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Hi,this is the first time for ages that I've been able to use Rootschat again and I'm looking for a bit of help please, so hope I'm using the correct board.

A few years back I was able to pull up & print off  a list of all my posts (through my profile), which I kept for easy reference.

I've mislaid my original list, but quite a while ago when I tried to repeat the procedure by  going into 'my profile and 'show posts', it listed not just my posts my  but also the text.

Is there a way in which I can just get a list, showing subject title only as before, of all my posts?

I would appreciate advice on this please, any guidance at all,as a list of my posts would really help me to pick up and get started/renew my interests, with Rootchat again.

Thanks very much


Please note that  I have also put this request on the Shropshire Board where I think I should have placed it at the start so I hope I don't cause any mixups,

Hi, I'm trying to find out how old the Three Pigeons pub in Albert Road, Oswestry,Shropshire is.

My Gt Grandparents ran it for about 11 years from 1902 - 1913 and I would like to know how long the pub had been in existence when they took it over.
Also, does anyone have any idea as to where I might be able to get any record that might exist showing details of their time there, it could fill in some gaps in their lives for me.
Any info would be appreciated.


please note that this post is also on the Shropshire board.


Restore and date if possible please.

Hi, I've just received this photo from a relative in Tennessee of my Gt G Uncle James Jones and 2 of his children.
The photo badly needs a restore, if possible that would be great.
Also the photo is undated so we have no idea when it was taken but as my Gt Gt Uncle was born in 1858 I suspect it to be early 1900's ?
 Any help with this would be appreciated.



Hi, I would appreciate it if the attached photo could be dated and hopefully restored please.

From old letters I have,my  Gt Grandparents, James & Alice Howell were moving between the USA and the U.K during the period (I think)1884 - 1900.

I think that it’s likely USA 1884-1900 (possible location Philapdelphia or Dayton)

or (as assume less likely) Wigan/Manchester UK,

or Oswestry Shropshire UK.

Mrs & Miss Howell (is the inscription on back of the photo) and it would be great to maybe identify approx when & where the photo was taken.

Help would be much appreciated.

Thank you


Photo Date for“ Wee Emily" (poss Surname Clark) Cambuslang,Scotland.
Hi, I’m attaching an old photograph of a small girl that my husband found amongst his Grandmother’s (surname Frew) possessions, in the hope that someone may be able to give us a clue as to when the photograph may have been taken, so that we might be able to identify/confirm that  ‘Wee Emily” is a relative/part of our old family.
The only information on the reverse of the photograph is as shown:

“ with best love from Wee Emily”

 Taken at / by
247 Main Street
We think it possible that Wee Emily’s parents may have been a Mary (nee Frew) Clarke and Peter Clarke who married in 1871 which might  give us a c1880’s date for the photo or possibly “Wee Emily” may have been Mary & Peter’s  Granddaughter which would maybe give us c1910 date.
We would appreciate any help with the dateing please to help us to move forward in trying to trace any descendants of Mary and Peter Clarke who (if they are Wee Emily’s Parents)might be able to give us more information about her. We do know that the Clarke family were still living in  the Carbuslang area c1901/1911.

Thanks very much

Worcestershire / Does 4 Angels Row, All Saints, Worcester still exist?
« on: Friday 23 February 18 12:56 GMT (UK)  »
Hi, Death Certificate for  my 2 x Gt Grandfather in law shows his address on death in 1890 as 4 Angels Row, All Saints, Worcester.

Just wondered if someone could tell me if this street still exists please?

Thanks for any info about it.


Technical Help / Need to quickly find a free photo programme to create a Collage.
« on: Saturday 03 February 18 19:13 GMT (UK)  »
Hi, I'm trying to find a free photo programme  online which will allow me to create a photo Collage for a friend as a surprise.
I used to use Picassa which is no longer available - it was a great easy programme to use and I could do with a similar one now - I've only got one  day left in get the collage completed.
I downloaded/installed this afternnon but could not figure out how to create a Collage, I found it complicated compared to Picasa.

Can anyone steer me towards a really simple free photo editor please?

Any ideas would be welcome.



Technical Help / AoL old & new emails all disappeared - only shows last 6 days.
« on: Tuesday 28 November 17 17:10 GMT (UK)  »
Hi. All my old Emails (a few thousand) and my new mails(about 200) have suddenly disappeared today.All that remains are the last 6 days worth.

I have certainly not deleted them so what on earth is going on - anyone out there that this has happened to with AoL mails?

Really upset, especially since I kept them in AoL Old Mail folders and now I wish I'd sorted out how to save them to my PC.

I only have my Email account with AoL so I don't think I can get any help from them.

Anyone have an idea how I could retrieve them please.

Appreciate any ideas.



Technical Help / Epson XP442 printer Copying/Printing in too large a font.
« on: Monday 30 October 17 15:40 GMT (UK)  »
Hi, I'd appreciate some advice please with regard to my printer output.
I bought an Epson XP442 recently and it's been working fine until I got all clever.

I was printing an address label in the labels section of Word 2016 and when the Font window appeared  I adjusted the size of the font from 12 up to 20 as i needed the address to be larger print.

Unfortunately, I've obviously messed something up because when I tried to copy and print an old letter, it printed out in really large text instead of the regular size 12 font.

How can I get the printer output font size back to as it was?

Can anyone help me with this muddle I appear to have got myself into - I really need to be able to copy and print out a couple of important letters for tomorrow if I can.

Thanks in advance for any help/advice.


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