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Hi there

Would anyone be able to help me date this photo?  The gentleman in the picture died in 1966.  He had three wives, two died young, one in 1902, and one in 1935.  He remarried in 1937.  The photo was given to me, and I was told it was him and wife number two, and I just want to confirm this.  He was 61 when he got married for the third time, and 90 when he died.  (the second wife was 62 when she died).

Thanks in advance.

World War One / Identify a Uniform please?
« on: Wednesday 03 June 15 20:30 BST (UK)  »
Evening :)

Can anyone tell me if this was a uniform for the army during the first world war?  The Gentleman was born in 1880, and died in 1948.  I cannot find any record of him serving in the War, yet family history said he was injured in the war, and there a few photos of him in uniform.


Daisy Loo

Ireland / When records dry up!
« on: Thursday 04 December 14 21:13 GMT (UK)  »
Good evening :)

I am trying to find get further on the tree of an Edward Browne.  I have his gravestone inscription, where he died in 1869 aged 70.  I have a marriage date of 1835 (but no physical record) to a Mary Eliza Gillman, and a record listing for wills for both of them.  I have managed to go back with Mary Eliza, as she appears to be peerage.  But Edward Browne seems to come out of nowhere!

I can't pin down where they actually got married.   Her father had an address in Dublin, Bellevue House, Booterstown; and it appears this house may have been left to Mary Eliza, as Edward Browne is listed with this address also.

Some time between 1855 and 1860, Edward Browne purchased a property in Rosleague, Co. Galway.  He had a son, Gillman, who was born around 1836, but I can't find a birth record for him, to pin down where he was born.  Gillman was listed on his grave as the eldest son, so I assume they had other children too, but, can't find them either!

Edward and his son Gillman were Justices of the Peace for Galway, and there are plenty of mentions in old newspapers. 

Despite this, I seem to be going round and round in circles, trying to get that one step further back.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance.

Ireland / Landed Estate Court Files
« on: Monday 01 December 14 00:39 GMT (UK)  »
Hi there

Is anyone able to tell me how I can access these files?  They appear to be online via familysearch, but the images are only available to view  for members or organisations, of which I am neither. :(

Thanks in advance,

Daisy Loo

The Common Room / Story of Tom Joyce - US & Ireland
« on: Monday 09 June 14 14:26 BST (UK)  »
Hello all :)

I am trying to help a friend with a mystery in her family, and haven't had much luck.

Tommie Joyce was born in Baltimore, Maryland.  His birth date is very changeable.  The 1901 Irish census has him aged 25, (b.1876) and the 1911 Irish census has him aged 46 (b.1865).  On both occasions he is living with a couple by the name of Thornton.  In 1901, he is alone there, and by 1911, he has a wife and children.  He married Penelope (Nappy) Faherty about 1903.  Other dates of birth have been 1871 & 1873 from various family recollections.

His story is sad.  His parents didn't do too well in the States, and the story has it that they came back and over a couple of times.  He was born in the the US, and at the age of 4, he was sent with his oldest sister, Mary (who was aged 12) back to Ireland. He lived with the Thorntons in Currywongaun in Connemara, County Galway.

His parents were John Joyce (from Finney, Maam, Co. Galway) and his mother was Mary K(e)ane (from Salruck, Co. Galway).  It is uncertain where they married, though family story has it that they met in the US.  John Joyce apparently had an ice business in Baltimore.

I haven't managed to find any matching ships lists for any of them, or any records that really match.  The closest I have found is an 1870 census record in Baltimore, for a John & A Mary Joyce, aged 40 & 38 respectively.  There is no Thomas, but there is a Mary, who is aged 5.  However, my friend has never heard of any of the names of the children.  It is believed that Tommie was the youngest of 5, and the only boy, and Mary was the eldest.  The above 1870 census family has disappeared by 1880, and I found a possible Mary Joyce living without children, and a widow.

Any advice of how to proceed, or where to look, or any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi there

I have been given copies of two pictures - the originals are on card, and are a raised dome shape, so extremely hard to scan or copy. I only have a copy of the original, which I have then scanned. 

This couple is Pat & Bridget Conroy, and they are on the 1901 & 1911 census in Ireland and both were born approximately in 1871.

I am really interested, in trying to date these photos and also in knowing what these kind of photos were.  Thanks in advance of any help :)

Ireland / Petty Sessions, Ireland
« on: Friday 05 July 13 22:15 BST (UK)  »
Hi there

My ancestor Alexander McMinn appears to have lived in Clonmel from the early 1850's until around 1870.  On the majority of his children's baptism records, his address was the Clonmel Barracks, in Tipperary.  I have just come across some petty session records...there are quite a few, ranging across the 1860's, where McMinn is the complainant trying to regain possession of house/room etc

I don't really understand this, I wasn't aware that he even owned property?  How can I find out more about this?  He was a soldier in the RA, and he died in 1878 in the UK in Woolwich.

I have a few of the petty sessions on the deciphering board, as I couldn't make out some of the words.  That thread is here:,652942.0.html

Thanks in advance :)

Good evening :)

I have a few petty session excerpts which I need help with please.
The first is this one: The Complainant is Alexander McMinn.  I'll post the others in the posts below.  Thanks in advance :D

London and Middlesex / Electoral Rolls - London
« on: Tuesday 27 November 12 14:49 GMT (UK)  »
Hi there

Can anyone tell me who would be on these rolls back in the 1800's?  specifically 1840's onwards?
Would they be home owners?

Thanks in advance :)

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