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Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Help with bride's name
« on: Friday 24 July 20 09:11 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone help with the name of Thomas Pegg's bride please? To me it looks like Brickton or Brockton but I can't read either rendition!

The quality of the scan from FindMyPast is very poor I'm afraid.

Many thanks,


Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / What's this word?
« on: Thursday 09 July 20 15:43 BST (UK)  »
I can read all this document except the word outlined, a field name [...] Sling.

Any suggestions, all I can come up with is Eustace??



I can read most of this, just need a few words here and there (especially in the second bit) if anyone can help?

Many thanks


PS Images are in wrong order sorry :(

Part 1:
First I give to my sonne Thomas the house at the Lower Forge
[to be taken?] and set up in Twist Leasowe lying in Brewood
lately bought of John Bill to the use of the aforesaid Thomas,
and I give to my daughter Anne all ye lands I have in
Coven, Twist Medowe excepted & I give [her?] all ye B[ ]
with all grants & [specialties?] thereto belonging and one [Foley?] to enjoy
his lease of the furnis & [she?] is to enter upon these landes at
the [time?] of two yeares next coming after the date hereof
and for ye [time?] [ ] to pay to my daughter Elnor

Part 2:
one bed [ ] forth, and to my sonne Edward twenty
shillings and [ ] to his [mothers?] [ ] then [ ]
for the paying of my debts the lease and the [ ][ ]of W[ ]all
mill [ ] rest of my goods both [ ] & [ ] except
before [except?] I doe ordayne my wife and my daughter Anne

The Common Room / Where to find a will?
« on: Tuesday 07 July 20 08:43 BST (UK)  »

I found an old book online which lists the will of someone I'm interest in who died in 1646. It was registered in one of the 'Peculiar Courts' and at the time the book was published was said to be preserved in the Lichfield Registry. Can anyone tell me where I should start looking for this and whether it's likely to be available online?

The book is:

Calendars of wills & administrations in the Consistory court of the bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, 1516-1652 : also those in the "Peculiars" now deposited in the probate registries at Lichfield, Birmingham and Derby, 1529-1652; 1675-1790; 1753-1790 Edited by W.P.W. Phillimore

Many thanks


Staffordshire / Can't Find Two, Can't Confirm One, Four Problems!
« on: Thursday 17 October 19 16:16 BST (UK)  »
To cut a 30 year story short, I finally found my great grandparents hiding in plain sight on the 1891 census. Contrary to information I'd found or been given, both had married other people before eloping.

First off, Mary Upton b 1865 at Leamington who by 1881 was in the care of her aunt Mary Bakewell, working as a barmaid at her uncle William's pub in Lichfield.

In Aug 1888 she married local baker's son Walter Humphries. By the time of the 1891 census the couple had a baby Florence Mabel.

By about 1894 Mary had met my ggf and was in Canada where she gave birth to my grandfather.

I'm trying to find out what happened to her daughter and first husband. Florence also passed into the care of Mary Bakewell (what a star!) and was with her up until at least the age of 20 (1911 census, Lichfield). I can't find a probable marriage or death for her after that date - that's problem #1

Problem #2 concerns Walter Humphries. The next (and only) trace I have of him after 1891 is a mention in a newspaper when he seems to have attended his father's funeral at Lichfield in 1895. His brothers continued to run the family business but I can't see what happened to Walter.

The second half of the puzzle concerns the man Mary eloped with, Henry Robinson b 1864 Nantwich (son of Henry, a shoemaker).

I believe he married Ann or (aka Annie) Prince in 1887. I have the marriage cert and all the details check out but it gives his occupation as Confectioner, something I wasn't expecting. I looked back to 1881 and found what I believe to be Henry at Salford working as a baker's assistant ie possibly a confectioner. (His family had connections with Salford). In 1891 he appears with Ann at Nantwich and gives his occupation as a painter (something which I know he carried on until he retired). At the end of 1891 the couple had a daughter Clara but she seems to have died at or soon after birth. As mentioned the next I know of Henry is that he was in Canada c1894. Ann appears on the 1901 census but died in 1907 So, my problem #3 is, have I got the right Henry at Salford in 1881 - I can't think of another way to confirm it. Problem #4 is the fact that at his marriage to Ann he is described as a widower (age 23) but I can't find a possible marriage.

To summarise the timing:

Mary Upton
1881 Lichfield
1888 Married Walter Humphries
1891 Had daughter Florence
1894 In Canada with Henry!
1895 Walter last traced problem #2
1911 Florence last traced problem #1

Henry Robinson
1881 Salford, bakers assistant problem #3
188? Married someone problem #4
1887 Married Ann Price, Nantwich
1891 Clara born
1894 In Canada with Mary!

I don't need to know about Mary and Henry before 1881 or after 1901 I have all the info I need in that regard. I'd just like to trace Mary's first husband and child, find out whether I've got the right Henry in 1881 and determine who he married before Ann.

Any help appreciated - sorry for the essay!


PS Henry and Mary never married each other as far as I know.
PPS In a bizarre coincidence (at least I think that's what it is) a Henry W Robinson, confectioner was brought to court by his wife Annie at Worcester in 1893 for desertion!

Cheshire / Nantwich Parish Registers Online?
« on: Wednesday 02 October 19 10:13 BST (UK)  »

Can anyone tell me if the parish registers for Nantwich are available online anywhere (originals or transcriptions)? They don't appear to be on FamilySearch, FindMyPast or FreeReg - possibly Ancestry? I'm looking for a marriage in the late 1880s.



Yorkshire (West Riding) / Lane Upperthong?
« on: Tuesday 14 May 19 11:14 BST (UK)  »
I've just obtained a birth certificate where the residence is given as 'Lane Upperthong'. Can anyone with local knowledge tell me what this means? On old maps I can see Upperthong Lane and plenty of other lanes including what looks like the name of a small settlement called Broad Lane (on Broad Lane (!) near Royd Top).

Many thanks,


The Common Room / Confused by denomination
« on: Tuesday 07 May 19 10:39 BST (UK)  »
I have a family with half a dozen children born in the 1820s. Some of the middle children were baptised at an Independent chapel while the others were 'done' at the usual Anglican parish church. I could understand if they had switched from one denomination to another but it seems odd that they are mixed up in this way (unless they tried the non-conformist route then changed their minds). The parents themselves were both baptised at the parish church.

Does anyone else have this situation or thoughts as to why it might happen?

Staffordshire / Mary Millward (Millwood, Milwood or Millard), abt 1806 West Bromwich
« on: Wednesday 20 March 19 13:07 GMT (UK)  »
I'm trying to firm up the identify of the wife of Edward Holland of West Bromwich (1801-1872). There are one or two other threads on Rootschat dealing with his descendants.

The only suitable marriage I (and others) seem to have found was on the old Family Search site as follows:

Extracted marriage record for locality listed in the record.
Marriage: 28 DEC 1823 Saint Marys, Handsworth, Stafford, England

Source Information:
Batch No.:      Dates:      Source Call No.:    Type:   Printout Call No.:Type:
M098671     1810 - 1825     0426554     Film    NONE
M098671     1825 - 1834     0426555     Film    NONE
M098671     1834 - 1837     0426556     Film    NONE
Sheet: 00

The name seems to have now become Milward...

Detail page:

Her year of birth is put at 1804; I'm sure I came across another record for her with an 1802 birth date but I can't seem to find it again now!

According to birth certificate of their youngest child (William, the only one born after registrations began in 1837), Mary's surname is Millwood, which could easily have been Millward misheard by the registrar:

GRO Reference: 1841 J Quarter in WEST BROMWICH Volume 18 Page 576

On the 1841 census (Virgin's End, West Bromwich), there is a widow Ann Millward living nearby, who could be Mary's mother, and a Thomas Millward, possibly a brother, a few doors further on. The possibility of these people being related only came to mind when I found the same Thomas Millward living next door on the 1851 census - by which time they had moved to a new address! I haven't had time to look into these other Millwards yet.

The age at death and on the censuses put her year of birth abt 1806.

I'm not aware of any connection with Handsworth so why they would have married there rather than at All Saints which was very close by I can't imagine. That said, Handsworth did come under West Bromwich at that time so maybe she was born there.

Unfortunately she was unable to write her name so the marriage register has the usual 'x'.

Any thoughts welcome!

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