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Canada / Elizabeth Haycock
« on: Sunday 18 November 18 14:51 GMT (UK)  »
Elizabeth Haycock was born in Birmingham, England in 1878, the youngest daughter of Samuel Haycock & Eliza Steventon.
The Haycock family must have fallen on hard times resulting in the four youngest children becoming Middlemore Home Children. Benjamin & Samuel were sent to Ontario in 1881 travelling on The Parisian. Brother John sailed on the Polynesian to Ontario in 1882 & cousin William Henry Haycock sailed on the Carthaginian to Nova Scotia in 1907.
Elizabeth Haycock sailed on The Lake Ontario to Ontario in 1887.
I have been able to discover what became of brothers Benjamin, Samuel & John in Ontario but have no idea what became of Elizabeth. If anyone can help at all I would be most grateful.
Also, should anyone know what became of William Henry Haycock after his arrival in Nova Scotia in 1907 I would be most interested too.
With many thanks.

Warwickshire / The Haycock's Mystery
« on: Thursday 15 November 18 14:56 GMT (UK)  »
Samuel Haycock & Eliza Steventon both came from St Ebbes, Oxford. Samuel was born about 1836 & Eliza in 1838. They married in Oxford & soon after moved to live in Birmingham where they raised their family.
Their 1881 census shows them in Cotton Street, Birmingham with Samuel employed as a bricklayer's labourer. By this period of time the older children had married leaving the 6 younger still living with their parents.
The next census entry that I have been able to find is 1901 which shows Samuel & Eliza listed alone in Rea Street South, Birmingham. I have scoured the 1891 census in the hope of tracking their entry down to no avail which is so annoying as I would like to know where Samuel & Eliza were.
Following the 1881 census son William married & daughter Eliza was admitted into the Birmingham Workhouse Infirmary becoming a long term patient. Her entries show that she was an imbecile since birth with her 1901 entry showing her to be an epileptic.
Not being able to find the 1891 census for Samuel & Eliza Haycock led me to look into what had become of the youngest 4 offspring which revealed a surprising result.
Sons Benjamin, Samuel & John and daughter Elizabeth were all sent to Canada from the Middlemore Children's Home in Birmingham as Home Children.
The son of their older married brother William was also sent from there to Canada too.
The dates showing the departures for them show 2 in 1881, 1 in 1882, 1 in 1887 and William's son following in 1907.
So, now I am wondering what on earth could have happened following the 1881 census for the family & what forced Samuel & Eliza into having to give up their 4 youngest children in this manner.
I have been looking for records of any description which might hold clues but have not found anything at all.
If anyone has any ideas on possible reasons & where I might search I would be most grateful please.
Thank you.   ???

Worcestershire / Eva Lloyd born 1907 Kidderminster
« on: Thursday 01 November 18 12:01 GMT (UK)  »
Elizabeth Dallow was born within Kidderminster workhouse in 1866. Her mother, who was also named Elizabeth Dallow, was a long term inmate of the workhouse.
Elizabeth grew up within the workhouse eventually escaping the workhouse system when she became a servant to the Mills family in Kidderminster.
It was whilst working in service there that she met a gardener named William Lloyd and they married in 1901 in Kidderminster. William Lloyd was a widower.
The couple went on to have a son named Harry who was born & died in 1902, a son named Fred born 1904 & a daughter named Eva who was born in 1907.
I would like to learn about Eva & what became of her.
If this family appears within your family tree I would very much welcome contact please.
Thank you.

Warwickshire / Eliza Haycock's elusive death
« on: Monday 01 October 18 11:37 BST (UK)  »
Eliza Haycock's was born in Birmingham in 1866, the daughter of Samuel Haycock & Eliza Haycock nee Steventon. She appeared with her family in the 1871 & 1881 censuses in Birmingham in the normal manner but her 1891 census shows her as a patient of the All Saints Infirmary with her entry labelling her as a lunatic.
The 1901 census shows that Eliza Haycock was a long term patient of the All Saints Workhouse Infirmary in Western Road with that entry stating her disability as being epileptic.
The 1911 census shows that Eliza was still a patient of the All Saints Infirmary with no disability noted then aged 44 years.
It seems fair to assume after all those years that Eliza would have remained as a patient within the Infirmary until her death. I have tried to search for a death entry in order to send for a death certificate but cannot spot a suitable entry in order to do so.
I wondered if anyone might find an entry that I may have missed or overlooked & would welcome any help & advice please.
Thank you.

Berkshire / Christopher Honey & Mary Stevens
« on: Thursday 26 July 18 11:25 BST (UK)  »
Hello, if anyone has Christopher Honey & Mary Stevens within your family tree I wonder if you might be able to help me please?
I believe that Christopher Honey married to Mary Stevens on 18 June 1730 in Bresselsleigh, Berks going on to have children named John 1730, Margaret 1732, Mary  1732,  James 1734 & Christopher 1737 all being baptized in Sunningwell.
As I live  many miles away & being unable to visit a records centre to check out the parish registers for myself this information was obtained for me a number of years ago when I paid for some professional research to be carried out on my behalf.
Taking a fresh look on the Ancestry website has just let me to find that many folk have further children for them too.... Richard 1739, Elizabeth 1742,  Ann 1749 & Hannah Ann 1751. I am puzzled as to why the researcher didn't note these further offspring who were also baptized in Sunningwell for me.
I am of the old school having been taught that no-one should be added to a tree without proper verification. I have tried checking these new children out on the Ancestry site but could not find baptism entries for them nor on Family Search either.
I was just wondering if anyone might have checked out these offspring in the parish registers for confirmation please?  Hannah Ann Honey looks to have been born to Christopher & Mary in 1751 & with Mary Stevens having been baptized in 1705 means that she would have been around 46 when this child was born & I worry that that age seems old for the time period.
If anyone can give me any help or advice I would be most grateful please.
Thank you.

Family tale has it that my English grandmother left England to work in America and was employed by Theodore Roosevelt starting off doing household duties and helping with the care of his children. She worked her way up becoming housekeeper and went in that capacity with the family to the Everglades during a holiday period. Whilst there my grandmother became ill suffering from what was said to be sleeping sickness. The illness was severe and long lasting preventing her from being able to work and it became evident that a long period of convalescence would be required. It as decided that it would be best to send her back to England and her ship's passage was paid for by Theodore Roosevelt and on leaving his service he presented her with a ladies pocket watch which was always her proud possession for the rest of her life.
This pocket watch passed on to my Aunt following my grandmother's death and in turn was then left to me and it will be passed on to my own children in the future.
As well as knowing these details from my Mom and her siblings having learned the facts from their mother i was lucky to make contact with a distant cousin some years ago whose Mom used to be my grandmother's best friend. Whilst in America my grandmother used to write to her best friend back home in England telling her all what was happening within her life and of course they enjoyed each others company once more upon her return and she was able to confirm the facts for me.
I was wondering whether there might be a museum or place of records housing the old records relating to Theodore Roosevelt and his staff in the hope of learning more.
If anyone can advise me where I might be able to apply to I would be most grateful please.
Thank you.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Made by the same hand?
« on: Thursday 12 April 18 00:14 BST (UK)  »
Hello all, I have a record dating to 1872 on which there is a signature of interest to me. A second record dating to 1877 of an event some 160 miles away has another signature which I am wondering was possibly made by the same hand.
I have a firm opinion myself but found that a cousin has the opposite opinion to me. I wonder if any kind folk might take a look for me please to see what others might think. I'm not happy to just go by my own opinion knowing that my cousin disagrees with me just in case I am letting my brain see what I want it to see rather than what the truth is.
Thank you.

Devon / Which Catholic Church?
« on: Tuesday 20 March 18 18:44 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all, I have ancestors who lived in the St David parish of Devon in the 1800s.
There is a marriage that has eluded me between Susan Bradford & Patrick Francis Redmond which took place between 1871 & 1876. Susan & Patrick Redmond moved to live in Birmingham & upon his death I have just discovered that Patrick was buried within a Roman Catholic grave.
This being the case I wondered if he & Susan might have married in a Catholic church.
Could anyone help me please by advising me which Catholic churches are near to the parish of St David & where I might be able to apply for a search of the marriage records.
Any help would be much appreciated.
Thank you.

Armed Forces / Barracks in Hackney
« on: Tuesday 13 February 18 00:41 GMT (UK)  »
Does anyone know which army regiment used to have barracks in Shrubland Road, Hackney, London please?
I believe that the barracks were used up until the early years of the 1900's and eventually the land was later used as a bus depot.
Thank you.

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