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Yorkshire (North Riding) Lookup Requests / Kirkbymoorside look-up
« on: Tuesday 12 March 19 19:48 GMT (UK)  »

I am trying to find the baptism of Robert Cunningham - there is a possibility in 1792 seen on findmypast:-
Birth 7 Oct 1792  Baptism 11 Nov 1792 but the surname is not shown except for starting with C - parents Thomas & Ann. I've tried finding this entry on the actual register but can't find it.

Would someone be able to check the actual register for me? If it helps the Cunningham family were travelers


Hi All

I have given myself a headache with this so thought would ask for help from someone who visits TWAS. I am researching my Whinfield family and need assistance with the following:-

1) William Sweet married Ann Winskell by banns at Newcastle St Johns 24/7/1832 - this was seen from BT (as you can see Winskell is very close to Whinfield) however I believe Ann Sweet died aged 28 Oct-Dec 1839. There is a birth on freebmd for Mary Sweet Jul-Sep 1837 with mothers surname as Winskell so presume surname is correct
2) William then married Elizabeth 9/8/1840 also at N/cle St John. My problem is that freebmd has the surname of Elizabeth as Robson as does familysearch however the mothers surname for William & Elizabeth's children is Whinfield (in fact one son has Whinfield as his middle name)
Children - Jane Margaret Sweet born June 1841   Mary Elizabeth Sweet Jul-Sep 1842  Richard Whinfield Sweet Oct-Dec 1843

I haven't been able to find a death of Elizabeth Sweet just after marrying William nor a marriage of William to Elizabeth Whinfield (he died Nov 1851)

Can some one check in Newcastle St John to;-

i)  confirm surnames of both William's wives i.e. Ann & Elizabeth
ii) if marriage entry is copy of wedding certificate what is the name of Elizabeth's father & his trade

Thank you for any assistance with this conundrum

Durham Lookup Requests / Durham Record Office - Tanfield & Lanchester PRs
« on: Monday 04 February 19 17:15 GMT (UK)  »
Hi - this is linked to my earlier request

There is a marriage:-

Robert Surtis to Sarah Ward in both Tanfield & All Saints Lanchester 2/8/1715 or 12/8/1715 - both by License

Again which is correct?

Durham Lookup Requests / Durham Record Office - Tanfield & Medomsley PRs
« on: Monday 04 February 19 16:59 GMT (UK)  »

I am seeking clarification of 2 records seen on joiner marriage index:-

1) Tanfield 15/5/1736 Wm Blackburn to Katherine Surtice

2) Medomsley 15/5/1737 William Blakeburn to Catherine Surtis

Either of the above could be right (or maybe they are one and the same!!)

- William could have been baptised at Ryton 20/4/1707 (Dad Luke)
- Katherine could have been baptised Medomsley 28/2/1716 Dad Robert)

As far as I know they had no daughters, possibly 5 sons - maybe this explains the long gap between children

Robert baptised Tanfield                         2/4/1738    no Mum given
Luke       "         Ryton                          14/8/1743     "       "
John       "         All Saints, Lanchester   22/4/1747  Mum Katherine
Thomas   "        All Saints, Lanchester   22/7/1750      "        "
Surtis      "        All Saints, Lanchester   13/7/1754       "  Catherine

Any assistance re this conundrum would be appreciated

Canada / James & Thomasine Martin
« on: Thursday 24 January 19 19:35 GMT (UK)  »
I am hoping someone can help me with James & Thomasine Martin - James was the youngest son of my 4xGtGrandparents James & Sally (aka Sarah) Martin. He was baptised Dec 1808 in Lanercost, Cumberland, England. No details as yet re Thomasine's parentage
James & Thomasine married 3/5/1837 in Brampton, Cumberland, England and I believe they moved to Canada shortly after.
From 1861c I believe Thomasine was a widow.
I am looking for information:-
i) re their move to Canada - I think to Ontario
ii) the names and details of any children
iii) the details of James death
iv) details of Thomasine death which am hoping may include name of her father
Any information help would be gratefully received
Gloucestershire, England

Cumberland / Brampton PR at Cumbria Archives
« on: Sunday 20 January 19 19:14 GMT (UK)  »
Hi All

I am hoping to confirm the marriage of James Martin - one alternative and, I think, the more likely is 3 May 1837 to Thomasine Martin. None of the transcripts I've seen give any further detail.

I'm hoping someone could look at Brampton marriages 1837  (shame it wasn't the following quarter!) maybe also banns if they are available and give me any additional info there is - I'm hoping for details of James parents. I know this is unlikely but maybe the names of witnesses may give me a clue. James should be of full age as he was born about 1808


Cumberland Lookup Requests / Bromfield PR at Cumbria Record Office
« on: Saturday 27 January 18 19:17 GMT (UK)  »

Bromfield PR are held, I believe at Cumbria Record Office, I would be grateful if someone could look at the period 1640-1740.

The surname I'm looking for are variations of Whinfield, maybe Whynfell.

John baptism 7/12/1679 - parents John & Jane, no surname known for Jane
I know of 2 siblings Jane & Elizabeth baptised 1683 + 1686/7 respectively.

What I'm looking for is a) marriage for John & Jane
                                 b) any other siblings
                                 c) John's parents - may have been baptised c1650, possibly father also John
                                 d) maybe even a marriage for John's parents
                                 e) burial for any of the above

Any assistance with this family would be of great assistance, even if it ultimately proves I'm barking up the wrong tree!

World War Two / WW2 naval records can anyone help?
« on: Thursday 04 January 18 14:28 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to find the service records for my father-in-law Patrick Harty born 1923. Details known:-
Date of birth
Official No. and rank (AB)
Date of discharge from HMS Pembroke Oct 1946.
The discharge paper includes payments made but also "date of recovery from desertion" however neither my husband nor his family know anything about this.
Can anyone tell me where I can look or whom I may contact for further info/assistance re his service record - neither Ancestry or findmypast have any record

Travelling People / Hannibal Swailes & Hannah Hall
« on: Tuesday 07 November 17 16:12 GMT (UK)  »
Hi All

Hannibal & Hannah Swailes nee Hall are my 6xGtGrandparents. I have their marriage at Gainford Parish Church 17/8/1774 also details of 5 children Jane, Francis, Elizabeth, Thomas & Alice between 1779-1790.
I believe Hannibal was born c1750 & Hannah c1747 but, to date, I haven't been able to find a  baptism for either - doesn't surprise me for this family! I know there are many researching this and linked families and wonder if anyone has been able to find either baptism or any more of their children
Best wishes

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