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Armed Forces / Trying to trace medals
« on: Friday 09 October 20 21:47 BST (UK)  »
My Grandfather, William Millsopp joined the Royal Artillery 5 December 1900 (Number 3949). He eventually returned to Britain 10 January 1908 and placed on the Reserve List.
(Listed by the Army 11/1/1908 to 10/4/1914 Home)
He was called up 11 September 1914 and eventually sent to France. He was awarded the Military Medal in 1915 and I was able to buy it last year from a dealer.
The problem is that I have no idea what other medals he was entitled to. I have seen a copy of a medal card and it mentions the MM but not much else.
Can someone tell me what other medals he would possibly have been due, and if it is possible to get duplicates!
(I am also hoping I can get details of the circumstances relating to the MM at some time in the future)

Any suggestions greatly appreciated

Bill Crossan

Kent / Alice Easton (Nee Kent)
« on: Sunday 15 August 10 11:41 BST (UK)  »
This search started because my brother-in-law asked me to look into his mother's ancestry.
I am looking for information on an Alice Kent. The information I have is a bit sketchy. Born about 1914, mother's name possibly Lock. She lived around the Sevenoaks area. She married a James Easton and they had two or three children in the late 1930s.
By the end of the war she had moved to Scotland and was re-married. (My brother-in-law's family.)
Both his mother and father have died. When looking through effects he discovered a photo of his mother, a man in uniform and two children.
If anyone has any information if would be very helpful.

Thanks in anticipation


Armagh / William Wright and Sarah McConnell (or McGondell? or Connell etc.)
« on: Tuesday 27 April 10 09:18 BST (UK)  »
My G/grandparents married in Seagoe 23 March 1876.
Their names were Moses Millsopp and Sarah Wright. This was her second marriage.

She was previously married to a William Wright. Various documents suggest her maiden name to be McConnell or some sort of variation. Assuming that she was married in Co. Armagh I am looking for details of her marriage to William Wright and confirmation of her parents names. I think her father's name was John and her mother Catherine McShane.

If there is a date of death for William Wright that would also be helpful.


Armed Forces / Royal Field Artillery c.1900 - 1919
« on: Monday 08 February 10 22:11 GMT (UK)  »
Apologies in advance for the long winded nature of this post.
My grandfather joined the RFA 29/1/1900. records held at PRO, Kew - WO364-2490 show - 8 years in India - no promotions.
On reserve list until called up 11/9/1914
BEF to France 13/12/1915 as a gunner
14/12/1915 21st battery - A/Bdr
29/9/1916 promoted Bdr
18/5/1917 21st/2nd batt. - Act. corporal
22/6/1917 promoted corporal
18/10/1917 awarded Military Medal
1/12/1917 Posted to 42nd/2batt - corporal
23/11/1917 42nd/2 Act Sergeant
7/12/1917 promoted sergeant
17/11/1918  posted to 276/18 Royal Artillery, gleps dtl - sergeant.
Can someone please tell me
1. What does "gleps dtl" mean?
2. Why the dates on 42nd/2batt are out of sequence?
3. Where each battery was operating?

Answers to any of these questions would be greatly appreciated


Armed Forces / What branch of Army in WW1?
« on: Thursday 29 January 09 17:54 GMT (UK)  »
My Father-in-law's father was a Steam Roadroller driver in the army during WW1. He was injured when a shell blew off the front roller.
What  branch of the British Army would he have been in?

Thanks in anticipation

Armagh / Millsopp, McConnell - Armagh before 1880's
« on: Sunday 07 December 08 16:05 GMT (UK)  »
My Gr-Grandfather Moses Millsopp Married Sarah Wright (nee McConnell) 25/3/1876 in Seagoe, Co. Armagh.
Moses was a British Army Pensioner (59th Foot Regiment). His records at Public Records Office, Kew show that he joined up 29/11/1854 (age 20 years) - born Tartaraghan (about 1834). His parents were noted as William Millsopp and Mary Ann.
Family stories suggest that he was part of a family with equally biblical names. The story goes that they emigrated but he stayed in Ireland.
At discharge from the army (14/12/1869) he went to Hamilton, Scotland. Pension records show that he was in Belfast by March 1870 and Glasgow by September 1871. IGI shows a submitted entry with a date of birth for him in 1851. (in which case the British army were recruiting them very young in those  days!)
I am having trouble finding any further details about Moses or before.
I am looking for details for Moses birth about 1834 and anything on his parents William Millsopp and Mary Ann (maiden name unknown)
Any details would be much appreciated.

Donegal / Grahams in Raphoe - 1905 and before?
« on: Sunday 07 December 08 14:57 GMT (UK)  »
Apologies in advance for the rambling nature of this post.

My Grandmother's maiden name was Martha Graham. She lived in Raphoe, Donegal about 1900 -1905.
Her first marriage appears to have been arranged by her uncle Con O'Donnell - she married a Patrick Kildea. He returned to the shipyards in Clydebank - the story goes that the marriage was never consummated and he died 5/7/1905 (work accident). At that time Martha was still living at Meeting House Street, Raphoe.
By 1910 she was living in Renfrew, Scotland with her mother Annie (nee O'Donnell) and her sister Jean. She met my Grandfather William Millsopp (Married 1910) and I think I know the rest from there.
My problem is before her marriage to Patrick Kildea.
Martha's father's name was Robert Graham. When she married my grandfather, Robert was listed as Army Pensioner - deceased.
I was in Raphoe and at Letterkenny Library briefly during the summer trying to revive my search but to no avail. The public Record office in Kew, London has discharge papers for a Robert Graham - Royal Artillery
Joined up - 3/3/1858 (underage)......discharged to Raphoe 22/3/1880 - age 39 years and 2 months.
If this is my Gr-Grandfather I have to presume that he met Annie O'Donnell after his discharge, married and started a family.
Approximate dates I have are Martha Graham born 1887 - Jean Graham born 1890 - Robert Graham born January 1841 - Annie Graham (nee O'Donnell) born 1861. No marriage date for Annie and Robert
I have parents of Annie as Cornelius O'Donnell and Mary Ann (Shannon)
If anyone can help with any further details it would be greatly appreciated.

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