarsbrick marrying a Judgson.

However, there are these baptisms at Bebington on the CPRdb website:

1 Aug 1672 – Rebecca daughter of Johannes *Jackson - *Judson of Storeton (I have looked at the image on FindMyPast and it definitely says Judson

20  May 1678 – Alicia daughter of Johannes Judson of Storeton

And the following burials:

20 May 1678 – (same date as above baptism) Alicia wife of Johannes Judson of Storeton

8 Jul 1759 – Alecia Judgson of Willaston

My query is when Robert Scarsbrick mentions his “sister” Alice Judgson, could he actually be referring to his sister in law?

Any help appreciated

Lancashire / Edward Brumfitt or Edward Morris?
« on: Thursday 24 November 16 09:50 GMT (UK)  »
I have been doing my family tree for over 25 years and thought I knew a lot about my Brumfitt side, however, now I’m not so sure. My great great grandfather Edward Brumfitt was born in 1839 in Everton (or somewhere like that). He is with his parents William and Margaret on the 1841 Census, he is near them visiting friends on the 1851 Census. Can’t find him in 1861, but he marries in 1863 and names William as his father and his sisters Mary and Emma were witnesses. He has some children, one of which is with grandparents William and Margaret in one of the Census returns, so I must have his parents right, mustn’t I? Well perhaps not!

William Brumfitt married Margaret Morris before civil registration in 1835 at St Martin, Liverpool, the witnesses were Thomas Paine and Elizabeth Morris. Elizabeth Morris married William Brumfitt’s brother Thomas Brumfitt thankfully after civil registration began on 31 December 1837 at St Peter, Liverpool and she names her father as Edward Morris, a sawyer.

Elizabeth Morris was born in Prestatyn on 16 May 1809 and baptised in Meliden, Flintshire on 21 May 1809, the daughter of Edward Morris and Elizabeth. Her sister Margaret was born on 2 October 1811 at Prestatyn and baptised on 5 October 1811. Elizabeth and Margaret had several other siblings, one being Catherine Morris who was baptised on 6 July 1817 at Meliden.

William Brumfitt started life as a hair dresser, then also became a beer seller before entering politics and becoming a registration agent in Liverpool for the Liberal party. There are hundreds of newspaper articles mentioning him and given his job I find it hard to believe that he would not have registered the birth of one of his children. Two were born before registration began but I do have their baptisms, Mary (1836-1837) and William (1837), then after registration began I have no baptisms but do have registrations for Charles Brumfitt (1841), Mary (1845) and Emma (1847), but I cannot find a birth registration or baptism for Edward Brumfitt.

Now, the 1841 Census is as follows:

Bute Street, Everton

William Brumfitt, 25, hair dresser, Y
William Brumfitt, 4, Y
Edward Brumfitt 18 months, Y
Margaret Brumfitt, 25, N
Catherine Morris, 20, Ind, N

In 1851:

36 Jenkinson Street, Everton

William Brumfitt, Head, M, 36, Master Hair Dresser & Beer Seller, Lancashire Colne
Margaret Brumfitt, Wife, M, 37, Flintshire Prestatyn
William Brumfitt, Son, 13, Hair Dresser’s Apprentice, Lancashire Liverpool
Charles Brumfitt, Son, 9, Scholar, Lancashire Liverpool
Mary Brumfitt, Daur, 6, Scholar, Lancashire Liverpool
Emma Brumfitt, Daur, 4, Lancashire Liverpool
Mary A Seymour, Visitor, 19, Servant, Ireland
Thomas Brumfitt, Visitor, M, 35, Carver & Gilder, Lancashire Preston (William’s brother)

7 Court, Jenkinson Street, Everton

John Seymour, Head, M, 38, Market Constable, Yorkshire Hull
Elizabeth Seymour, Wife, M, 31, Ireland
John Seymour, Son, 9, Scholar, Lancashire Liverpool
William Seymour, Son, 5, Scholar, Lancashire Everton
Jane Seymour, Daur, 2, Lancashire Everton
Edward Brumfitt, Visitor, 10, Scholar, Lancashire, Liverpool
George White, Lodger, U, 27, Painter, Ireland

Since the GRO now has indexed mother’s maiden names, I began thinking perhaps Edward may have not been William and Margaret Brumfitt’s son but perhaps an illegitimate son of Catherine Morris, and I have found a reference for such in the indexes, but I guess I would need to order the certificate to be sure, but then he could belong to anyone with the surname of Morris.

MORRIS, EDWARD       -     Order
GRO Reference: 1839  D Quarter in LIVERPOOL  Volume 20  Page 348

I have never followed up on Catherine Morris but think I have found her even though a later Census entry shows her place of birth as Holyhead and her age is not quite correct, but what is significant is her father’s name would be correct and she was living in Jenkinson Street which is where William and Margaret Brumfitt were living in 1851 and as she was living with then in 1841, she could still have been with them in 1849. I believe Jenkinson Street was a very small street so I don’t believe it is a coincidence.

Marriage: 13 May 1849 St George, Everton, Lancashire, England
John Allen - full, Soldier (46), Bachelor, Everton
Catharine Morris - (X), full, Spinster, Jenkinson St Everton
    Groom's Father: Samuel Allen, Labourer
    Bride's Father: Edward Morris, Labourer
    Witness: Thomas Faragher; James Bathgate
    Married by Banns by: Fredk. Williams
    Register: Marriages 1848 - 1854, Page 37, Entry 74
    Source: LDS Film 2147914

There is a death registration for a Catherine Allen in West Derby in 1864 age 46 which would mean born 1817-1818.

Any super sleuths out there that can help prove whether my ancestor is Edward Brumfitt or should it be Edward Morris?

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / 1723 Marriage of William ? and Ellen Woods
« on: Sunday 02 October 16 05:14 BST (UK)  »

Any opinions on the surname of William who married Ellen Woods (third from bottom) on 27 August 1723 at Ormskirk?

The entry has been transcribed as Reed and I can understand that, however, there is a very long downstroke on the L in Lathom the entry above it which may mean that the name could actually Peed.

What I would like is for it to be a marriage between William Peet and Ellen Woods. The surname is not an easy one to research as very early records are for the surname “Pink”, then it goes to “Peet alias Pink” and then onto Peet. The Peet surname itself can also have a multitude of transcription errors “Poot” is a common one because “e” often looks like an “o”.

There are four baptisms at Ormskirk for children of William Peet in 1724, 1726, 1727 and 1730, and another baptism for a child of William and Ellen Peet in 1732. Ellen Peet, “wife of William” was buried at Ormskirk in 1737.

Any help appreciated.


England / James Davidson - Coachmaker, Liverpool
« on: Wednesday 24 August 16 13:34 BST (UK)  »
Hi, firstly I’m sorry for the length of this post, but I am trying to give as much information as possible. Secondly, I am posting to the England General Board rather than Lancashire as I feel there is a strong possibility that research may end up out of Lancashire.

My gggg grandfather, James Davidson, had two wives, Mary and Sarah but I cannot find a marriage for either nor can I find when they died. James died in 1837 and was buried at St John, Liverpool on 17 May 1837 age 69 his occupation was given as coachmaker. Other occupations I have come across are coachsmith, coach spring maker, smith and blacksmith. His children are shown below and mostly I cannot find anything for them except for a couple who died in infancy, Emerson Aaron Davidson and my ggg grandmother Mary Davidson.

I may be completely off track, but I feel there may be a connection with “Emmerson” as it is used in the name of one of James sons. There is a marriage in Kirkby Moorside, Yorkshire (familysearch) for a James Davison and Mary Emmerson on 18 May 1799, and a baptism on 31 Jan 1783 for a Mary Emmerson, daughter of James Emmerson at South Kirkby, Yorkshire.

Then there is a baptism for a Sarah Emmerson on 29 August 1791 at St Peter, Leeds, Yorkshire, daughter of John Emmerson. I know the 1841 Census says Sarah was born in the county (Lancashire) but that is not always correct.

My main query is who were the two wives Mary and Sarah? Could they have been cousins? Where could James have originated and what became of Mary Davidson who married Richard Barton, then John Smith. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


These records are from either LAN-OPC, Ancestry or Familysearch:

Baptism: 21 Oct 1804 St Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire
Elizabeth Davidson - Daughter of James Davidson & Mary, Born: 16 Aug 1804, Moffitts Place, Occupation: Smith

Baptism: 2 Apr 1810 St John, Haymarket, Liverpool, Lancashire
Mary Ann Davidson - Daughter of James Davidson & Mary, Born: 2 Dec 1809, Moffits Place, Occupation: Blacksmith

Baptism: 2 Jun 1816 St John, Liverpool, Lancashire
Mary Davison – Daughter of James Davison & Sarah, Born: 17 May 1816, Moffitts Place, Occupation: Blacksmith
Mary is my ggg grandmother. She married Richard Barton (ggg grandfather) on 22 Jan 1838 at St Michael, Toxteth Park. Richard Barton died between 1850 and 1854 and Mary then married John Smith on 26 Nov 1854 at St Nicholas, Liverpool. I cannot find anything for Mary and John Smith after this., but then not sure if I should really expect to with those names.

Baptism: 18 Apr 1819 St Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire
Ellen Davison - [Child] of James Davison & Sarah, Moffits Place, Occupation: Coach Smith
Buried: 6 Oct 1819 St Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire

Baptism: 21 May 1820 St Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire
Thomas Davidson - [Child] of James Davidson & Sarah, Moffett Place, Coachsmith

Baptism: 9 Jun 1822 St Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire (familysearch)
Hannah Davison – Daughter of James Davison & Sarah

Baptism: 5 Mar 1824 St Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire
George Edward Davison - [Child] of James Davison & Sarah, Bolton St., Occupation: Smith

Baptism: 3 Apr 1825 St Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire
Will Davison - [Child] of James Davison & Sarah, Moffits Place, Occupation: Coachman
Buried 4 Sep 1826 St Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire – died of smallpox

Baptism: 12 Mar 1827 St Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire
Ellen Davison - [Child] of James Davison & Sarah, Moffit Place, Occupation: Smith

Baptism: 3 Jun 1832 St Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire
Emerson Aaron Davidson – Son of James Davidson & Sarah, Eldon Street, Occupation: Coach Spring Maker
Married 1: Mary Ann McCauley Catterall 27 Mar 1854 St Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire
Married 2: Elizabeth Griffiths 11 Apr 1887 St Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire
Died: 1906 Toxteth Park

I cannot find baptisms for Thomas (1836) and Margaret (1836) but they appear with Sarah, Ellen (no. 2) and Emerson on the 1841 Census in Liverpool, I think the address is St Andrew Street:

Sarah Davidson, 50, Y
Ellen Davidson, 10, Y
Emmerson Davidson, 9, Y
Margaret Davidson, 5, Y
Thomas Davidson, 5, Y

Today I came across a PCC will which I am thrilled about because it proves a link with my Dwarihouse family from Bebington, Cheshire and the Dwarihouse family from Childwall and West Derby. I think this will is most likely for the William Dwarihouse who was Mayor of Liverpool 1636-1637. There is no baptism in Bebington for William, but he is certainly my 12x great grandmother’s brother as William mentions his nephew Thomas Sparke of Bebington who was the son of his sister Margery who married John Sparke in Bebington in 1617. Another sister Margaret Dwarihouse married William Wilson in 1611 at Bebington and their son, William’s nephew “John Willson” is mentioned as another nephew.

I have transcribed as much as I can but I am not very good and request help to decipher what I cannot read. I have entered a few words in red which I am guessing but what I can’t transcribed is just dots. There are four pages and I will post each separately.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation


Page 1

 1 … In the name of God Amen
 2 … I William Dwarrihouse of West Derby in the County of Lancaster gentleman
 3 … being sicke and weake of body but of good and perfect memory praised bee god
 4 … therefore doe ordayne and make this my last will and testament in manner
 5 … and forme ffollowinge ffirst and principally I commytt and commend my
 6 … soule into the hands of Almighty god my maker and redeemer assuredly trusting
 7 … in and by the merritts death and passion of my only Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
 8 … to receive a full and ffree pardon of all my offences And my body I commytt to
 9 … the earth from whence I came to bee interred in the parish church of Walton
10 ... in decent and orderly manner at the discretion of my wife and of other my executors
11 … heerein heerreafter named And for the disposall of my estate reall and personall
12 … my will and minde is as ffolloweth ffirst I heereby will devise grannte and
13 … bequeath all that messuage and tennement with all lands liberties and hereditam[ent]s
14 … in Roby commonly called Childwalle house by mee heeretofore purchased from
15 … Henery Johnson deceased and others unto my nephew John Willson now liveing
16 … with mee and unto his heires and assignes absolutely forever And whereas I lately
17 … purchased from one Thomas Hesketh of little Poulton in the county of Lancaster
18 … Esq[uir]e and others a messuage and tennement in Orrell conteyninge aboute seaven
19 … large acres now occupyed by William Garratt …………….. of Orrell aforesaid and
20 … …………….. yearely rent of twelve shillings ffoure pence issueing out of a messuage
21 … and tennement in the watergate streete in Liverpoole in the holdinge of Mr
22 … …………….. his tennants or assignes I will devise grannte and bequeath the said
23 … messuage and tenement in Orrell aforesaid and all lands liberties and
24 … hereditaments theretobelonginge together with the said rent of twelve shillings
25 … ffoure pence to Thomas Sparke my nephew living in lower Bebington in the
26 … County of Chester and unto his heires and assignes forever nowbeit I doe heereby
27 … declare that my mynde is that if the said William Garratt his heires or assignes doe
28 … within three yeares next after my decease pay or cause to bee paid to my said
29 … newphew Thomas Sparke his heires or assignes the consideration or summe of
30 … money by mee paid for the purchase of the said last mentioned messuage tennem[en]t
31 … or rent together with the summe of twenty pounds by mee paid to as for the said
32 … Garratt and interest or damages for for forbearance of the said severall summes
33 … after the rate of eight pounds …………….. or soe much thereof as my now wife shall
34 … ……………….. and thinke reasonable then my said nephew Thomas Sparke and his
35 … heires to grannte bargaine and sell well and sufficiently the said last mentioned
36 … messuage tenement and rent to the said William Garratt his heires and assignes
37 … forever And I doe hereby will devise grannte and bequeathe all that messuage
38 … and tenement with the appurtenances in Thingwall in the said county of Lancaster
39 … by mee purchased from John Bolton of Thingwall aforesaid and all lands liberties
40 … and hereditaments theretobeloninge conteyninge about twenty two acres
41 … of land of the large measure to the sole onely proper use and beheese of Anne
42 … Dwarryhouse my now wife and of her heires and assignes absolutely forever yet
43 … neverthelesse my will and mynde is that the said John Bolton shall enjoy the said
44 … last mentioned messuage and tennement during his naturall life soe as hee
45 … pay yearely to my said wife or her heires the summe of eight pounds at and upon
46 … every second day of fferuary during the life of the said John Bolton And if
47 … hee the said John Bolton his heires or assignes doe at and upon any second day
48 … of ffebruary dureing the tearme of …… yeares next after my decease pay or

More to follow ...

Moderator comment: regret, RootsChat does not permit the posting of complete archive wills such as this.  You may post small sections which contain the specific words that are causing you difficulties but it must never amount to the complete will.

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