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The Common Room / Adopted Aunt
« on: Monday 13 July 20 18:24 BST (UK)  »
I have an aunt who was born in 1941 and was adopted as a baby due to her mother dying in bombing.  I contacted social services to try to trace my aunt but was told all they could confirm was that she was registered with a doctor in the UK. 
 She has one surviving full sister in her eighties who would love to be reunited with her. There are also many other family members who would be happy to welcome her back if she is willing to allow contact.
What do I need to try next?

Warwickshire / Ruth Randle
« on: Tuesday 11 June 19 23:29 BST (UK)  »
I'm trying to find Ruth Randle who is named as the mother on a birth certificate issued in 1919. She came from a workhouse in Birmingham and had her daughter at what may have been the workhouse in Folehill. Her occupation is given as housekeeper.
I think she may either have been born in Foleshill in either 1891 or 1902. There is a Ruth Randle born 1902 in the 1939 register who is a housekeeper. Is there any other way to work this out?  There is also a Ruth Randle who marries in Coventry in 1928 and I'm not sure who that would be.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hampshire & Isle of Wight / Reuben Parker after 1871
« on: Friday 01 March 19 23:01 GMT (UK)  »
I have a relative called Reuben Parker who was christened on 3 September 1853 in Fordingbridge, Hampshire, son of Thomas Parker and Sarah Austin.
I can't find him in the census after 1871  Any help would be appreciated.

Dublin / John Megan 1872 Dublin baptism
« on: Saturday 09 February 19 22:00 GMT (UK)  »
I'm trying to find a baptism record for John Megan who according to the census was born in c. 1872 Beggar's Bush, Dublin. In the Royal Navy Registers of Seamen's Service his birth date is given as
27th July 1872.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hampshire & Isle of Wight / Eastney Barracks, Portsmouth
« on: Tuesday 04 September 18 22:32 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone tell me if a Royal Navy stoker could have been based at Eastney Barracks in about 1908. I believe Royal Marines were stationed there.

England / Missing marriage
« on: Sunday 13 May 18 01:28 BST (UK)  »
Hello I can't find a marriage for Leonard John Rolls b. 1879 Wantage, Berkshire and Charlotte Hunt b. 1862 according to the 1939 register.
 Leonard married Rosa Collins in Newbury, Berkshire in 1901. Rosa and Leonard had a son Leonard John in 1904 Wantage, then he has a daughter Ethel in Wandsworth 1912 (Charlotte's), a daughter Mabel 1913 Wandsworth, (Charlotte's).
Then Lottie b. 1916 Wandsworth mother's name Charlotte Rolls formerly Collins instead of Hunt and the same for the birth of Frederick 1917 Wandsworth.
Next in 1920 is Albert George in Lambeth (Rosa's) and finally Dorothy 1922 Lambeth (Rosa's)
He dies in 1939 in Bournemouth and Charlotte is a widow living there with Frederick, George, Mabel and one other.  If anyone can make any sense of this it would be very helpful. Thanks. 

Dorset / John Trevett/Trevitt identification
« on: Friday 24 November 17 16:38 GMT (UK)  »
Hello, I have my 4th great grandfather John Trevet/Trevitt as being born in Puncknowle in 1775 and married to Martha Russell at Abbotsbury in 1809 then as a widower to Ann Farwell in 1819 in Bridport.  The record says he was from Abbotsbury.  I've found a Poor Law Settlement and Removal record of 1843 in which he says his parents were John Trevett/Trivett and Elizabeth Sprake and he was born in Puncknowle which is what I had on my tree but he goes through the details of his life saying who he has worked for and where and says he married Elizabeth at Loders who had since died. (I think she was Elizabeth Read) and had 6 children, 3 of whom had died. There's no mention of Martha or Ann.

I have John's parents as John Trivett and Grace Brown(e) and John's parents as Thomas Trevett and Joan Trevett and have a DNA match to Joan's brother Francis 1687 Litton Cheney who married Eustace Brown. 

My 3rd great grandfather who I believe to be John Trevett and Ann Farwell's son was John Trevett 1826 Abbotsbury who married Sarah Hallett and they can be found in the 1851 census with daughter Martha, living in Abbotsbury.

I'd appreciate any help with untangling this thanks.   :)

Hampshire & Isle of Wight / Matthew Downer 1732 Breamore baptism missing
« on: Saturday 22 July 17 02:22 BST (UK)  »
 I'm trying to find a baptism record for Matthew Downer. He has a burial record transcribed under the name Mathey Downer which gives his birth as 1732 and his marriage record from 1756 at Salisbury, Wiltshire, says "of Breamer." (Breamore)  He married Ann Saunders.
There's a Charles Downer and Frances Bampton having children either side of 1732 in Breamore but no sign of a baptism for Matthew. I tried looking in both Hampshire and Wiltshire baptisms and some Sussex ones as I think there's a link between the Downer families of all three counties and possibly the Isle of Wight.

Hampshire & Isle of Wight / Phebe (Phoebe) Burford baptism
« on: Thursday 20 July 17 11:39 BST (UK)  »
 I'm trying to find a baptism for Phebe or Phoebe Burford.  She married George Downer who was b. 1757. Breamore. They were married on 5 Dec 1792  Lymington.
 I think they are in the 1841 census with their surname transcribed as Saler but corrected to Downer.  George's birth year is given as abt 1756 and they are lving in Lymington. His wife is transcribed as Elizabeth Saler but corrected to Phoebe Downer b. Hampshire, birthdate corrected from 1793 to abt 1771.

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