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Family History Beginners Board / Romany descent?
« on: Friday 10 September 21 18:08 BST (UK)  »
Hello, I am sorting out lots of photographs ,papers etc.
My relatives ,children of my late mother’s siblings do ,tend to embellish information which can mislead.
The latest is in a letter sent by my cousin some time ago.
She stated that our grandmother was of Romany descent !
My mother who was full of wonderful stories about her family never said that.
Well the surname is Breckell,her mother’s name was Williamson .
From Manchester as far back as I have gone,Ashton and Chorlton on
I am dubious , surely my mother would have mentioned that.
Any suggestions welcome.

The Lighter Side / Goosey Goosey gander.
« on: Saturday 13 February 21 21:01 GMT (UK)  »
A whole new meaning.
Watching the TV programme tonight about Cross Rail ,and the Lost Graveyard It was stated that a common term for a streetwalker in those days, was “Goose”——.
The number of bodies with dreadful signs of the effect of Syphilis in their bones was amazing.
Many Nursery Rhymes have much more sinister meanings abd there is now a wholley different meaning to” Goosey goosey gander ,
                                             Wither dost thou wander ?
                                              Upstairs and downstairs
                                                In my lady’s chamber.etc.”
The words of quite a few Folk Songs too, may have very different meanings than is first obvious.
The programmes have been very interesting , and all exhumed bodies we are told will be reverentially re interred.
At least those not kept in boxes for further research.


The Stay Safe Board / Diary > Tuesday 19th January.
« on: Tuesday 19 January 21 18:31 GMT (UK)  »
Hope everyone is alright , and your loved ones.
I am fine now, dizziness gone ,well inability to stay upright really.
I will get checked out when it is safe to do so.
B.P. tablets might need reducing.

Bad storm due  later, and let’s hope no fatalities, as flooding is expected.
Anyone who does not think there is massive climate change needs certifying.
Hebden Bridge  is under threat ,not heard about this specific area.

Just had my evening meal, tagliatelle with a broccoli and Stilton sauce.
I am hardly ever hungry these days.
But remember to drink plenty.

To do with another post ,I rooted out to send a photograph ,a lpiece of tartan
which was that of my husband’s family although they lived in Lancashire all their lives.
In the softer  ancient colours .
Bought in Inverary.
Now I have got to tidy it away!
Can you imagine how appalling it must have been wearing the kilt in the trenches!

My very elderly neighbour is alright ,had her vaccine early last week.
I always check ,a few minutes chat and I know she is alright.

Goings on in Cardiff!
A sort of drinks party ,attended by those who ought to know better.
Why do they think they are above any restrictions, restrictions they happily impose on others.

Last day for Trump, great security measures everywhere,
400’000 Covid deaths in the US! What a legacy.
Let’s hope it all goes peaceably.

Cheerio, look after yourselves,

Armed Forces / Remembrance Sunday
« on: Sunday 08 November 20 11:27 GMT (UK)  »
Just thought this was appropriate today ,with the somewhat altered acts of
Remembrance .


Gently,so gently
The soft winds blow
Between the white stones
Row on row,
Here where we lie.

Softly so softly
The bright sunbeams bless
Enfolding us all
In their warm caress

Silently so silently
The snowflakes fall
Covering us gently
With their loving pall,

Quietly so quietly
The breezes sigh
Whispering our plea
To all who’d pas by
Here where we lie

Stay,tarry,linger a while
It’s not  much to ask
For we who gave all
And now here we lie.

Our living not  easy,
Our dying so hard
Just think of us kindly ,
When soft winds blow
 Bright sunbeams bless,
Snowflakes fall,
And Soft breezes whisper
“Remember them all,
Here where they lie.


World War Two / VJ Day
« on: Saturday 15 August 20 11:34 BST (UK)  »
Just watching the Commemorations  marking VJ Day.

I remember the News footage at the cinema, just as I do those from Belsen
and other concentration camps.
Our soldiers ,skin and bone ,with a bit of rag their only clothing .
The graves along the railway they had been laying.
The bravery of all troops, British and Empire ,those from the sub continent, and other places.
The desperate stand at Kohima,to prevent the Japanese getting into India.
That secured  the end of the war.
The words “ When you go home ,———“is known as The Kohima address.
What a shame this anniversary has been relatively little publicised , it really was absolutely strategic in the ending of WWII.
So sad those men became “ The forgotten Army in a forgotten war”.
We owe them ,so much.

The Stay Safe Board / Diary > Sunday 31st May
« on: Sunday 31 May 20 14:14 BST (UK)  »
Well folks, in these strange times, it is still Whit Sunday today.
The Parish Whit walks were something we looked forward to.
Dressed in white with flower posies,hair taken out of Saturday night’s “ sore finger ringlets”( my Mum was a sadist ,she put the knots at the top so you got no sleep!) .
White shoes and down to church and your allotted place on a flower banner or if in the top Sunday School class The BIG banner!
Held aloft by poles, measuring six feet across and about ten long it weighed heavy.
Brocaded and embroidered it had the Church’s name and a portrait of that Saint.
Long ropes  kept taut helped the men carrying  it to balance the weight ,
and ribbons were held by the oldest girls.
It was an honour to be on the big banner.You had to have 100% Sunday School and church attendance.
We had long white dresses ,flower headdresses and if on the ropes,no posies as you had to pull.
On the ribbons we did have posies.
Children from three or four walked the parish walks on Whit Sunday afternoon.We had the Church Lads’ Brigade band or our Scouts’s (ooh those knees pre long trouser days!)band.
On Whit Monday was the really big walks, from the parish churches right down to Albert  Square and some into the Cathedral on a Rota.
There were upwards of 20,000 Sunday School children walking, it took the procession two hours to pass.
On that day the Churches hired brass bands to play during the walks ,each had its own.
Ours had Culcheth Prize Military Band in which my grandfather played the flute.
Their other name was The Tall Hat Band.
This was because they wore morning coats and top hats.
It was something we looked forward to all year round and the local press took hundreds of photographs.
On Whit Friday the Roman Catholic walks were joined by Manchester’s Italian ,Polish and Hungarian  communities,all in National costumes ,then they walked again on Trinity Sunday.
The Italians had a huge Madonna,smothered in Madonna lilies and carried by the young men.( half the Manchester Mafia  ;D)
All the Ice cream families,Pesagno, Granelli,Rea, Corelli, Pandolfo and Italian
artisans, Bachegalupo ,Quigliagotti etc were represented and it was a spectacular sight.
No Sunday schools really now and church attendance very poor.
We got our yearly new outfit at Whit, so it was a real milestone in our pretty hum drum lives .
But by now we would be lining up to walk in order round our parish ,cheered and clapped by residents it was the big day in our year only bettered by Whit Monday.
Sectarianism was rife , as you can imagine , but one gentleman Mr.John Pesagno always waited at seven o’clock  on the Whit Monday morning  to see our church start its walk to Albert square,on the corner ,he took off his Homburg hat and acknowledged our Rector .
Considering Mr. Pesagno  had been interned on The I.O.M for the duration of the war ,that was really a most generous gesture.

 Ah well , no sore finger ringlets tonight , no keeping your posy in a cool damp place( ie the house,!)no whitening your shoes for Monday’s really big exciting day.
No looking forward to seeing The Scouts  ::) and hearing the crowds shout encouragement when we were getting tired” keep your lilies up “—- (keep your heads up high) no maudlin sentimentality as we passed pub  after pub especially on the return route,the mixture of religion and   Nationalism  .
There was always a big Bonny girl dressed as Britannia and some churches  had the  little boys dressed as Victorian sailors ,with Union Jacks!
All gone I think ,but it was  fun whilst it lasted.

The Stay Safe Board / Stay Home Stay Safe (Part 9)
« on: Wednesday 08 April 20 10:24 BST (UK)  »
Just caught on TV,  backlash now things are easing up inChina.
Reactions against the traditional “ medicine”,and the markets that sell animals for food, slaughtered on the spot in front of your very eyes.
The camera just got a shot inside and there in a cage ,far too  small but a cage anyway was a dog !
It seems now many people are re thinking this, so if the Chinese themselves are now aware then what people said at the start but  were  shot down for  saying it may have more than a grain of truth in it.

I would hate an idiot like Donald Trump to be right ,but it seems there is more than a passing chance he will be., - by chance !
The main thing is China itself seems to have realised.
Too late now but if the horrendous trade in animals in China is halted then some good will have come out of this, not only for the animals but possibly 
 so no other virus of this nature can cause another pandemic.
As usual I caught the end of the article and hope to get more info later .

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Topic carried on from here:

Technical Help / FBMD
« on: Tuesday 16 July 19 10:09 BST (UK)  »
Is anyone else having trouble with fbmd.?
I use the site from time to time and have found  it very useful.
Tried again yesterday to check something,but there were no redults.
So did a  few runs to check, you know ,things I was absolutely certain of but again nothing found.
This may be good news to some of you - but  I don’t exist !
I have found the same things in the past,so why no results now when the information put in is exactly the same.
I know parts are a  work in progress,but surely what I have found before ought to still be available,any thoughts.?
Many thanks in advance.

World War Two / D-Day , 75th anniversary.
« on: Tuesday 04 June 19 20:38 BST (UK)  »
Well tomorrow it is 75 years since one of the most important events in our
history took place.
BBC 1 have coverage at 9-15 am to 1 pm.
I do not have clear memories from the time as I would be 7 and still evacuated and I do not remember a radio .
There was a Saturday newspaper which I could read but nothing comes to mind.
What a stupendous feat , and it never fails to astonish me how we could do it only 26 years after WW1ended,  and after years of unemployment and real want and deprivation in the depression.
My daughter and son in law are in France,they go every year at this time.
At Aromanches today.
It will be something to be remembering actually there.

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