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Yorkshire (West Riding) Lookup Requests / John Thompson Grahame
« on: Sunday 16 May 10 11:32 BST (UK)  »
Please can any one help me with my Puzzle ?

I have a birth cert for my husbands Grandfather John Horace Grahame 1894
Parents are John Thompson Grahame Marine Engineer and Mary Jane Grahame ne Widdop .
He is born in Bradford.
I have 1901 census with Mary Jane Living alone with her 7 year old son Horace ( John )she is a draper at 46 Commercial rd Halifax , this states she is married
I also have 1911 census Mary Jane Grahame draper with son John Horace aged 17 at 46 Commercial Rd
she is still a draper . It states she has been married for 18 years and still is .
I have John Horace Grahame ( Son) wedding cert 1919 where it states the father to be John Grahame and a commercial Traveller but Deceased .
I have a 2nd Marriage cert of John Horace Grahame in Birmingham to Mary tunks stating that his father was John Grahame Commercial traveller ( Music)
I have The death cert of John Horace Grahame and also Mary Grahame .
But I cannot find any wedding cert between Mary Jane Widdop and John Grahame with or without an 'E'
I have bought 5 certs now
1886 Mary Widdop,1893 Mary Widdop,1881 Mary Widdop ,1898 Mary Widdop ,1888 John Grahame .
ALL are WRONG :(

I suspect my Mary Jane Widdop is the One Born in Northowram  Halifax . But cant prove it till I get a marriage cert . I cant find out who my John Grahame is Either .

So you see I am very stuck . I have tried various Grahame spellings .
There is one avenue I haven't tried yet and that is looking for a marriage in other parts of the country .
Has any super sleuth out there got any ideas  and can help stop me buying certs and knocking my head against a brick wall . i would be so grateful .
Regards Jean

I have however found John Grahame in Birmingham in 1901 living with a Rose Grahame and with a couple of kids . That stated he is a commercial traveller ( Draper ) and no possible wedding certificate for him and Rose . I have been down that path too .

Warwickshire / FLORENCE, Edwin Richard Census 1871
« on: Friday 14 May 10 21:49 BST (UK)  »

Hello Everyone
I am looking for an ancestor who is missing from Census 1871.   He is Edwin Richard Florence b. 1859 Preston Bagot.   his Mother is  Caroline Florence b 1836 and that his grandparents were William and Elizabeth Florence.
He can be found on Census 1861 living with his grandparents but that there is a couple of transcription errors 1) Edwin Flourance  2) he is down as  grand'daughter' instead of son! Also that his middle name has been left out.
By 1971
his mother has Married and started a family but sadly without Edwin , He just  can't be found on Census 1871 . By this time his grandparents have named their youngest son Edwin as well adding to the confusion . My Edwin will be 12 years old .

 I would be so grateful if  anyone can help please
 Thank you for taking time to look

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