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Caithness / Visit to Caithness - McGregor, McLeod, Sutherland, Gun
« on: Saturday 26 December 09 14:57 GMT (UK)  »
I am visiting Smerral, Latheronwheel on 8/9 Jan 2010 and was wondering if anyone has details of members of my family I have a copy of the 1891 census giving my family members Janet McGregor, Jessie (Janet) McGregor, Sutherland Williamson (Grandson), Kenneth McLeod (registered as McGregor and illegitimate – my great grandfather)  and Charles McLeod living in Newport, Berrydale.

Kenneth married Ann Sutherland Gunn in 1904.  They had my grandmother Williamina Gilchrist McLeod in 1904 in the village of Lybster. At some stage Kenneth McLeod took on the name family (mothers) of McGregor dropping the McLeod.

I am looking to visit places grave yards etc that would be of interest on my two day stay.

Caithness / Sutherlands
« on: Tuesday 13 October 09 20:57 BST (UK)  »
Back onto the case as I seem to be drawing a blank on the Robert McGregor and Mary Sutherland.

All this information has come from a Great Aunt who unfortunately was more interested in the McGregor side of the family.  From her notes I have put together the following however, I can’t find a lot of the documentation. 

However, I have put together the following and hope I can get more from people on the site.  Forgive me I am a beginner.

Father – John Sutherland from Wick
Mother Janet Cormack again I think form Wick

Son William Sutherland b 12/11/1785       )
                ) Yes Twins
Daughter Esther Sutherland b12/11/1778  )

I think Esther Married a John Sutherland.
My Aunt left notes stating that Esther died in 2nd April 1855 and is buried at Grahd ? Berriedale she also wrote Dunbeath, Latheron.

They possibly had the following children:
1.   Alexander 1832
2.   George 1834
3.   Ann 1838
4.   Janet 1840
5.   James (Dec)
6.   Hugh 1844
7.   Robert 1846
8.   William 1848
9.   William (Dec)
All these notes are written as is:
(F) William Sutherland – farmer
(M) Ann Sutherland
(H) or (M) John Sutherland – Farmer

Can anyone help?

Caithness / Robert McGregor and Mary Sutherland 1762
« on: Monday 12 October 09 15:58 BST (UK)  »
I hope you will all forgive me but I am new to all of this and any help is appreciated.

I am looking to find anything on Robert McGregor and Mary Sutherland both of whom I believe were from Sempster (Caithness) the wording I have been given is as follows:

They were matrimonially contracted in order to marriage, 14th or 21st June 1762
Most of the information has come from a Great Aunt who got a lot from the Scottish Records Office and New Registry House.  She has said that her mother always said the McGregor’s went to Caithness after the troubles and it could be true as Robert and Mary Married only 16 years after the battle of Culloden.

I have lots more information on our family living in this area right up to about 1900 Latheron, Berriedale, Knockally, Buoltach etc.

I have gone back to Robert and Mary as I can’t seem to go back any further.  Can anyone help?

I was also sent an extract from ‘Highland Clearances Trail’ describing Badbea and how people were cleared (evicted) from Auchencraig, Berriedale, by Donald Horne in 1830 and that the site had first been settled as early as 1770 by a family of Sutherlands from Berriedale.  However, I don’t know if there is a family connection. 

I have more information on this couple. Their children either Born or Baptised:

Margaret Baptised 18th July 1762

John Baptised 7th October 1764 at Latheron (Sempster)

Mary 10th April 1768

Charles 13th August 1770

Anna May 1775

Regards, Jim

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