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Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / How Welsh am I?
« on: Thursday 27 April 23 19:23 BST (UK)  »
I know very little about the Ancestry DNA testing other than that the results are dependant on the number of people around the world who have already taken the test.

My interest is simply that I have a very Welsh maiden name - Howell - but despite tracing my tree back to the 1790s have not found anyone who was actually born there (presumably because they left Wales at some point prior to that to find work in the English midlands).

Would the DNA test tell me if I do actually have Welsh ancestry?  And if so would it single out a particular area of Wales?

(Please bear in mind my lack of knowledge and keep explanations to words of one syllable!)

Many thanks

The Common Room / Working class clothing?
« on: Thursday 27 April 23 18:56 BST (UK)  »
When I discover, for example, that an ancestor was married in 1740 I like to imagine what they might have been wearing at that time.  However a google search for Costume 1740 invariably comes up with images of what was high fashion at the time and what the wealthy would have worn.
Does anyone know of a resource which shows what the working classes/trades people wore during different times?
 I`m assuming that the poor wore pretty basic garments irrespective of the date!

The Common Room / Anyone use Familysearch - successfully?!
« on: Friday 21 April 23 16:38 BST (UK)  »
When I started looking at family history about 10 years ago Familysearch was a doddle to use and very helpful.  After a break I tried to use it last year and couldn`t get anywhere.  In fact I posted here asking if there was some sort of Idiots Guide available and the answer seemed to be that everyone was now struggling with it.
I tried again last week and was so boggled by the instructions that I gave up pretty quickly.  Has anyone mastered it?  There are various video tutorials but all  the ones I have tried to use are out of date and no longer work with the current site

London and Middlesex / Berkley Court Clerkenwell St James
« on: Monday 17 April 23 19:24 BST (UK)  »
I`m hoping someone might be able to tell me something about Berkley Court which was in Clerkenwell St James.
Several of our family were watchmakers living and, I think, working  there at the end of the 18th Century. I thought it sounded like quite a grand address but I`ve found a couple of photos of it online which were taken at the end of the 19th century and it looks like it was a slum by then!
I`d love to know more about it`s history. 

Many thanks

The Common Room / John Kerby 1841 Census - additional info?
« on: Monday 17 April 23 19:03 BST (UK)  »
I don`t have Ancestry or Findmypast at the moment but by using Familysearch I have found John Kerby in 1841 but there is no indication of his occupation or marital state.  I wondered if the original record shows anything more.  Also he doesn`t appear to be living with any relatives and I`m not sure if he is alone or sharing with others.
He is in Berkley Court,  Clerkenwell St James. Middlesex
  Book number 5:  Line number 24:  Page number 36
Piece/Folio 661/42     Reg No.  HO107

I already know when he was born and who his parents were and have just sent for his death certificate - he died just before the Census in 1851

Many thanks

The Common Room / What does Ancestry Library Edition include?
« on: Tuesday 11 April 23 14:55 BST (UK)  »
I have got just a couple of things I wanted to view on Ancestry and have wondered about looking at my library.  I think they have the "Library Edition".  Does anyone know if this has all of Ancestry`s records?
I was mainly interested in Wills and probate

The Common Room / History of Leasehold?
« on: Friday 07 April 23 09:18 BST (UK)  »
A very kind Rootschatter has just solved a mystery in our family by discovering the existence of some Leasehold property.  This farm was owned by the Earl of Abingdon in the late 18th century but he had granted a lease to our family member.  The lease was then bequeathed to succeeding family members but was occupied as a tenant by another family member. (I don`t know when the Lease was actually granted ).
Am I right in assuming that the Lease would have been for a specified number of years after which it would revert to the Earl of Abingdon (as would be the case with present day Leasehold property)?
I don`t understand why the Earl would have chosen to grant a Lease rather than just letting the farm to Tenants directly.   (according to Wikpedia the Earl had an extravagant lifestyle and died insolvent)

The Common Room / When to take a leap of faith?
« on: Tuesday 04 April 23 10:52 BST (UK)  »
I try to be as accurate as possible with my research always backing up with certificates if available or looking for other records - wills etc.  (it annoys me when people assume that just because someone has a similar name they must be a relative!)
Doing this I have taken our family back to Isaac Kerby who definitely died in 1810 aged 64 - meaning he was born about 1745.  He spent most of his life in Middlesex but I know his wife came from Newland, near Gloucester and several of his children settled there.   The only baptism I have found for an Isaac Kerby anywhere is 18/8/1745 at Gloucester St John the Baptist - the surname Kerby is sometimes given as Kirby or other variations which doesn`t help!
On the face of it, this is our Isaac but I cannot find anything else at all to prove it.  (I`ve checked parish records for parents and siblings to see if that would give a clue but it doesn`t).

What would you do?

Gloucestershire / Blanch family - Newland, Glos.
« on: Monday 03 April 23 11:00 BST (UK)  »
My family is Kerby (Rosser) but the middle name Blanch occurs a couple of times in the late 18th century.  I know there was a family connection with Coleford and several were married and buried at Newland.
I have found a record of a grave at Newland for Stephen Blanch 1/7/1817 aged 71 saying his wife was Mary.  There are also graves for his 2 sons Stephen and Joseph and for a daughter Hannah.
I`m trying to find more about the Blanch family in the hope of finding the connection to the Kerbys but am not subscribed to any websites at the moment.  Any information would be much appreciated .  A will for Stephen might be helpful!
Many thanks

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