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Kent / COSTEN (Susan?) - 1806, Rainham, Kent
« on: Sunday 15 April 12 01:50 BST (UK)  »
I am taking another shot at my brick wall and was wondering if anyone knows of a family with the surname of COSTEN living in or around Rainham, Kent in 1806.

Sophia Atwater married George Goodwin on April 21, 1806 in St. Margaret of Antioch, Rainham.  She is transcribed as Hatwater.  Of the two witnesses, one I'm sure worked in the church or was somehow used as a witness often - William Taylor.  The second witness has the surname of COSTEN or at least it looks like that.  The first name may start with an "S".  The image that I have seems to be a better copy of what is on the Cityarc site but I still can't make out the first name.

Grasping at straws, I am wondering if this may be a family member in some way.  I have not been able to find a link back beyond Sophia.

Thank you for reading,


Kent Completed Lookup Requests / FENTON - Looking for First Name or Marriage
« on: Saturday 23 August 08 15:12 BST (UK)  »
I am looking for the first name of Mr. FENTON who married Rosa MURRAY/MURREY.  He was always away during census night and I cannot locate a Marriage.

Wife:  Rosa Jane MURRAY/MURREY born Rayleigh, Essex 1860
Parents:  Joshua & Jane Elizabeth (Kennett) MURRAY/MURREY
(Living in Minster, Sheppey in 1871 - 1901)

Children of Rosa & Mr FENTON:
William Ernest - b 1881 Minster
Albert Edgar - b 1885 Minster
Rosa Olive - b 1888 Sheerness
Reginald Joshua - b 1890 Sheerness
Alma Gertrude - b 1891 Sheerness
Arthur Norman - b 1898 St Mary Extra, Hampshire

All births are registered under FENTON. 
1881 Census for Rosa at:  RG11/977, Folio 17, Page 28
Mistranscribed as Ryssa.

Any Help in finding Mr FENTON would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

I am using FTM 2006 - Version 16

I have learned a lesson this morning. Never go and change Facts before your first cup of coffee!

I was adjusting a Birth Reference to a Baptism. Rather than making a whole new Fact for the Birth, I changed the name. A pop up window came up and asked me if I wanted to change all the facts under this category to Baptism. Before I read the whole thing I clicked it. The program has now changed all my Births to Baptisms in the Facts page.

Despite numerous attemps, I cannot repeat this feat again to change it back. Perhaps it's because I have had a coffee?

Anyone have any ideas on how to change all the facts under one name to another for all the individuals in your tree? I have over 2000 people in my tree and I can't stomach the though of having to do it one at a time.


Dorset / WOODSFORD / GOODWIN Brick Wall
« on: Friday 08 August 08 18:55 BST (UK)  »
Hello Everyone,

Today is my first post in Dorset due to the concentration of the surname WOODSFORD.  I am in search of the family of George GOODWIN.  A fellow researcher has passed onto me some information, that in their research for their family, they made a notation that George's parents were:

Benjamin & Mary WOODSFORD

No source was noted at the time they wrote this down and no further information.

Now I don't know if this means:

Benjamin GOODWIN & Mary WOODSFORD .... Or

The latter meaning that George was base born.  The notation would give me that impression but I could be wrong.

George married Sophia Atwater in St. Margaret of Antioch, Rainham, Kent on April 21, 1806.  Sadly, he did not survive to the 1841 census which gives me no idea where he was from.

George died in 1839 and is buried in Sittingbourne, Kent.  His age is listed in the burial register as 67 making his birth year about 1772.

If anyone has heard of a GOODWIN / WOODSFORD marriage, I would be very interested.

Thank you for looking at my enquiry,

Kent Completed Lookup Requests / Burial months after death?
« on: Wednesday 06 August 08 16:14 BST (UK)  »
Hi Everyone,

Just a few questions about burials.  I have recently found two cases of children born and died in the first quarter of a year and then buried in December of that year.  These were different families.

Sources of births and deaths is the Free BMD.
Sources of burial is the KFHS CD #7.

Why would the burials be so late after the death?
Was this unusual?
Where was the body kept till the burial?

Thanks for looking at my enquiry,


Canada Lookup Request / Look-up Please: Alfred J Carey - Emigrant 1907
« on: Saturday 21 June 08 14:36 BST (UK)  »
Hi All,

Can anyone pinpoint an immigration to Canada for me.  Here is what I know:

Alfred J Carey
Born 1878, Milton, Kent
Immigration Year - 1907
Leaving - Liverpool
Arrival - Montreal
Ship - Tunisian

I am looking for the date that he may have left England or arrived in Canada.

Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.


Kent / Question Re Birth Entry Prior to 1837
« on: Friday 09 May 08 00:46 BST (UK)  »
I have a copy of a birth entry from Gillingham in 1815.  My question is:  If twins are born, do they each have a line in the entry log?


Do they write something like "Charlotte & Maria" and have two births written in one line?

The reason I ask is that I have not been able to find any information on "Maria", yet I have found that Charlotte's middle name is Maria in the marriage register on FreeBMD.

If I examine the birth registration, it looks like the curate started to write a "D" for daughter under Charlotte but didn't quite finish the "D".  Maria is then written below this "D".

(D or &)

What is your opinion?  Am I tracing a child that probably didn't exist?



Kent Lookup Requests / Eldridge - Goodwin Marriage - Broughton
« on: Sunday 04 May 08 14:11 BST (UK)  »
I have found a marriage on the IGI that was submitted by a family member and can find no other information to confirm this is the person I am looking for.

James Eldridge married Sophia Goodwin - Dec 28, 1833
Boughton, Blean, Kent, England

I am trying to confirm that Sophia Goodwin is my relative.  Does anyone have access to these records that they may be able to give me any further information?  I am looking to confirm her parents names.
Suspected Family:  1841

Selling, Boughton under Blean, Kent

James Eldridge 30 
Sophia Eldridge 25 
Mary Eldridge 6 
James Eldridge 4 
John Eldridge 2 
Sarah Eldridge 4 Mo

Thank you for looking,


I am looking for my great grandmother in the 1891 census.  She married on May 23, 1891 at Holy Trinity, Waterhead.  (About 6 weeks after the census)  Her address on the marriage registration is 2 Abraham Street.

I cannot seem to locate her on the census.  Can anyone seem to locate where Abraham steet is in the census?

Name:  Ellen Smith
Age:  21 at time of marriage  (Born about 1870)
Birth Location:  Exeter, Devon, England  (In 1901 Census)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks for looking.


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