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Europe / Czech: location help
« on: Sunday 09 October 16 17:48 BST (UK)  »
I've been on the hunt for a place called "Veseli", apparently the origin of Stephan Kredba and wife Anna nee Popper/Poppr when they arrived into Canada in the 1890s.  By looking at the details of Anna's sister Marie, who married and emigrated separately, I've been able to locate that side of the family in Železnice (birth place of the Poppr girls) and Roškopov (marriage of Marie), but the Kredbas have remained difficult to trace and Anna and Stephan don't seem to have married in either of those locations.

Now looking at the marriage of Anna and Marie's parents, I see that father Josef's entry has a reference to a location named Veseli , but my knowledge of the Czech language is limited to picking through word lists, so any assistance in transcription and understanding of where this place is and what parish/municipality it is located in.

The same references appear to be on Josef's entry on Anna's birth  - I think his father was deceased, hence different locations listed for his mother and father? I think the place referenced regarding his father is a location in Sobotka, Drštěkry or Drstěkryje, but it's the "Veseli" (perhaps indicated as in Nymburk - but I can't find one in that region) I'm struggling with.

Europe Resources & Offers / FRANCE: Napoleon-era military records
« on: Monday 27 July 15 14:13 BST (UK)  »
These have relatively recently been put online:

Covers ordinary troops and NCOs of various units from 1802-1815, approximately 38% of Napoleonic soldiers. These records are fairly detailed,  giving (not all records have all fields filled) birthdate/place, parents' names, a physical description, previous residence and occupation, etc.

However, they cannot be searched by name. They are organised by regiment, and then date.

The Lighter Side / Seasonally-named relatives
« on: Friday 19 December 14 11:39 GMT (UK)  »
One actually a branch-offshoot of one of my lines:
"Winter Knight"
("Winter" is actually a family surname for this lot, but still!)

Others for fun, not related to me.
"Christmas Day"
"White, Christmas" (:P )
"Christmas Askew" (we've all been there!)
"Lillian Ruth Christmas Tree"
Santa in the Chelsea Pensioners ("Saint Nicholas")

Europe / CZECH: Lookup request, Hamburg Emigration Lists
« on: Tuesday 23 November 10 14:44 GMT (UK)  »
I'm looking for Stefan Kredba - he left Hamburg on the California with his wife Anna (arrived into Montreal July 31 1893).  I'm particularly interested in knowing his previous residence as the Canadian shipping lists + all the documentation I can find on them in Canada hasn't turned up an actual location.

World War One / John F. Hodge, South Wales Borderers, 8563, died 1914
« on: Monday 23 November 09 15:58 GMT (UK)  »
Medal card says "John F", cwgc entry just says "J F".

I think he may have been John Francis Hodge, originally from the Bristol area. If this is the right man he had a wife, Florence (nee Parker) and possibly two little girls (Iris E and Kathleen M).

Is it possible to find anything else out about him, perhaps from "Soldiers Died in the Great War"?

Having a little trouble with these ones:
1859: Clifford John Gentle is born in Bethnal Green to John Gentle and Catherine formerly Whitaker. Father a railway porter.
1861: family are in Plumstead, with Clifford, his sister Sarah Elizabeth, and a niece, Emma Moss (Mass?), b. Ware, Hertfordshire.
1871: family are in Plumstead with more children.
1881: family are in Plumstead and indexed as GENTTE

The problem is the parents keep changing their ages in subsequent censuses (and birthplaces) in the 1861/1871/1881:
John Gentle: 26, b. Stanford?, Herefordshire (or Hertfordshire), 32, b. Bedfordshire, then 50, birthplace not given. Occupations: railway porter, brewer, labourer.
Catherine/Kate nee Whitaker: 29, b. Stand? Hereford/Hertfordshire (hard to read), 32, b. Ware Hertfordshire, 50, b. Hertfordshire.

I also can't find a marriage for them.

Son Clifford was married by 1891, see this thread:,308598.0.html

The children most likely to be with them in 1891 are:
Harriet Gentle (b. 1868, Plumstead, may have married in 1893 in Woolwich as Harriet Whittaker Gentle)
Alice Ann(ie) Gentle (b. 1872 Plumstead, may have married in 1893 in Woolwich also)
John William Gentle (b. 1874 Plumstead)
Alfred John Gentle (b. 1876 Plumstead, may have married in 1898 in Woolwich)

Canada Lookup Request / Bozena Prochaska - canadian immigration lookup please!
« on: Wednesday 17 September 08 17:25 BST (UK)  »
It appears Guide Bozena Prochaska sailed from Cherbourg - I believe this is the ever-elusive Bozena Prochaska, who arrived into Canada around 1899 to meet stepbrother Stefan Kredba, and was promptly married off to Mr Conrad Flick. She had a son in November of 1899, so she must have arrived early 1899 - the family story says January - or perhaps late 1898.  The censuses, accurate as ever, suggest 1899 or 1889.   ???

If anyone could help with the details of her entry into Canada, I would be very grateful.

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