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Canada / Eva Elizabeth Crosson
« on: Tuesday 30 June 20 03:38 BST (UK)  »
21 Mar 1906 at Huntsville, Ontario Elizabeth Eva Chapelle d/o Edward Chapelle and Levissa Rawn married John Saunders Crosson.  The surname Chapelle has various spellings as well as Lachapelle although in records Elizabeth Eva never seems to use the "la" in spelling her maiden name.

Her husband, John Saunders Crosson, served in the Forestry Service in WWI and in his military file his death is given as 27 Feb 1964.   That led me to a grave in Maplewood Cemetery, Normanby Township, Grey County.  John Saunders Crosson 1886 - 1964 with Annie Eva buried with him 1891 - 1976.  I was satisfied that Annie Eva was sister to my husband's grandmother.

However there is a death certificate for Eva Elizabeth Crosson of Orchard, Normanby Township, Grey County born 8 Jun 1884, d/o Edward Chappelle and blank Rawn.  Informant was Elizabeth Eva's son-in-law.  Of her children only one daughter survived to adulthood.  Death was 16 Oct 1948 with a burial Mt. Pleasant, Toronto.

Is there an obituary for Eva Elizabeth Crosson?  Or a remarriage for John Saunders Crosson?  Obviously the 1948 death certificate fits for the person related to my husband.  Now I am intrigued as to who is in the grave with John Saunders.

I don't need anything else for this couple. 

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Dating Grampa Heap
« on: Wednesday 15 March 17 17:53 GMT (UK)  »
This photo was identified on the back as Grampa Heap but which Grampa?
From his clothing could someone give me an idea of timeframe?
It should be either John Heap 1846-1928 Derby or his father Samuel Heap 1806-1887 Derby

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Dixon, Dorothy 1856
« on: Saturday 11 March 17 18:46 GMT (UK)  »
Love this picture of my Ggrandmother Dorothy but she needs some care and attention.  She was born in Gateshead to Thomas Dixon and Isabella (nee Morris).  I know nothing of her sister other than her birth in 1853 Gateshead.

Ggrandmother married William Gibbons and later John Mansell and ended her days in Nova Scotia.

This unidentified picture is possibly James Muir (1834-1905) and wife Agnes Ross Graham (1832-1895).  Both lived in Larkhall, Scotland but James later moved to Holytown.

Another possibility would be Agnes' parents.  James Ross (1778 - between 1841-1851) and Margaret Graham (1795-1873).  Again both residents of Larkhall, Scotland.

I know nothing of clothing styles etc that help date pictures.  My guess would be the first couple.

Don't know what happened to this old family picture but if possible it would be wonderful to have a better copy.

The couple - GGgrandparents on husbands line.  Eliza was born about 1838 and died 1892.  The copy of the photo I received was/is very pink in tone.  Plus it looks like it was water damaged.  The couple moved to Massena, where this photo was taken, a few years before her death.

The image of the single woman is unknown.  Can't tell when it was taken.  I thought perhaps it was of Eliza (the same woman in photo above) but it does look so much older and she didn't live past 58.

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Help for faded 1930s photo of Angus
« on: Thursday 07 January 16 03:53 GMT (UK)  »
It would be nice to have this photo of my father-in-law as a teenager less faded.

Canada / Latin entry above marriage record means??
« on: Thursday 11 June 15 18:42 BST (UK)  »,220998502,220998003,221013601

The 6th marriage on this page has a Latin notation above it.  I have been told that it is a dispensation for the couple to marry but using online Latin translators, contacting churches etc. has not given me any further information.  Does anyone know Latin or suggest other alternatives for a translation.

The marriage between Louis Lachapelle (dit Langlois), 44, s/o Francois to Roseanne Lachapelle, d/o of Baptiste is the one I am interested in.  If the information I have is correct it means that Louis and Roseanne were first cousins and Francois and Baptiste brothers.

Ireland / Irish Law Times
« on: Saturday 13 December 14 16:07 GMT (UK)  »
Google Books have the above series of journals online.  For 1868 I found a reference to Thomas Cosgrove of Grennan, Tyrone, previously of Knockaravin and formerly of Drumardnagrosss as insolvent with petition filed 09 Dec 1868.  The hearing was scheduled for 05 Jan 1869 in Omagh and the journal for 1869 shows it was discharged.  This is the last reference I can find for this relative.  His wife, Dorothy, dies in 1890 (Garvagh) registered at Omagh with a nephew as the informant.  Thomas died sometime between 1869 and 1890 and since he also used the surname variant McCusker I have a few choices around the this area and find it difficult to narrow it down.  He was, according to his stated age at marriage, born around 1822.

The Irish Law Times has sections of BMDs.  Don't know if this is worthwhile browsing all the journals.  Does anyone know how you qualified to get your death noted in this journal?

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