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Hi all,

Can anyone identify this Devonshire Arms? And possibly date the photo?

Francis was born 1843 in Gosberton, Lincolnshire. But by 1871 (Age 27) he was living in Brightside, Sheffield and his occupation is "Cab Proprietor", so I had presumed that the photo was taken somewhere in this area.
There are/were several Devonshire arms in the area but I have searched & Googled, but I cannot find any that look even the slightest bit like this one :( even taking into account it may have been modernised.

I can't quite make out the name on the adjacent building either - it looks like STROUISS or STROUTSS HOTEL, but this makes no sense and googling all variations turns up nothing  >:(

Any help appreciated.

Kind regards,
Matt T.

World War Two / Desert Rat, but what unit?
« on: Thursday 05 August 10 22:42 BST (UK)  »

My Grandfather Jack TOMLINSON (1912 - 1985) fought in North Africa with the Desert Rats but I have no idea what unit/s he was with.

I was quite young when he died and can only remember a few mentions in passing about his activities in the war, so only have a few clues to go on:

1 - I remember seeing a photo (unfortunately now mislaid) of him in uniform "on his horse". So possibly cavalry, & presumably this was in England during training?

2 - He mentioned being part of the crew of a Grant tank at some point, possibly the Gunner or maybe Machine Gunner.

3 - He once mentioned dislocating his shoulder while firing an Anti-Tank gun.

4 - He talked about moving positions around the desert during the night & various decoy tactics to confuse enemy spotter planes into thinking they were a much larger force than they actually were.

5 - I once told him I was going on holiday to Morocco & he told me he hated the place as it was a horrible, dry, dusty place when he was there during the war! (I'm not sure about this as I know the 7th Armoured Division went into Tunisia but I cannot find any mention of any units in Morocco, maybe he just meant North Africa in general)

6 - I'm not sure if I'm confusing this with the plot from a film or if he actually told it, but I also vaguely remember him telling a story of his unit advancing on an enemy position with a Scottish regiment leading the way while playing Bagpipes & the enemy fled, terrified by the sound of the droning pipes (also not sure if this was in Africa or a later campaign such as Sicily or Burma depending on what unit he was with)

Do these clues help narrow down what unit/s he may have served in? particularly the Grant tank as I believe there weren't that many units that had these?

Thanks in advance, kind regards,

Photograph Resources, Tips, Tutorials / Monitor settings calibration - any tips?
« on: Saturday 21 November 09 14:14 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all,

I had adjusted the settings on my TFT monitor, and in the software for my display driver to produce what I considered to be the most realistic image as regards colour, contrast and brightness.

I have done some restores that I was quite happy with while working on them on my monitor and subsequently posted them.

However, while viewing one of my recently posted restores, on my computer at work (which has an antiquated CRT monitor that I've always thought gave a rather inferior image) I have realized that there is some detail in both the original and my restore that was hardly visible when I was working on it at home!

Has anybody had this problem, and does anybody have any suggestions on the best way of calibrating monitors?

Does anyone have a 'Test Card' type image that they can recommend?

Any suggestions welcome, (apart from "Get a better monitor" as I cannot aford it at this time of year)  ;D




I am trying to find my GrtGrandfather John Thomas TOMLINSON, b. 1880/1 probably in Sheffield.
I have a copy of the certificate for his marriage to Constance Ruth PERCIVAL, Sept 1902, this gives his father's name as William Parkin TOMLINSON, and they are living in Carbrook, Sheffield.
One of the witnesses is a Nellie TOMLINSON. I am assuming this could be either his sister or his mother.
I think I have found a record of his birth in Sheffield, but I cannot find him in the Census records.
If anyone can find Nellie and see where/who she is living with, this would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I think I may have found GrtGrtGrandfather William Parkin TOMLINSON's birth, Q4 1857 in Rotherham (there aren't many with Parkin as a middle name) but the only possible match I can find in the census is in 1861 census - he is possibly with parents in Carbrook but his age is recorded as 5 and was born in Brightside, Yorkshire.
I know that Brightside is on the border of Sheffield/Rotherham, has anybody heard of anybody being registered as born in rotherham but in the census records as being born in Brightside?


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