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Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Ancestry DNA testing for two
« on: Saturday 16 February 19 12:34 GMT (UK)  »
I'm sure I  have read this discussed before but cannot find it now.

I have recently takent the DNA tes and its being processed - I have a large tree on Ancestry so will be happy to share my results when they come.

I'm also testing my half sister - she is happy for this to happen but I think would prefer to keep results hidden for now - not even sure how it all works yet.

BUT she's not interested in doing any of the registering stuff at all so I'll be handling that.  I have set up an email for her so that hopefully I can then take over her account without involving her at all - she doesn't do much with computers. Apparently using her email for her to nominate me to take it over or run it I think.

Any advice or tips on the best way to proceed.  She hasn't done the test yet and I've not registered hers as we've only just received it.

Devon / Exeter Prison inmate - 1960s
« on: Saturday 22 December 18 16:01 GMT (UK)  »
Is there any way I find details of someone who served maybe 6months in Exeter Prison - the person is long deceased? 
I think I tried the prison itself a few years ago to no avail.  They would have been sentenced in Cardiff - but I had no joy there either.
Seems odd that you can access 19c records with pictures etc but nothing for the more recent past.

Census and Resource Discussion / 1939 Census National Register - codes info please
« on: Saturday 22 December 18 15:55 GMT (UK)  »
1939 census - someone was shown as 'incapacitated' and with the code *c/85 shown afterwards in red - does anyone know what it means please?

WW1 CASUALTY - have found this old image but very pixilated. Can anyone tidy it up a little please for our Remembrance display.


Hi - anyone able to help me with our family research?

I have a Joseph Humphrey Harrington born 1810 and died 1848:
Birth 29 April 1810 in Christ Church, Southwark, London, Surrey
Death 7 Jan 1848 in Christchurch Worthing.

Cannot find him on the 1841 census but he married Mary Amelia Startin in June 1841 and was shown as being a tea dealer and living at St Martins in the Field.  The marriage took place in Wolston parish church.

Any information on either his address or of the tea dealing side would be most welcome.

We seem to have other tea and sugar dealers in the family as well - mostly by names of Startin.

Have found this:
Age: 33
London post office directory
Harrington & Lucas - tea dealers
19 Panton St Haymarket and 113 Borough High St.

Carmarthenshire / Trooper J Tyson Lloyd d 1917 Henllan Amgoed
« on: Tuesday 18 June 13 16:50 BST (UK)  »
In Henllan Chapel yard is a large WW1 memorial with five names.

On behalf of a friend I am trying to locate the burial of John Tyson Lloyd who is recorded on the memorial.

MAR 24 1917

Would anyone know if he is buried in Henllan Chapel yard and if so where please?  I have tried looking but there are so many gravestones I thought someone might actually know.

For those interested Tyson was born in Henllan Amgoed parish and in 1901 was lodging at Henllan Mill with his father and family - his father was shown as a horse breaker.

By 1911 he was  working at Caeremlyn Farm and when he enlisted in 1916 was employed by Dr Thomas of Hillside Whitland as a groom.

The Tyson in his name is a family one that goes back many generations.

Hi - have just bought this Will online but am no good with the fancy handwriting.

I only want the basic details please and thought someone used to ready old handwriting may have more of a clue than me.

His address when he did the Will was No 19 Panton Street Leicester Square.

His friend was Charles Williams of Compton Street Middlesex and George Startin  ? Street City of London Sugar ? .  (George Startin is presumably his wife's brother who was a sugar merchant in London and lived from 1809-85).

Proved n the 15th April.

These are the two images of John Lloyd that were uncovered by a family member:

This we believe may be in about 1908 judging by the ages of the children and someone said by the style of the uniform.
His children were born:
Evelyn Mary Lloyd 1902 1987
Thomas Lloyd 1903 1967
Walter John Lloyd 1905 1906
Emma Irene Lloyd 1906 1910
Elizabeth Jane Lloyd 1907 1907
Winifred Annie Lloyd 1908 1910
Hugh James Lloyd 1910 1986

This was taken in Whitland, West Wales, UK - in 1916 and we believe when he was on his was to France.

This is a close-up of his face.  It looks like scars - but where from?

The main thread about John Lloyd in Canada is here -,546994.0.html

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