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Armed Forces / Herbert Augustus Voules
« on: Friday 23 November 12 10:14 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone please help with any information on Herbert Augustus Voules born 1839 am helping friend researching tree and new to military records in 1881 census his occupation is pensioner army age 41.
Name on census is robert a voules other research has shown this must be a triscribe error. any help appreciated.

The Common Room / Marriage Certificate puzzle
« on: Thursday 11 October 12 17:33 BST (UK)  »
I recently got birth, marriage and death certificate for my grandfather Sidney Cyril Martin he was born 27Th Oct 1913 he has no father listed his mother Betsy martin has no record of marriage and this backs up evidence by surname not changing from her parents John Martin and Elizabeth Martin (Helmsley) . Betsy died in 1918 and by history passed down Elizabeth and John brought him up. Sidney got married on 24Th December 1942. he has put fathers name down as John Martin(Deceased). Has any one come across a situation before where the incorrect name is put on father section of marriage certificate have double checked my research in case I incorrectly linked wrong family but everything fits.

Nottinghamshire Lookup Requests / Sidney Cyril Martin
« on: Tuesday 02 October 12 13:12 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone help have Sidney Cyril Martin born 27th October 1913 Brussels Terrace Bunbury Street Nottingham have been unable to find death or marriage for him, only ones have come across are to old to be my Sidney know he married Doris whittaker Jefferey my father was born 1946 and he can't really remember him as he died when my dad was young. Sidney mother is Betsy Martin. My dad grow up in Nottingham so have no reason to believe they moved out of the county. Sidney's profession 1946 was tripe dresser.

Occupation Interests / dresser profession
« on: Tuesday 02 October 12 09:04 BST (UK)  »
Any help would be appreciated have my fathers birth certificate list his father as Sidney Cyril Martin  has occupation as tuloe Dresser first word makes no sense to me have tried searching and only come up with Toulouse dresser any suggestions would name of profession of changed or been shortened for certificate. birth certificate from 1946.

World War One / help on finding any military records
« on: Saturday 27 March 10 17:03 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all not sure where to start looking for military information on Frederick Whittaker Jeffery Just got my grandmothers birth certificate and list frederick as father and occupation as Gunner R.G.A No. 206954 note made from fettler ?not sure if i read last bit right. His wife is from Nottingham area. Any help would be appreciated or a push in the right direction.

Yorkshire (North Riding) Lookup Requests / Will Ann Hebden - Thomas Stephenson
« on: Wednesday 08 October 08 23:16 BST (UK)  »
Came across the following in search of the net can anyone please explain what it means if possible.

1867.1118  Ann Hebden wid Cropton Middleton +1008 67 ad+will made 0730   Thomas Stephenson farmer Cawthorn par Middleton #270 on trst - grddau Ann Foster #19.19/- @21 o/w bet dau Esther wife Robert Monkman lab of C &2 sons Ruston & George, rest bet dau & sons, George desk/clock/3 chairs/1 table/1 feather bed. rest furn dau wit Thomas Bowes John Hammond. ad to dau as no exor named U#300.sureties TS & John Watson gent Pickering.

Thomas Stephenson is one of my ancestors who was a farmer in cawthorn according to the 1851 census, unfortunately can't find original link to site any help on translating abbreviations appreciated.

Hampshire & Isle of Wight / Help with Thorpe Portsmouth
« on: Monday 06 October 08 21:13 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone help Find any details with a William Beaumont Thorpe
Born about 1895, Have death certificate 8th Oct 1966 Portsea.
Marriage 2nd July 1917 to Emily Downer Portsea father listed as Alfred Thomas Thorpe.Have tried looking in census but been unable to follow through. Any help or ideas appreciated.

Yorkshire (North Riding) / Stephenson
« on: Friday 03 October 08 11:59 BST (UK)  »
Looking for information on John Stephenson married to Jane Seymour, born about 1789 born screeton or semton on census record?. Was a farmer living in Kirby Misperton had a child Thomas Stephenson could be more. Thomas married Mary hornby was a farmer had 7 children
John Stephenson 1850
Thomas Stephenson 1852
Jane Stephenson 1854
Mary Stephenson 1858
William Stephenson 1859
Anne Stephenson 1863
Henry Stephenson 1867

Nottinghamshire / Martin
« on: Friday 03 October 08 10:01 BST (UK)  »
Hi all any one have any links to martins living in Nottingham have traced family back to a William Martin 1816 married to Sophia Marsh son Robert Ignatius 1839, Daughter Clara Martin 1841,Son William Martin 1845, Daughter Elizabeth Martin 1849.

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