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I was disappointed to see a recent announcement on ScotlandsPeople website.  They say that they will not be publishing the 1921 Scottish Census until second half of 2022.   Does anyone have any insights into why there is this delay?  I assumed the documents were already scanned and indexed.  There was speculation that it might be made available in June 2021 as per the 100 year rule.

World War Two / New PoW Records - WO 416
« on: Tuesday 04 February 20 13:53 GMT (UK)  »
Some new PoW records from WW2 are coming online.  Record set WO 416 is an index of German card records of PoWs and Internees from 1939-45.  Some 200,000 A5 cards, with details, and sometimes, photos, fingerprints and medical details.    This was transferred from Germany to MOD some years ago and is currently being indexed by volunteers. 

As I understand it, the index, when finished, will be searchable through the NA website, and the cards available to be viewed at Kew (or scanned and emailed for a fee)  - the cards are NOT being bulk scanned. I went to Kew for a preview. Unfortunately, the indexing has only got as far as "M", and I need "N,". Hopefully, later this year, I'll be able to see the German record cards for my father.

The Lighter Side / BBC Who Do You Think You Are ? - New Series
« on: Friday 08 April 16 12:55 BST (UK)  »
At WDYTYA Live yesterday in Birmingham, I asked some members of the production team about the likelihood of a new series of the TV programme. They replied that they have been commissioned to produce another series. No indication of content, although one researcher said she would "love to do Hugh Laurie".

Please can anyone help to identify this mill building ? A still from BBC series "Juliet Bravo" - which was shot in early 1980s in Burnley/Bacup/Tormorden areas - Lancashire/Yorkshire borders. Even the production company cannot identify it now - but I know you clever people can!  The mill may, or may not, still be standing.

Ayrshire / Seeking Plan for Largs Cemetery, Dalry Road
« on: Thursday 15 May 14 15:36 BST (UK)  »
Hello - North Ayrshire Council were very responsive in giving me lair details for some relations in Largs Cemetery, Dalry Road (Also called Haylie Brae).  My folks are in Section T.
Please does anyone have a plan for this Cemetery (which is large) to help me find section T, or does anyone know if there is a map or plan posted at the cemetery?  Are the graves marked with the lair numbers?  Thanks in advance.

Ayrshire / Searching for a Specific House in 1901 Census
« on: Monday 17 December 12 11:44 GMT (UK)  »
Please does anyne know if it's possible to search in ScotlandsPeople for a specific house (or estate). 

I would like to see the census entry for 1901 for a house called Netherhall, in Largs. I have searched on the owner's name (William Thomson, Lord Kelvin) and hs wife, but it looks like they were not in residence on census day so I cannot locate the entry.  I am actually interested in a member of staff (Donald McDonald) - but he doesn't show up in a search either.

 Is there any way to search or browse on the House or Estate name, or even by address ?

I would like to obtain software that will let me browse and view family tree data on a mobile phone. Happy for something simple that can format and display a GEDCOM file (I use FTM on Wndows as my main program).

Please does anyone know if such software exists? - any Java phone app would do (the phone is Nokia 6600) and I have found useful home banking and other Java apps but nothing for family tree.

World War One / Seeking info re 1918 RAF Air Mechanic - James Porter Brown
« on: Tuesday 20 April 10 11:02 BST (UK)  »
I'm trying to locate RAF (or Flying Corp?) records for my maternal Grandfather, James Porter BROWN. b. 24/02/1895 in Hamilton, Lanarkshire. At his marriage (on 08/07/1918 in Hamilton) his occupation is "Electrical Engineer, 2nd Air Mechanic, Royal Air Force" and his address is "Presently at Biggin Hill Camp, Kent".

I have tried and failed to locate his records at Kew National Archives.  Index (AIR 78) on microfilm is very hard to read (zeroes, fives, eights, nines all look alike in the poor microfilm copy) - I have found  the J P Browns (and J Browns and other name forms ) but so far have found (in main records, AIR 79) only the wrong J Browns, or totally different people.

Please does anyone have experience of using the AIR 78 index ?  Is there any other version of this index available (online or otherwise). In my opinion, the index is almost unusable owing to illegibility of the service numbers on the microfilm.

I do not know when James Porter Brown enlisted, or any other details of his posting or unit (I do know he was a radio engineer).  I suspect he left the RAF very soon on or after his marriage.  Any other suggestions as to how I could locate his service number (I have no documents in family records).

Any advice, pointers, or suggestions gratefully received.

US Completed Requests / Marriage Lookup; Eustace/West Michigan
« on: Saturday 27 March 10 19:44 GMT (UK)  »
Please can someone help me with details of this marriage?

William Henry Eustace (b. 1881, Cornwall, England) marriage to
Mildred West (b. 1884, Cornwall, England).   The marriage was in Michigan, USA between 1905 and 1907.

In addition, please are there any records for children of this marriage ?;
i.e. John Henry Eustace (b. about 1907  in Michigan).

I am also seeking details of the death of Mildred, some time around 1907 to 1908, in Michigan.

Thanks in advance, for any help.

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