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I am happy to do simple Parish Record look-ups for West Sussex, please post requests here.

Jan ;)


I am happy to do any simple parish records look-ups at the West Sussex RO. Please post your requests here.

Jan ;)


At my daughter's wedding a group photo was taken of her with her siblings and their partners but sadly without her husband! Would it be possible to insert him into the large group please? As the photo of him is next to my daughter hopefully this will help get him the right height. The photo quality isn't brilliant as they were mobile phone shots downloaded from Facebook, but they are the best we have.


Jan ;)

PS the people in the photo are happy for these to be posted

London and Middlesex / CHILDS probate confusion
« on: Friday 23 September 11 12:52 BST (UK)  »

I am getting very confused by the dates of death implied in two probate records for members of my Childs family of St Martin in the Fields and would be grateful for any help before my head explodes please ;D The records are both on Ancestry and I will post links so that anyone with a subscription can take a look should they wish.

John Childs married Jane Lyon on 19th March 1771, they had 12 known children but from John's will of 10th Oct 1806 it would appear that only 4 were surviving - Martin (baptised 1776) John(1778) Richard (my gggg grandfather, 1785) and Elizabeth (1798). Probate was granted for John's will on 9th March 1810, then revoked as the will was declared null and void later the same month. John is stated to have died "in October last" at one point and I would take this to be in October 1809. See

However Elizabeth, John's daughter, died intestate without a parent living at some date (the month is unclear, December having been crossed out) prior to February 1809, see

The dates don't make sense or am I misreading something?


Jan ;)

The Common Room / Translation from French please
« on: Saturday 28 May 11 19:44 BST (UK)  »

Could anyone translate these coroner's verdicts for me please?

Épuisement nerveux causé par l'accouchement


Épanchement cérébral causé par un cheval à l'épouvante


Jan ;)


I wonder if someone could check the following for any further information please? I am trying to establish if this is the same couple baptising children in Rushden and Knebworth.

Rushden baptisms
Mary SAUNDERS 21 Aug 1716 parents John and Mary
ElizabethSAUNDERS  4 Jul 1717 parents John and Mary
John SAUNDERS 12 Jul 1719 parents John and Mary
Esther SAUNDERS 29 Dec 1723 parents John and Mary

Knebworth baptisms
Lettice SANDERS 11 Sep 1721 parents John and Mary
William  SANDERS 24 FEB 1724 parents John and Mary

plus this Rushden baptism
William SAUNDERS 11 DEC 1803  parents William and Elizabeth)

Many thanks
Jan ;)

Suffolk Completed Lookup Requests / Completed Thanks LYON Stutton Look-up Please
« on: Friday 04 February 11 11:06 GMT (UK)  »

If anyone has access to the Stutton PR's I would like this marriage from Boyds looked up please


Also if there are any baptisms for children of this couple?

I am trying to establish if they are the same couple having children Bury St Edmunds from 1718

Thanks in anticipation
Jan ;)

Link to other threads,422699.0.html

Nottingham Completed Lookup Requests / COMPLETED Greasley Baptism c1762 Thomas NOON
« on: Wednesday 06 October 10 11:08 BST (UK)  »

I don't know if anyone can help with this one please. I have a Thomas NOON born c1762 who marries Elizabeth OLDKNOW in Smalley Derbyshire 19 Oct 1784 and they have children in Horsley Derbyshire. There is no baptism for Thomas in Horsley or elsewhere in Derbyshire that I can see. However there is a Thomas and Ann NOON having children in Horsley from 1765 but no marriage in Derbyshire I can find. The only likely marriage is this one

Thomas Noon to Ann Cooper Greasley Notts 18 May 1762

If anyone has access to the Greasley PR's could they check whether there is a Thomas NOON  baptised  c1762 parents Thomas and Ann or possibly a Thomas COOPER born to  Ann before the marriage please? Of course if this couple go on to baptise children 1765 onwards they can't be mine so if this could be checked too that would be great.

Thanks in anticipation

Jan ;)

Bedfordshire Lookup Requests / Looking for George EMMERTON birth c1770 and death
« on: Wednesday 30 June 10 16:41 BST (UK)  »

I am having trouble with George EMMERTON (known variations Emerton, Emerston and Emberton)

This is what I know so far

George EMMERTON married Hannah ROW in Salford on 26 Sep 1793

They are, as far as I can establish, the parents of my Mary see,242437.0.html

George appears to have died before 1841 as Hannah is alone in 1841 living with Mary and her husband John PAIN. I can't see a suitable death on FreeBMD - the George EMMERTON dying in Woburn April qtr 1841 district is age 14 buried in Salford on 29th April 1841. George and Hannah's youngest known child was christened in Jan 1818 so looks like George would have died between 1817 and 1837. Could someone check the NBI for him please?

Next thing is where was he born? The most likely candidate I've found so far is
George Emerton baptised 29 APR 1762    in   Husborne Crawley parents John and Susannah unfortunately he appears to have died 3 MAY 1762  according to the extracted entry on the IGI. Could someone with access to the Husborne Crawley transcripts double check that for me please?

Can anyone spot another candidate for George?

By the way I have already discounted the one baptised in Aspley Guise in 1775

Thanks in advance

Jan ;)

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