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The Common Room / Help - are you a subscriber (not
« on: Monday 26 November 18 00:37 GMT (UK)  »
...if yes, do you know what happened to World subscription option? I only see the following, which seems to offer Essential British option or Ultimate British and Irish option only (the latter with limited US access too).   ???  My renewal invite email invites me to renew on World subscription basis

**Update: spoke with FindMyPast who have stated the Ultimate British Isles and Irish option is the same as/replacement for the World/Premium option, even though, as I pointed out to them, the description under "what is available with this package",  seems to show a lot less locations/records availability than with a World/Premium package. Has anyone renewed under the new Ultimate British and Irish package name and can confirm they are still able to access all the countries/records they could with their old World/Premium package?

Their own help pages are less than impressive, with a blank space instead of an answer, to the question 'I want to remain on my World subscription...can I? "  ::)

Cumberland / Maryport (Netherhall or Crosscannonby) Cemetery Burial Register 1856/1946
« on: Thursday 11 October 18 11:58 BST (UK)  »
for period 7th September 1856 opening to 15th October 1946

Did a quick search but don't see this previously posted. Could a moderator kindly remove this thread if it already has been.

I stumbled across the following .xls file online today, and out of curiosity, opened it. It was a wonderful surprise to find it was a burial register (not clear from the google 'blurb') and even better, I now know that several folks from at least  two (large file, so haven't finished checking all names yet), of my lines are buried there (would that I had had this when I stopped briefly at the cemetery during a holiday to the area some years agow now):

Hello folks.   :)

Not a board I usually have cause to visit and I'm not actually looking for help with research on the following as such (but if anyone spots any glaring mistakes, it would be great to know). Just hopeful that, someday, someone reading might recognise some of the following people and/or groupings.

Having followed a Thomas and Sarah (nee Donnelly) Stewart, who by 1911 were in Neston cum Parkgate, Cheshire with their children Maggie, Elizabeth, Ruth, Mary, James and Thomas, I now believe he, or at least his wife and children (the youngest born at Neston), ended up in Skelmersdale.

The 1939 Register has a Sarah Stewart, by then a widow, living at 30 Witham Road, Skelmersdale with adult children:

James J Stewart, Thomas Stewart and Mary Stewart.

A Mary Stewart m a John James Nicoll at St Paul's, Skelmersdale in 1942. This matches with the surname 'Nicoll' added to Mary's entry on the 1939 register.

Three other female Stewart's married in St Paul's, Skelmersdale in the 1919/1920s, and would seem to match with Mary's sisters from the 1911 (England) census. They were:

Maggie Stewart to Frederick Heslip in 1919 (living at 38 Witham Road, Skelmersdale in 1939)

Ruth Stewart to William Sampson   in 1924 (13 Manor Road, Ormskirk in 1939)

Elizabeth Stewart to Peter McCulley in 1927 (45 Clayton Street, Skelmersdale in 1939, minus Peter, who possibly (address now confirmed by Burial Register as same) died 1938)

So far, I haven't spotted any obvious marriages for the brothers, James and Thomas, and both die in West Lancashire in 1976 and 1982 respectively.

Whilst I realise that certificates for the above marriages should yield some further clues to help prove/disprove my thoughts, at the moment, the cost has ruled these out. Similarly with the above and the following deaths.

The father, Thomas, could be the Thomas Stewart who died in Ormskirk district in 1937, albeit the age at death of this chap is out by about 15yrs, is more likely, given age, to be the one who died at Wigan Hospital on 28/8/1935, with an address of 67 Summer Street, Skelmersdale (as since found in Burial Register). The mother, Sarah, could be the one who died in Ormskirk district in 1943. GRO website have the death indexed as Stewart, albeit FreeBMD have it indexed as Steward. Certainly, having now checked Burial Register, this death was the Sarah Stewart of 30 Witham Street, and she died on 23/7/1943.

I'm not looking for help with research on the family prior to 1911 either, as I already have most of that, although I do still need to check the exact birth dates of some of the Scottish born children (when I next have spare SP credits), but with some credits I had spare at moment, I checked James Joseph Stewart's birth, and the date matches exactly the James J Stewart (middle name not recorded in full) at 30 Witham Road in 1939, and in turn matches the James Joseph Stewart death in 1976.

I've found a number of children to the Heslip, Sampson and McCulley marriages (and in turn marriages of some of those children), but as dates mean some could still be living, I haven't listed any here.

Anyhow, thanks for reading this far. Basically, I just wanted to get my thoughts down in one place and leave a 'record' in the hope that, as I indicated at the start, someday, something might make sense to someone reading and they recognise some/any of the various groupings above (even if it is to disagree with my thoughts and prove some are from different Stewart families entirely). Obviously, as living persons can't be discussed on the forum, I'd be happy for anyone to PM me if they need to.

Thomas was a sibling in a line I have researched for numerous years (through Ireland, Scotland and England see for some background), and it would be great to someday make contact with any of his descendants.

Happened to see the following, and thought it might be worth posting in case it is of interest to anyone who lives in the area:

the article gives a telephone number to call, to book a place on the team.

The Lighter Side / Pre-Christmas 'Feel Good' story
« on: Wednesday 21 December 16 11:06 GMT (UK)  »
Long read, but worth it:

The chap, and others like him who reunite medals and families, deserves a round of applause.


Greetings folks.

It's been a while since I visited this board, but only have UK Anc. sub at moment, so can only see limited info on US searches and other sources not proving as fruitful, therefore hoping for some help.

William Lilly b 12 Sep 1882 in Larne area, County Antrim to Robert Lilly and Jane Aicken.

(surname recorded at different times as Lilly/Lilley/Liley)

Brief summary (fuller details already known), travelled to Chicago, married 1912 and widowed 1916.

Discovered from his WW1 records that William enlisted in Chicago, presented for service in Montreal and then served in Europe. He then returned to Larne, before eventually being repatriated to Chicago (repatriation to Chicago had apparently been promised to him when he enlisted there).

Believe it likely he was the William Lilley, plasterer, at 637 Bergen Street, Newark, NJ in mid to late 1920s directories and also the William Lilley, born Ireland, widower, at 645 Bergen Street in 1940 census.

Not finding him on SSDI, but on the U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007, with the limited index details I can see, he is listed.

I can see an SSN number 148031672, that he was born Larne (year one out from known date from GRONI birth index). His parents names (matches known names, albeit mum's surname is the known alternative spelling 'Aiken'). Type of claim is 'Original SSN' and Note mentions 1937.

Would be helpful if anyone could confirm if any fuller details are given on this William Lilley record, especially if these link him to the Bergen Street address or New Jersey.

(ps not to be confused with a William H Lilley of similar age and from Ireland, who also lived in Newark at timescale.) 

Thanks, in advance.

Antrim / Book query - Banner of the Blue in auld Garydoo
« on: Sunday 13 March 16 10:50 GMT (UK)  »

Does any rootschatter happen to have a copy of this?

Checked NI Libraries online and none seem to be held in any branch .

If anyone can check, would be interested to know if it mentions family surnames associated with the church, particularly Johnson or Johnston in the 1800s.

Johnson/Johnston families were in Garryduff townland at 1851 census and earlier in Tithe Applotment records , and wondering if they had any links to this church.

The unexpected find of a marriage notice in an October 1854 newspaper, has caused me to believe I have come across a previously unknown to me sibling in a line I have researched for many years.

The notice intimated that the marriage had taken place on 26th September, of al Nancy Gallagher, eldest daughter of William of Ervey, at Killaloo Church, to a John Ritchie of Tamneymore. I have plenty of research on William, his wife and 4 of their children (2 females married and migrated to Scotland, 2 males to America).

On the civil index, I can see an 1854 Marriage of a John Ritchie to an Anne Gallagher, albeit with 19th as date. Knowing Nancy can be a derivative, and given that father's name, William, and Lower Cumber matches, this seems the best fit (haven't taken a chance on the certificate yet).  The index also indicates John's father was a John too, although this was not mentioned in the newspaper.  A Richie/Gallagher marriage took place elsewhere in Londonderry in 1855, but I do not think there is any link between the families. I have found several births to this other marriage, but none yet to John and Nancy/Anne.

Griffiths valuation 1858/59 has a John Richey in Killennan townland, which is also in Cumber Lower, so a possibility for the John of the marriage.

There are various Ritchies in Killennan and Crossballycormac at 1901/11, but nothing as yet to tie them with John and Nancy.

Early days (and I'm still in 'summer holiday mode', even though summer seems to have forgotten us this year, so not fully tuned into my usual research capabilities  ;D ) , but so far, not having much success following John and Nancy/Anne . Thought I would post what I have anyhow, on the off-chance someone happens along at some point who is doing Ritchie research for this parish and recognises any of the details.

Antrim / Teenies LOL 635
« on: Thursday 16 April 15 21:34 BST (UK)  »
Helping a friend in USA with some research on one of her lines. She has sent me a picture of two chaps wearing sashes. She initially thought they were for American organisations, but then ruled that out and by comparing with pictures on the web, realised one was Black Preceptory, the other Orange Order. She believes the 1st chap in the RBP sash was her relative, who emigrated in the early 1900s.

Anyhow, using the LOL number on the sash worn by the 2nd chap and google, I have narrowed it to Teenies, which would certainly have been near the area her relative was from. The photographer's name also matches one that another quick google confirms was in the area in the right timescale.

Although a longshot, as it is a rural area, I was hopeful that if any fellow rootschatter has any links with Teenies LOL or knows someone who does, you wouldn't mind sending me a PM and I could arrange to share the photo, in the hope it could in turn possibly be shared with current members of Teenies and that the 2nd chap might be recognised as a long since deceased family member of someone still local.

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