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Northumberland / Richard Embleton of Newcastle - Help!
« on: Tuesday 19 October 10 22:14 BST (UK)  »
I've been struggling with this for some time and hope that there's someone out there that might think of a new direction to take.
I can't find either a birth or death for my 3xg-grandfather Richard Embleton, but here's what I do know about him.

He was married to Elizabeth McKnight on 17 Nov 1812 at St John, Newcastle by licence. The licence states he is " age 21 and upwards".
They proceeded to have 11 children, all baptised at St John, the last being baptised 14 April 1829, and there is nothing in the transcript about Richard being deceased.
The death of their eldest son, Thomas, was announced in the Newcastle Courant 20th July 1833 and states that he is "Thomas, son of the late Mr Richard Embleton, tanner".
Richard makes the newspapers on several other occasions, mostly to do with his bankruptcy!  It is announced in the London Gazette on 12 Dec 1828 and describes him as "now or late of the Town and County of Newcastle" and continues to do so until 1 Dec 1829 when he is described as just "late".
I can't find a burial for either him or Thomas at any church in Newcastle or for any other Embleton children for that matter.
Would a bankrupty be pursued against someone who was dead?. Two of the assets sold as part of the bankruptcy were two life assurance policies for 1000 each, and these were advertised to be sold on 31 July 1829. Would he be alive or dead at that point?
I should point out that the parish records I've been looking at are the Bishop's Transcripts on LDS.
Anyone got any bright ideas of where to look next??

Northumberland / Marriage by licence - Newcastle
« on: Wednesday 20 August 08 21:39 BST (UK)  »
Hi. I'm having trouble tracking down the allegations for a marriage by licence at St John Newcastle in 1812. I've searched on the British Origins website,  and the marriage appears in the Boyds register but not the Vicar General register.
Is the British Origins information complete, or does anyone know of an alternative source for marriage licence allegations?

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