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Australia Lookups completed / Two Smith Brothers went to Australia...
« on: Sunday 27 July 08 23:30 BST (UK)  »
No, this isnt a joke...

With some great help and persistance, I have managed to track down two missing members of my family who ended up in Australia.
These were...
Arthur Ernest Smith born in Lonon on 1888 died in Concord Repatriation hospital on the 7 Aug 1970
Thomas John Smith born in in London on 1886 died in Cary Bay, Laycock street on the  26 Sep 1971

Now, these two gentlemen did get married

Thomas married Gladys Selina Tunnicliffe
Arthur married Mary Lillian Greatrex

Now these two fine ladies, I have no clue when they were born or where...

But more importantly, they both had children,

Gladys had Margaret G Smith and Gwenneth J Smith (ages  50 and 48 in 1971)
Mary had Ernest M Smith aged 49 in 1970

Now, I had tried to search the phone book, but to no avail - there is just too many Ernest Smiths and I dont know if the two daughters married, so im unsure of what name to search under...

Has anybody any further idea how to proceed with this please?

ps - All the above info was from the transcripts of there deaths which I have attached

Many Thanks

Rob Smith

Australia Lookups completed / Smith Brothers To Australia
« on: Monday 30 June 08 04:40 BST (UK)  »
Hiya all,
Now I dont expect any form of quick answer here  (Espcially with the surname Smith)
but im trying to track down some relations who went off to Australia sometime in 1910 or thereabouts

The two names are
Thomas J Smith Born 1886 Islington North London
Arthur E Smith Born 1888 Islington North London

I can find both of the brothers in the 1901 census, So I know definatly they were still in the UK then as Thomas was working as a telegraphic messenger for the GNR and Arthur's occupation was 'Undefined'

Now two snippits of info that could be misleading One of them worked in the 'punchbowl yards' and they both possibly came accrosss on the 'Aerial'

Now-  the big qestion - Where to search next? as im running out of info and leads


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