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Caernarvonshire / Owen Owen
« on: Saturday 23 January 10 18:15 GMT (UK)  »
I believe Owen OWEN the draper lived in Penmaenmawr for a period.Is this house still standing and if so what is the address?Would love more information about the family.

Montgomeryshire / Which Workhouse?
« on: Wednesday 29 October 08 14:06 GMT (UK)  »
We are trying to trace if members of our family went to the workhouse due anomalies in the law. The respective members of the families concerned would have been born between the years 1885 and  1895. They were born in the Parish of Blodwel on the Shropshire, Montgomery shire border at Llanyblodwel or Porth-Waen.
It is believed they may have spent a short time in the work house between 1902 and 1906. Which would be the most likely work house for them to be sent to, we understand it being linked to the parish of birth.?
Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
Very many thanks, Eric.

Shropshire / Cleobury Mortimer Parish Register 1927.
« on: Tuesday 28 October 08 12:00 GMT (UK)  »
Does anyone have access to Cleobury Mortimer Parish Register or could look it up for me, I am trying to trace a marriage in the first quarter of 1927 between Francis John Dudley and Doris Milman. The date of marriage and any other information would be greatfully appreciated. Very many thanks, Eric.

Gloucestershire / Charfield National School 1902 to 1905.
« on: Tuesday 28 October 08 11:35 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone please help? I believe my grand parents taught at Charfield National School , Gloucester, between September 1902 and mid 1905. The address given by my grandmother at a baptism on March 31st  1904 was Charfield National School.
It is very possible grandfather Francis John Davies was headmaster  and grandmother sewing mistress. We have been unable to locate a School Log, which would be a tremendous help, grandfather had a number of his own children there at the time.
Would there be a Poll Register or some way some one could please help on this subject.
This could at the time have been a very delicate subject, grandfathers first wife died in February 1895. Sophia Dudley was his sister in law who he could not marry until after the law changed in 1907. The school house may have been for a married teacher only which could have resulted in him having to give up his post or at worst being dismissed his post.
Any help  would be greatfully appreciated. Very many thanks, Eric

Shropshire / Baptism 1905, Birth31/3/1905, Where?
« on: Monday 27 October 08 18:06 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone please help? On 31st  March 1905 a relative of mine was born, his birth name was William Edward Dudley or maybe Davies, his mother was Sophia Dudley. He was probably born at the National School, Gloucester, where she was recorded living on  March 31st 1904. She was probably a Sewing Mistress there.
They are next recorded on July 19th 1905,  Sophia Dudley, spinster and son William in the "Creed Register" Church of England, ST Leonards, Bridgnorth. They were in Bridgnorth Work House and discharged November 13th 1905.

Shropshire / World War 1 Medal Card
« on: Friday 01 August 08 11:24 BST (UK)  »
Can any one please tell me what the following numbers /abbreviations mean on WW1 Medal Cards mean.?
Victory  x J/2/102 B40 13336.
BRITISH  _____do_________
Star     15 J/2/6B3 1403
Theatre of War served  120/ Balkans.
This card refers to Archiebald D Davies in The Royal Welsh Fusiliers Regiment 97 No 7    Service Number 290221.
Many Thanks in anticipation, Eric

Shropshire / Archiebold Dudley Davies, born autumn 1893
« on: Friday 18 July 08 20:54 BST (UK)  »
Can any one please help me trace Archiebold Dudley Davies, baptised on January 1st 1894,, in Llanfechain, Montgomeryshire. His parents were Francis John Davies and Sarah Anncutt Dudley, school master and school mistress. [ the extent of our knowledge on him]. Did Archiebold get married? If so to whom?  and when?
We believe he may have been an engineer and maybe have worked for some time in Africa. It is possible he may have retired to St Anns on Sea, Lancs. Where there maybe a record of his death.
Any information on Archiebold Dudley Davies would be gratefully welcome. Very many thanks ,Regards, Eric.   

Shropshire / John Davies 1728 Westbury.
« on: Friday 18 July 08 09:28 BST (UK)  »
John Davies born around 1728 at Westbury, married Mary Cooper [ b 1732 ]  in Westbury  on 27th January 1763. Who were his parents? What was his profession and his parents profession.? John and Mary appear to have 3 children John baptised 3/12/1753, Elizabeth b 4/4/1756 and Sarah b 19/8/1759.. Son John 1753 married Elizabeth Philpot [ baptised 11/12/1764 at Morville ] 19/8 1785 in Worthen, they had a number of children Richard b 12/10/1785, Anne b 3/6/1787, Martha b 12/2/1789,  Edward b 27/1/1791 [ all b Worthen ]. Edward married Elizabeth Praynolds on 24/5/1821 at Wrockwardne and they became millers at Walton Mill, Worthen. EDWARD DIED 28/9/1845 AGE 51 YEARS, Elizabeth died 5/9/1873 age 83 years, buried Worthen.
Non of Edward and Elizabeths children became millers, were Edwards family millers before him or what were their professions? We would be grateful to any one who could give us answers and enlarge on the above.
Many thanks, ERIC.

Shropshire / Baptism 1904 Bridgnorth Area.
« on: Wednesday 16 July 08 16:52 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone please help me trace the baptism of a family member Francis John Dudley born on January 26th 1904.  His place of birth is uncllear , on the Birth Cert it shows Nordley and Astley Abbots, both are villages and not an address. When Registration took place on 8th March 1904 2 Oldbury Wells , Bridgnorth was shown on the Birth Cert. There is a possibility he was born in Bridgnorth Workhouse, his mother was Sophia Dudley, but no fathers name was given.
Many thanks in anticipation, Eric

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