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Australia / David Ralph Bierwirth
« on: Wednesday 09 June 21 00:50 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to locate any relatives of David Ralph Bierwirth born June 1923, died 2002 in Victoria.
Many years ago I met his sister and she sent me a copy of a book she had written and she dated it 1.11.06.  We kept in touch for a short time and then our correspondence ceased.  As she was born in 1926, I assume she could possibly be deceased or an elderly lady, hence not giving her name. They were the son and daughter of Rosalind Madge Bierwirth (nee Guerin).
I am currently researching the Guerin family as one has appeared on Ancestry DNA as being closely related to me.
Any help would be appreciated.

Australia / Margaret and Ray Statton -
« on: Monday 29 March 21 04:35 BST (UK)  »
This may well be a "long shot" but I would like to be in touch with the child/children of Margaret and Ray Statton who, until their deaths, lived in Plymouth, Devon, England.

Margaret and I corresponded for several years and I visited her and Ray on two occasions when visiting the UK.  We were trying to find a connection between our families at the time.

I was going through some old emails I had printed out and found one dated 2006, asking for any information that I might be able to find regarding Statton/Tippett relatives in Victoria and Tasmania in the 1800's to mid 1900's.

At the time, I didn't have the internet and a lot of what I needed was not readily available.  However, I have now find some that might be of interest, obviously to her children if they too are as interested in family history as their mother was.

If anyone knows of Margaret and Ray and has contact with their children (think a son called in when I was at their home in the 1990's) please get in touch with me, as I would love to pass on what I have found.


Australia / James Slater - Victoria
« on: Monday 15 February 21 00:08 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to research the children of James Slater b. 1867 Victoria and d. 1933 Victoria and his wife Martha Cecilia (nee Harvey) Slater, b. 1893 Victoria and d. 1977 Victoria.  They had six children.  I do have scant info on the first three (their full names and years of births, plus their deaths).  I am looking for anything on the other three children whose names I believe were Leo Vincent, Desmond Xavier and Joan Carmel. 

Also, James was previously married to Margaret Kathleen O'Neill b. 1867 Ireland.  James and Margaret had 7 children to my knowledge.  Margaret died in 1902.

One was Edgar James Daniel Slater who possibly married Helen Jackson.  I don't know where/when they married or when either died or any family.

Another child was Francis (Frank) Jos. (presumably Joseph) Slater b. 1902 in Victoria.  I have no other info on him.

I would be grateful for any help please.

Australia / John Peter Burns
« on: Wednesday 04 November 20 06:04 GMT (UK)  »
John Peter Burns' first marriage was to my Grandmother, Agnes Urie McDougall in 1896.  They had a daughter the following year who died aged 7 weeks.  John and Agnes divorced in 1900.  John was born in Chicago, Illinois c. 1869 and according to his Marriage Certificate, his parents were James and Catherine.

I know almost nothing about him other than that on his Marriage Cert. I have just received a Transcript for a John Peter Burns who was born in Illinois, USA who married a Margaret Flanagan c. 1907.  According to the Transcript, the children of the marriage were Theresa 32, (in 1942 when he died), Living and 2 females deceased.  Wondering if one of these females was Violet, the daughter he had with Agnes in 1897, although I assume not.  No previous marriage was shown on Transcript.

The fact that this John Peter Burns was born in Illinois, makes me think he is the right one, although  his parents were named as "Laurence Burns and Catherine Unknown".  Obviously depends on the knowledge of the Informant (who was his daughter Theresa).

I also obtained a Transcript for a Catherine Burns who died 1927.  The informant to her death was her daughter Agnes.  Her religion was given as Church of England (whereas John's was shown as RC). 

Catherine's spouse was James Burns (same name as given on John's marriage to Agnes McDougall in 1896).  The children of the marriage of Catherine and James were Agnes, Clara and Ruby, Living and 1 male and 3 females deceased.

John died in Alexandria Municipality and Catherine in Redfern Municipality.

Is this mother and son and can anyone shed any light on John in particular?


Australia / McDougall boys photos
« on: Friday 23 October 20 07:29 BST (UK)  »
Janet (nee Robertson) and Dougal McDougall migrated to Sydney from Scotland c. 1882 and settled in Surry Hills, Sydney.

At the time, they had three children, Agnes, James and David and a further 8 children were born in Sydney.  There were 5 girls and 6 boys, 4 of the boys having served in WWI.  Only one of the boys returned home, the others being killed or dying of wounds in France, Belgium and Gallipoli.

I do have a photo of Agnes and brother Sid.  Three of the girls died before they were 20 and I do not have any photos of them (two being very young).  What I would dearly like, are photos of the boys who went to WWI. 

They were :

David Robertson McDougall, b. 1880 who died 1917, Belgium
Dougal McDougall, b. 1882 who died 1918, France
John (Jack) Algie McDougall, b. 1891, died 1915, Gallipoli
William McDougall, b. 1895, died 1950 in Lakemba, Sydney

I have only seen "Algie" in Jack's name on one occasion.

I would love to have a photo of any (or all) of these Great Uncles who were in the Great War.

The other brother of whom I do not have a photo, is James b. 1878, died 1944 in Sydney

Can anyone suggest where I might be able to locate a photo of these Great Uncles please?  I do have all their War Records from the AWM but there were no photos.


Australia / Louisa/Maude Moss
« on: Sunday 04 October 20 05:45 BST (UK)  »
In recent times, I discovered that my Grandmother had a baby girl in 1896 whom she named Louisa Jennings Cuneen McDougall.  Although adoptions in Australia did not commence until 1924, Louisa was either given to or fostered by a Mrs Jane Moss.  At the time, the baby's mother, Agnes McDougall, was living with her family in Surry Hills, Sydney and Mrs Moss was in the Riverstone area.

I have no idea of the connection between my Great Grandparents/Grandmother and Mrs Moss, but they obviously kept in touch as my G. Grandparents attended the wedding of Louisa (whose name had been changed to Maud/e) in 1916, as per a wedding notice in the newspaper at the time.

I would love to find out more about this connection.  Whether my mother was aware of this baby who would have been her half sister, I have no idea.  Certainly nothing was ever mentioned!

I would be grateful if anyone can throw any light on this please.


Other Countries / Agnes Corrie - Gilbert Islands/Kiribati
« on: Monday 22 April 19 08:59 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to find information on Agnes Corrie who was born in what were then the Gilbert Islands (now Kiribati) approximately 1888.  Her father was Robert David Corrie and mother Taoniti (named as Rhoda on a sibling's death certificate).  Agnes' mother died in childbirth with her.  I know she was alive in the early 1960's as she wrote an article (copy of which I have) in the Pacific Islands Monthly magazine.  In the article she also named her half siblings (her father remarried and had another 6 children).  Agnes did marry a Mike Shea but he died many years earlier.  Her half siblings were named as Sarah, Ruth, James, Charlotte, May and Mita.  Two of these children perished at sea with their father and mother in 1915 (a Government document confirms this).  I would love to find descendants of any of these 6 children, confirm which two perished at sea and also when Agnes died.  Although she did attend school in Sydney, to my knowledge she never left the Gilbert Islands after her schooling.

Australia / Shirley Maude Goode
« on: Tuesday 06 December 16 09:43 GMT (UK)  »
Shirley Maude Goode was the daughter of Richard Goode (d. 1968) and Elma Maude Hall (d.1988).  She had a sister Julie E Goode.  Richard and Elma both lived in Kensington, Sydney, NSW.  Shirley married Alfred Edward Fealy (d. 2005) and Shirley died in 1994.  They had three sons, one of whom I believe is now deceased.  I am looking to find any descendants of Shirley and Alfred.

Can anyone help?


Australia / Alfred William FARMER
« on: Friday 25 June 10 05:45 BST (UK)  »
I have been trying to find out more on the family of my great aunt, Elizabeth Frances Thomas,
sometimes she is given the third Christian name as Dawson (b. 1866 Bathurst)  Her parents were William and Mary Sarah Thomas

She married Alfred William Farmer (b. Braidwood c.1863) in Balmain in 1888.

I believe they had three children:
Alfred Francis Sym b. 1890.  Cannot find a marriage in NSW or a death for him.
Charles Henry Roy b. 1892.  Again no marriage in NSW, but died Manly 1964.

There is apparently a third son but can find no trace of him.  Thought they might have lived in Qld as I believe they were up the far north coast of NSW for some time.

Mother Elizabeth died 1950 but no idea where.

Can anyone shed any light on this family please?


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