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The live link above is being promoted by several of Australia's University Professors of History, particularly those involving study of Convictism. 

The jail is also known to have held prisoners awaiting transportation for more serious crimes and it's possible the cells were used for these inmates too.

The jail's timeline dovetails with the period of mass transportation of convicts from Britain and Ireland to the Australian colonies.

Between 1788 and 1868, the British government transported over 160,000 prisoners to the other side of the world and more than 850 of those are known to have been sentenced in the courts of Hull and the East Riding.

The first convicts sent to Australia were carried in 11 ships known as the First Fleet which set sail from Portsmouth in 1787 bound for Botany Bay.

Among the vessels was the Hull-built Alexander, the largest convict transport ship in the fleet at 454 tons.

On her first voyage she carried 195 male prisoners and suffered the worst casualty rate in the fleet, with 16 convicts dying after an outbreak of typhus while still moored in Portsmouth and another 15 dying during the journey.


Australia / Convict Transport Guide NEW ONLINE via NSW State Archives
« on: Sunday 04 July 21 02:37 BST (UK)  »

Menu tabs include :  Guide;  Indexes;  Stories.

Here is a link to the Archives Webinair: Tracing NSW Convicts

The Guide has an overview which summary headings include:
Transportation Act
Transportation to America, Transportation to America ceased
New South Wales: Botany Bay, Port Jackson, Awaiting transportation, Deaths on board, Commissioner Bigge, Abolition of transportation, Revised System, Exiles, Western Australia, End of convict system,
A list of records series includes: Trial records, Records of the Voyage
Sources held elsewhere note the Mitchell Library (part of the NSW State Library, in Sydney CBD, not the one in Scotland), and the Votes and Proceedings of the Legislate Assembly (of NSW, available online).  Here's a link to the V&P starting in 1856

The Indexes tab is as informative as the Guide tab and gives live links to: Col Secretary's papers 1788-1825; Convict Indents Digitised index, and Convict Assignments Index (1821-1825) and related links for Female Factory, Parramatta, Hyde Park Barracks, and Convicts in VDL

Stories tab has loads more interesting details too, including the story behind the first pardon granted.


Australia / NSW State Archives Now & Then Feb 2021 announcement
« on: Tuesday 13 April 21 04:38 BST (UK)  »
Hi All,

Firstly, I should mention that Now and Then is a great newsletter put out by NSW State Archives, and you can subscribe to it, (no charge), or you can find it and the back copies at the website anyway.

But, the announcement ... well there's probate packets that are still not listed at the various online indexes .... 120,000 of them are NOT yet listed.   They cover the period from 1890 to outbreak of WWI and from end of WWI to around 1928. 

Yes, so here's the announcement :

Many readers will be aware that there are a number of probate packets that are not listed in our online catalogue, Collection Search, for the period 1890-1913, and 1919-1928.

The good news is that the 120,000 packets concerned are soon to be added to the 750,000 that are already searchable online!

Here's that February issue of Now & Then.  It is issue 101.

Permanent url

ADD NSW State Archives mini webinar on Probate Packets...  (October 2020)


Australia / Free Webinars and NSW State Archives
« on: Tuesday 18 August 20 02:31 BST (UK)  »
Here's the link  :)

Here's the ones still to happen this year (2020)
28 August  Hotel Plans
8 September A thousand Words  (how to respond to the Archives 100 photos, 1880-1980 exhibition)
11 September Land Title Numbers (Certificates etc)
25 September Tramway staff registers
9 October Gaol Photos
16 October Women in the Archives
30 October Probate Packets
13 November Stamp Duties Deceased Estate Files

24 November Higher Courts (Quarter Sessions, District, Supreme Court)
4 December Researching local history using Collection search option
18 December Bubonic Plague register

PLUS they have listed the webinars that have already happened and are already uploaded  :) :
Business and Trade;  Land titles Old Sydney b Torrens Title;  Using Indexes for local history;  Dowloading an image from Collection Search;  Children in care 19th & Early 20th C;  Railway photos;  UNassisted passenger lists;  1828 Census;  Keyname search;  How to read a parish map;  Early Convict Indents;  Surveyor Gen's Sketch books;  Tagging Collection search;  Digitised railway personnel cards;  School Records;  Digital shipping;  house & property search;  Photos;  Pre 1856 land;  Collection Search;  Govt employee tracing;  and many more, right back to the "Tracing NSW Convicts" 31 May 2017.


The Common Room / 12 May is Nurses & Midwifes Day.
« on: Monday 11 May 20 23:41 BST (UK)  »
Today in Australia, it is 12 May,  and that means it is Nurses and Midwifes Day.  This year,  like previous years,  there has been secret plotting to organise surprises for family members working in the health sector. 

The difference this year is that we have all been able to understand why we were all taught from a very young age by these quiet caring people how to "wash your hands, properly,  it can save lives".

Is this day recognised elsewhere  around the globe?


Australia / Australian Joint Copying Project (AJCP)
« on: Friday 24 April 20 05:48 BST (UK)  »
Hi All,

It should all be digitised by the end of June 2020...  Yes !  see here:

This is excellent news, the original project commenced back in 1940s  :)  :)



Australia / 2020 Scamming alert for regional NSW residents.
« on: Tuesday 14 January 20 07:04 GMT (UK)  »
Hi there everyone,

This thread has NOTHING to do with family history, so I offer my apology to RootsChat for the server space I am occupying.  I have on previous occasions shared similar issues.


May I please let you all know that several of my older rellies located throughout regional NSW (Far West, Central West, Central Tablelands, Northwest Slopes and Plains, Riverina, and Southwest Slopes and Plains) have been on the receiving end of some scamming email thingys, over the past couple of days.    They have NOT fallen for the 'trap'  but some of them have 'almost' been caught.    They don't want anyone to be trapped by this 'lurk'. 

The email topic is 'Subscription Failed to Renew'

The body of the email mentions Netflix and that they want you to try using your card again because they have had some trouble with the current billing information.  They WANT you to give them YOUR Visa Card number, and expiry info etc.  otherwise you will be permanently suspended from Netflix.

Yes, of course, the Patriarch has informed the Police and the state and federal pollies, and the entire neighbourhood and not only all the contacts on his email list, BUT all the contacts in his mobile phone, and his landline old fashioned teledex thingy, and the mayor, and now he has asked me to tell all the good NSW people at RChat.   :)

I have never, not ever, never ever ignored him.   So, please if you have elderly relatives who may have Netflix please please take the time to contact them and gently let them know that another scammer is on the loose, after their plastic card details, and do NOT give out their plastic cards in any emails, or other such deceitful requests.



Australia / NSW State Library HASSALL & 8000+ family papers need transcribing ONLINE
« on: Sunday 24 November 19 06:16 GMT (UK)  »

Hi All,

14 November 2019 the Senior Curator, Research and Discovery announced that the Hassall Family Historical Association had provided funds to allow the digitisation of the Hassall family papers held by the library.  The library has provided an online transcription tool, and they are looking for help transcribing these papers.   Currently just 9 out of the over 8000 pages have been partially transcribed.


United States of America / Happy Birthday to *Sandra*
« on: Friday 25 October 19 06:15 BST (UK)  »
Happy Birthday,  may you have many more.

I always look for your beautiful floral avatars....  :)

Cheers from JM in New South Wales, Australia.

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