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 . . . . . . some may find it interesting.   I know I did.   :)   

I have a couple of old photos in my family history records which I believe were made using the Daguerreotype method.


I do hope I haven't posted these before - don't think I have.
Could these be the same person??      I know the nurse and the 'apparent wedding' photo are the same - but the first photo . . . ??
Definitely same time frame, but not sure they are same woman  -  actually I would say they are not!


Another photo we can't place.  Will post some possible matches after this is approved.   ;)
for gentle make-over please - no colour required thanks.   :)


Just a simple job please . no colour required!!

Don't know who, but possibly John Edward Rogers  born Ireland 1848 died Victoria 1919 aged 71.

On the back it wasy 'with best wishes 1911'  which would make him (if it is he) 65 -    :-\ :-\

Westmeath / Calling for McNALLY/NALLY of Mullingar - family connections!
« on: Saturday 19 June 21 01:59 BST (UK)  »
Recently I have come by some information which is saying my GGG-grandmother Catharine Christina McNALLY was from Mullingar, Westmeath.  (She always maintained her maiden name was McNALLY)

 She would have been born sometime around 1790 - 1795.  I have found a couple of likely births. 
One in 1791 but not McNally (Sullivan)  and one in 1796  Caty McNALLY (from Castletown - near enough maybe??)  She said she was born 1790.

She came/was sent to Australia (Van Diemans Land/Tasmania) and was here by 1818 at the latest. We've had a fair idea that she was from Ireland, but we can find no trace of her arrival nor of her status - i.e. free or convict.

Is there anyone who might be able to help fill in some blanks for me, please? 

Any assistance gratefully received.

Wiggy    :)

1. Ann Ransom: born 1780 to Elizabeth ( ms DURRELL) and Thomas RANSOM in Bethnal Green

2. Magdalen Jane Ransom: born 1784 to Elizabeth ( ms Durrell) and Thomas Ransom in Bethnal Green  - married James WELLS in 1813  - no children.

- Ann Ransom married Samuel HUET in Bethnal Green in 1804

- they had two daughters - Ann born 1805 and Elizabeth 1807

Ann married David CATLING in 1840 and had a son and daughter.

Elizabeth married Thomas GUEST in 1829  and had a large family of 9 children.

They are a side family from mine and I have not traced them any further forward.

Thomas RANSOM was convicted of theft and sent to Australia for life.   He arrived in 1791, and after finally receiving an unconditional pardon, lived out his life in Hobart, Tasmania.

I would like to make contact with any family members in UK or anywhere else.     

Wiggy    :)

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / A real matching test . . . Ruby Crees ?
« on: Saturday 06 February 21 23:27 GMT (UK)  »
Can you see any likeness between the young and old in these photos.  We can't, but    :-\ :-\

Very difficult with such an different aged woman and different attitudes.  The one of her standing under the tree I could almost believe was the same woman as the younger one, but . . . .  :-\  Maybe it is wishful thinking.  :)


 I am very very suspicious about these being of the same person.  But your opinions please.

 The other thread I just posted   
The dark photo of the older man is 'suss' I think. 
Percy Crees died in 1905 aged 53.  I think this older man is older than that - and why send someone a photo 7 years after his death??   Seems to have been taken in Bournemouth.  Percy lived in Australia and died in Victoria.

On the back of the photo    With best Xmas
                                      & New Year wishes

Wiggy    :)

Scotland / Luskentyre, Kintyre, Other words ending in 'tyre'. TOT.
« on: Wednesday 16 December 20 22:06 GMT (UK)  »
Please you Scots people . . . . . .

What is the meaning of 'tyre' which appears often enough in Scottish place names for me to think it probably means/relates to something.

I have tried googling but haven't come up with an answer - yet.


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