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Norfolk / Mary Beal/Bale, wife of Michael Dalton.
« on: Thursday 08 September 22 04:57 BST (UK)  »
Mary Beale married my ancestor Michael Dalton 28 Jun 1762 at St Mary in the Marsh, Norwich, Norfolk.

I'm wondering if someone has been able to define which Mary Beale/Bale married Michael Dalton, I've failed to do so. I have the following Mary's to choose from.
1) Mary Beale baptised 7 Jul 1739 at Norwich, daug of Simon & Mary (nee Drayns).
2) Mary Bale baptised 7 May 1738 at Wreningham, daug of Simon & Elizabeth (nee Pool).
3) Mary Bale baptised 20 Oct 1738 at Wicklewood, daug of Simon.
4) Mary Beal baptised 6 Mar 1736 at Norwich, daug of John & Helen.
5) Mary Bale baptised 1736 at Norwich, daug of Robert & Susan.

Michael & Mary Dalton's children all baptised at Great Ellingham.
Anne 1763.
Jane 1764, buried as Jenny in 1765.
Michael 1765, my ancestor.
Jane 1767.
John 1769.
Thomas 1773.
Michael Dalton, senior was the son of Benjamin Dalton & Anne Cork.

One Ancestry Public Tree has Mary #1 as Michael's wife and another tree has Mary #2 as his wife, prior to discovering other Marys I had Mary # 1 as Michael's wife.

I would be grateful for any comments, ideas, I am anxious to wrap this family up.


Essex / William Warner
« on: Sunday 03 July 22 05:35 BST (UK)  »

I've been searching,unsuccessfully, for a marriage of a William Warner to a Sarah pre 28 Aug 1701, I'm wondering if anyone has knowledge of it.

My ancestor is I believe John the son of William and Sarah Warner born 17 Jul 1706 and baptised 22 Jul 1706 at Loughton Essex.

William's first wife Sarah was buried at Loughton 12 May 1710, the burial entry noted her spouse was William Warner.
William then married Sarah Reed 27 Dec 1711 at Loughton.

I did look at a family of a William Warner and his wife Sarah nee Gull who married 29 Sep 1690 at
Albury Hertfordshire but that fizzled out when I discovered that their son John who was baptised 15 Dec 1697 at Albury Herts was buried 19 Sep 1702 at Albury, that burial occurred after William and Sarah Warner of Loughton baptised their first known child Elisabeth 28 Aug 1701 a Loughton.

I would be grateful to learn of any marriage of William Warner to a Sarah pre 28 Aug 1701 in Essex or Hertfordshire.

My proven ancestor is John Warner who married Jane/Jenny Barker by Licence at Chelmsford 22 Nov 1741, John a bachelor, Jane a singlewoman.

Essex / Susan ? 2nd wife of John Marriage aka Marridge, maried c 1707 to 1709.
« on: Tuesday 05 April 22 04:23 BST (UK)  »
Has anyone seen the marriage of John Marriage C 1707 to 1709 to a Susan(nah)

John Marriage married his 1st wife Sarah Baxter 5 Nov 1695 at Great Tey Essex.

Sarah wife of John Marriage aka Marridge was buried 15 Oct 1707 at Marks Tey.

A son John Marridge was baptised 9 Apr 1709 at Marks Tey, parents John & Susan Marridge.

I cannot for the life of me find the marriage, I'm hoping someone might have, it's got me beat.


Essex / Theobald Joslin (female) c1646.
« on: Sunday 06 March 22 01:42 GMT (UK)  »
Has any one come across this lady?

Theobald Joslin married my ancestor John Battle 28 Nov 1667 at Roxwell, Essex.

I have searched Ancestry, Free Reg, Family Search and Find My Past unsuccessfully, I cannot say with 100% certainty that she was born/baptised in Essex but it looks that way.

I have looked in Surname Interests but the person with an Essex Joslin interest hasn't been active for quite a while.

I did find one Theobald Joslin the daughter of Richard and Ann baptised 27 Oct 1664 at Writtle, probably related but obviously not the Theobald Joslin I'm looking for.

I'd be grateful for any advice or pointers.


Technical Help / Editing/cursor problem in Microsoft Excel worksheets
« on: Wednesday 19 January 22 04:48 GMT (UK)  »
In my Microsoft Excel work sheets.

In the text on my worksheets I cannot locate my Cursor to go back and correct an error once I've finished typing the note and moved on, when I try the cursor jumps to the end of the text sentence.

If while Iím typing a note I notice a mistake the cursor will allow me to place it back where I want but not after Iíve finished typing the note and moved on.

The problem does not exist in Microsoft Word.

This problem has only occurred in the last few days, prior to that no problem.

I would be very grateful for guidance, in ďidiotísĒ language please, I am a little computer literate but no too technically competent

Cambridgeshire / Looking for Birchinhall and Woodley aka Wadley
« on: Monday 13 December 21 05:24 GMT (UK)  »
I'm looking for the birth/baptisms of John Wadley aka Woodley and his wife Margaret Birchinhall.

They married 21 Jul 1605 at Wisbech.

The couple raised five children 1609 to 1617 at Melbourn, the children's surname was spelled Wadley.

I have searched Ancestry, Free Reg, Family Search and the initial search in FindMyPast with no success.

At some point the family moved to Essex.

I suspect that there might be a daughter named Margaret perhaps born between 1605 and 1609 somewhere.

I would appreciate any pointers or help, I just cannot find the three people mentioned.

My ancestor is Joane the last of the five children she married Richard Pamphilon as Joane Woodley 2 Mar 1638 at Childerditch, Essex, the couple raised five known children at probably Widdington Essex prior to the start of Widdington Prs in 1666.


Essex / Who is Joan?
« on: Monday 04 October 21 06:23 BST (UK)  »
I'm trying to find Joan the wife of Nicholas Flack(e)

That couple baptised nine children in Lindsell, Essex from 1600 to 1618, I've searched for the marriage in FreeReg, Ancestry, Family Search and an initial search in FindMyPast, without outstanding failure.  :)

Nicholas Flacke was baptised 24 Aug 1576 at Lindsell, parents Thomas and Ann Flacke, Nicholas was buried 15 Aug 1624 at Lindsell.

I suspect that the wife of Nicholas Flacke is Joane Poole baptised 28 Aug 1575 at Lindsell the daughter of John Poole but I have no evidence to support that theory, all I can comment is I couldn't find a feasible marriage for a the Joane Poole baptised at Lindsell

The first born child of Nicholas & Joan Flacke was Thomas baptised 2 Nov 1600, the second child was John 18 Oct 1602, both baptised at Lindsell, which could be that the son John was named after Joan's father perhaps giving some credence to Joan being Joan Poole, admittedly a long shot.

Nicholas's wife's first name name came from two of their sons entries.
The burial entry for the second of two sons named John, (baptised 1605) who was buried at Lindsell in 1620 named his parents as Nicholas and Joane.

The baptism of son George in 1618 named the parents as Nicholas and Joane.

Joan's husband Nicholas Flack was buried at Lindsell in 1624 but I can find no burial for Joan in any Essex parish, a real mystery woman.  :)  I tried searching for a re-marriage for Joan under both Flack and Poole, nothing doing.

If anyone has any ideas please let my know, I'm stumped.


Essex / Has anyone seen either of these two?
« on: Thursday 27 May 21 04:07 BST (UK)  »
Rafe (aka Ralph) Classon (aka Claxon)
Frances Gun

They married 24 Jun 1619 at Good Easter and baptised 6 (known) children there 1620 to 1632.

I have searched Ancestry's Essex Parish Register Index (EPRI), Family Search, FreeReg and the initial search on FindMyPast, also an all counties and records search on Ancestry without success.

The children's names are: Elizabeth, Rafe, Ann, Samuel, Abraham and John, they were all baptised with the surname Classun, the u in Classun could be an EPRI transcriber's misread o.

I have wondered if they came from Cambridgeshire or Hertfordshire, although I haven't seen anything to indicate that, only their seemingly absence in Essex.

I am looking for a Priscilla Flack who would be of an age to marry in 1631, so perhaps 1615 or earlier.

I have a Robert Woodfine who married Priscilla Flack 1 Nov 1631 at Lindsell, Essex, her parents were stated to be Nicholas and Jone.

I have been advised of a marriage of Andrew Flack and Elizabeth Collham 4 Aug 1580 at Redgrave cum Botesdale, Suffolk.  That couple had a son Nicholas baptised 29 Mar 1597 at Redgrave cum Botesdale.

I have searched Ancestry's Essex Parish Register Index, FreeReg, Family Search and FindMyPast, using wild cards and anything else that come to mind, the only mention I got was her marriage to Robert Woodfine.  Also I couldn't find any other children of Nicholas and Jone Flack nor their marriage.

So I've come to think Priscilla was certainly not born or baptised in Essex, I even searched in Ancestry's Essex PR Index on just the name Priscilla without results, so in desperation I'm wondering if Andrew and Elizabeth had a daughter Priscilla born close to their son Nicholas or perhaps there was a Priscilla born to another Flack family in Redgrave cum Botesdale, or wherever come to that?

I would be extremely grateful for any help, pointers or ideas.


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